Cloud Quest online casino game review

What Play’n Go say:

The sky’s the limit in Cloud Quest, the game-lover’s video slot from Play’n GO. Levelling up has never been so lucrative! Connect three or more matching symbols along any diagonal, horizontal or vertical line in the 5 x 5 grid to win. Symbols in winning combinations are cleared away, allowing any symbols remaining in the columns to fall into place and give you new chances to win. If you manage to clear all 25 symbols in the grid, the kingdom honours you with a special jackpot reward!

A wild symbol replaces the middle symbol in every winning triplet to give you a better chance of making more winning combinations. Certain wins may activate one or more sections of the Super Power wheel. If the circling light settles on an activated section of the wheel, you win a free re-spin while endowed with a special power! No warrior can resist potent wilds, super scatters, or prizes worth five times the ordinary amount.

Trigger the exciting bonus round to enjoy up to 20 bonus spins on a classic slot machine as you fight ferocious monsters on up to five different stages. Prizes for winning combos in the bonus round are multiplied by a factor equal to the stage you have achieved! Win a 100 times your bet for slaying the beasts on all five stages. You also win three times your total bet for any unused bonus spins once you emerge victorious. Every spin has a silver lining in Cloud Quest!”

Cloud Quest online casino game review

WOW! Play’n Go have only gone and done it again, bringing out an absolutely stunning effort. I’ve called this an “online casino game” because it isn’t an online slot in the traditional sense. This really looks and plays more like a video game than a slot, part Candy Crush, part RPG, part slot machine. It looks the absolute business. And it plays very very smooth despite such a lot going on on the 5×5 ‘reels’ as well as outside the ‘reels’. Well, you can see for yourselves in the video as to how this slot plays…

But how does it pay? Well it is pretty stingy (tight) most of the time. When you get a whole load of chains going on you think you are on to a winner but most of the time during the main base game, your bank balance is going to be dropping very very steadily. Even when you land one of the mini features (that spinning thing on the right hand side of the screen) you are only looking at between zero and maybe 5x your bet.

The main feature bonus doesn’t come along very often and even when it does, it is very often pretty tight as well, often giving you less than 10x your stake! So We can only assume that there are some frikking massive bonus rounds out there waiting to be won. And the way the bonus round plays out that is entirely possible. If you can start off with 15-20 free spins and get off to a good start then the money should start rolling in pretty heavily. We haven’t been that lucky as yet.

Let’s do a quick case study in demo mode just to illustrate how this casino game generally plays (we’ve taken a typical set of spins for the example):

We started with the starting balance of 250

100 spins at 1.00 = no feature and balance dropped to around 200

50 spins at 2.00 = no feature and balance dropped to around 150

25 spins at 3.00 at which point the main feature landed, main feature paid 20.00 including the initial 6.00 win to get into the feature. Balance went from 120 to 140 with the feature.

50 spins at 3.00 = no feature and balance drops to 98

16 spins at 3.00 and we land a double mini feature which pays 24 taking our balance back up to 92

34 more spins at 3.00 = no feature and balance drops to 25

And now we play out the remaining 25 euro balance at 3.00 and hope for the best… and after 16 spins we are bankrupt!

So make of that little test what you will… That is very much par for the course for this game. There are big wins hidden in this game somewhere but I think you are really going to have to go hunting long and hard for them!

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