Dishonest Affiliates

We have already mentioned that unfortunately the greater majority of online slot casino portal websites and blogs should not be trusted (this is also true for online poker casino portals, online bookmaker portals, etc, etc). But don’t take our word for it, always do your own research before trying out strategies or signing up to casinos. There are some very good casino portals out there if you wade through the mire but it is very important to know which to trust and which not as the bad ones are happy to give glowing recommendations to casinos that will rob you.

But why do these portals give out lies or recommend rogue online slots casinos in the first place?

Quite simply these websites want to make money. Every player who clicks on a banner and then signs up to the casino can potentially earn the affiliate money. So some unscrupulous website makers will make up a bunch of lies to get you to stay on their website. They will place banners for each and every casino they can find as the more banners, the more chance of somebody clicking on them.

Other websites a far more picky and choosy as to the links they put up. Not because the casinos themselves are any better but because the affiliate programs are better. There are a number of websites which are dedicated to webmasters and blog-makers which detail the best and the worst affiliate schemes.

Have a look on the affiliate portal forums and you will see what we mean, check out what these webmasters are interested in, in a lot of cases the last thing they are interested in is their visitors!

Not recommending a casino based on you not making any money from them… This happens oh so often. So be very very careful which websites you allow to advise you!

There is another popular forum on the website which has one of the worst offenders basically openly admitting that his slots cheats and articles are bogus. An absolute disgrace.

This my dear reader is the sort of thing that we just cannot abide. Deliberate attempts to try and force visitors into losing their cash.

There are some very respectable portals out there, we hope to be one of them. So do your homework before blindly following any advice or any links.

Edit: We are not the only ones disgusted by the behaviour of some affiliates, feel free to check this guys site here. The owner of this website has never been afraid to stand up for his beliefs and to question the ethics in practice across the casino industry. The thanks he got for his efforts was to be shot down and shunned by a number of his peers and his websites and even his personal private reputation attacked. A real shame but thankfully he has kept his chin up and is sticking to his guns.

UPDATE: Following this story we are now free to share with you a key point on what to look out for. Quite simply any online gambling portal recommending the online casinos mentioned (OnBling Casino, Grand Parker Casino, Ruby Royal Casino, Classy Coin, Loco Panda Casino, Grand Macao, Begado Casino, Jackpot Grand, Win Palace Casino, Casino Titan, Golden Cherry, Slots Jungle) is a portal you cannot possibly trust. These casinos have long been known to be rogue/evil/illegal/etc so anybody who recommended them is basically pointing their readers to a site where the reader will be fleeced. So there is simply no way they can be taken seriously in anything they have said. Be careful what you ready and who you trust!