How to verify your online casino account quickly

There’s nothing worse than winning a large amount of cash at an online casino only to have to wait days or weeks before you get cashed out. Actually there is one thing worse…. getting itchy feet and twitchy fingers during this waiting period, cancelling your withdrawal and losing all your profits and more! So here’s how you can avoid this potentially nasty situation:

  1. Make sure you have somewhere you can store your verification documents for easy access even on the go. I would recommend you send yourself an email with all your documents and store it in a sub folder of your inbox. If your email provider is not secure or is often hacked (hotmail were always easy targets in the past so I would never store sensitive info there) then find somewhere else you can securely, safely but also easy for you to find.

So we have a safe and accessible place to store documents, but what documents do we need?

  1. Three copies of your passport just to be sure, 1) a good quality photocopy, 2) a good quality photo clearly showing all edges, 3) a photo of you holding your passport with the passport photo page clearly visible.
  2. A recent utility bill of some sort (within the past three months).
  3. If you have some other document with your name and address – for example a tax return form, letter from your bank or mortgage company with your name and address on it – then all the better. The more the merrier with these online casino guys.
  4. A copy or screenshot of your deposit method, clearly showing account number and your name and address. If you use a credit card then a copy of both front and back of the credit card.

Basically before they even ask you, give them more than they would be requiring. Many online casinos are no bother at all, but some are real pains in the a$$ about verification so send them all you have got so they have no excuse to play you for time.

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