When is a win not a win?

or “How online slot casino software works (part 3)”

The title of this article “When is a win not a win?” is not a pun from a cheap Christmas cracker, but a phrase leading in to a few simple pointers to help you keep your focus.

Online slot oddities

1) Let’s say your spin value is €1.00 and you spin in a return of €0.30. The slot will call this a win of €0.30 whereas in actual fact you have lost €0.70.

2) Sometimes you can win the bonus feature but it pays virtually nothing (sometimes absolutely nothing). Do you class this as a feature win or not?

3) Lot’s of players focus solely on landing the feature. However sometimes you can land a ‘5 of a kind’ win greater than the value of a good feature win. Do you still carry on pumping in the coins waiting faithfully for that feature to land?

We have talked about the Random Number Generator (RNG) already. Bearing in mind the RNG returns a value between 0.0000000 and 1.0000000 for every spin, the slot can give you a hundred losses classed as small wins in succession and your balance will take a big hit. Alternatively the RNG can tell the slot to give you a small win of say 5x your stake. The slot could interpret this as a 4 or 5 in a row win, or it can interpret it as a poor feature win. The reverse is also true, when the RNG tells the slot to pay a big win, generally this win comes via the feature however this big win can still come from the main game so don’t overlook it.

Keeping track of your balance is a safer way to see what is happening than simply relying solely on feature wins or winning and losing spins.