Registering, eWallet and Flushing

Here are a few simple hints and tips that can make your online casino experience a little easier and less frustrating.

Registering your online casino account

When creating an account on an online casino all you will (initially) usually need to do is fill in your info. It goes without saying that you need to use your real information as there have been high profile news stories of jail sentences for fraudulent behaviour by customers on online casinos.

Most casinos will only ask you for proof of your address (utility bill) and proof of identity (passport/driver’s license) when trying to cash out. Good old casino logic means they are fine accepting your money, not knowing who you are but will verify everything and delay your pay out when cashing out. If you are honest then just accept that this is the way it is and have good quality copies of these documents waiting to be sent off upon request. You can speed up the cashing out process by immediately contacting the casino upon account creation and sending your verification documents already (we recommend you always do this before you make your first deposit at any online casino).

Quick in, quick out

It is all very well playing online casinos but you need to be able to get your money in and out of the casino as quickly as possible. Online bank transfers can get your money into the casino instantaneously but getting your money out can take anything from 5 to 14 days. Using traditional banking to withdraw can be slow and tedious. And a major danger of this is itchy feet syndrome whereby you cancel the withdrawal in order to carry on playing. This is generally a fruitless venture as playing with winnings can lead to carefree and careless decisions.

For example one of our contributors hit a big Marvel jackpot (€26,500 jackpot) over at Gala and managed to get a deposit of just €40 up to a balance of just over €30,000 in just 6 hours. He cashed out 28k, lost the remaining 2k balance over the next 2 days, reversed the transfer and blew the lot in a couple more days. The human element took him over and he blew his biggest ever win.

Use an online eWallet

Online casinos like to work with eWallets like Paypal and Skrill/Moneybookers. These should be your friend as well. If your identity is already proven and you are withdrawing via an eWallet then many reputable casinos will pay you out within 24 hours. Check our list of Fastest Paying casinos for more details.

Both Neteller and Skrill are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money. This means they are governed by the same authority as banks meaning it is by far the safest way to get money into and out of an online casino account.

Note: When depositing money onto your Neteller or Skrill account, or when depositing money in any form onto your casino account, always click through ALL confirmation and/or return to vendor screens.

Hot tip: Flushing your withdrawal

Whenever we make a withdrawal from an online casino these days, we not only use one of our eWallets, but we also immediately contact the casino customer services and ask them to “flush” our withdrawal. With a bit of luck (or persistence) and especially if you are a trusted or longer term customer, a good casino will zap the withdrawal over to you virtually immediately. Getting this done is a real godsend!

Flushing itself doesn’t actually mean immediate payouts however, this is the act of the casino turning off the option for you to reverse your withdrawal. Still a very good function and one a few casinos have either optional or as standard. You can also ask the casino representatives to remove the reverse withdrawal option from your account manually, though only rarely will they actually do this for you.

Get your Neteller account and/or pre-pay credit card

Get your Skrill account and/or pre-pay credit card


Get your EcoPayz account and/or pre-pay credit card

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