Online Casino Payment Methods

You simply can’t play at online casinos without going through the rigmarole that is depositing into your casino account. Your average online casino site will offer at least 5 different payment methods, although some of them will provide you with as many 10, 20 or even more options. Some casino payment methods are appealing because the casino may offer special deals (such as extra match deposit bonuses) when you deposit using their preferred option. Some payment methods are more appealing than others because they offer better security, and some are ideal because players don’t want to face charges, or prefer quicker transaction times.

With so many different options out there, it makes sense to look at a few of the more common ones. If you haven’t yet decided on a payment method which is ideal for your casino banking needs, this guide will come in handy. So, let’s start by looking at two of the bigger online casino payment options, the two most popular credit/debit cards: VISA and MasterCard.


MasterCard is a worldwide credit card and one which is accepted at most online casino sites. The credit card is less favoured than VISA, but that is because there are fewer people using it. In your average online casino site, players can expect instant deposit times with MasterCard, whilst withdrawal times range between 2-3 working days to hit your bank account. Some casinos may have a small charge for withdrawing with MasterCard, but that seldom exceeds 2.5% of the transaction value. The debit card version of MasterCard (Maestro) is also commonly accepted at casinos, particularly among online casinos based in the United Kingdom.


VISA is hands down the more popular credit card option you can use at online casinos. This payment method is accepted at virtually all online casino sites, and like MasterCard, it has its drawbacks in that there may be a small fee for withdrawals, and a 2-3 working day period before you get hold of your winnings. Both VISA and MasterCard offer instant transaction times, though. The limits on VISA transactions tend to be higher than most other payment methods, and where VISA card deposits can be made, VISA Electron and VISA Debit transactions can usually be found, too.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are not everyone’s favoured online casino payment method. These involves sending a physical transfer from your bank to your online casino account. As you can imagine, players will encounter lengthy delays when it comes to both depositing funds into their casino account, and when taking winnings out of it. Bank transfers will usually see a fee implemented somewhere along the line, although they do tend to offer larger caps when it comes to how much you can withdraw. Most of the major casinos accept bank transfers as payment options, but that hasn’t made them any more popular with the casino going crowd.


iDeal is a Dutch payment method and one which got its start back in 2005. Most popular in the Netherlands (but, of course), this method allows players to proceed with direct bank transfers from their account via an e-commerce payment system. Popular at online casinos, this method usually focuses on the euro currency, but has been known to suffer from technical system failures from time to time, resulting in downtime which may it make it less ideal for players outside of the Netherlands.

Thanks to the new KSA laws though, online casinos are no longer allowed to advertise iDeal as a payment option even though it may be accepted at the casino. iDeal will even be renamed at many casinos to avoid falling foul of the Dutch regulator the KSA. It is even now forbidden for casino portals to have specific iDeal casinos pages. Fair play we say.


Giropay is Germany’s equivalent of iDeal. This German casino payment method was launched in 2006 and is not as common as other payment methods at online casinos. Once again, players can deposit and withdraw to and from their casino accounts using the e-commerce, direct transfer system offered. There is usually a small fee involved, of 0.9% up to 1.2% of the total value of the transaction, as well as a €0.08 standard rate, making Giropay less popular than other, free deposit options.


PayPal is one of the leading e-wallets you can use at online casino sites across the net. Particularly popular with UK casino players, PayPal is also the definitive name in internet e-wallet banking for other websites, such as shopping domains like Amazon. Because many shoppers worldwide use PayPal for their day-to-day internet banking, most casino lovers already have an account with this company. This makes it ideal since you don’t need to set up a new account to use the option. PayPal often requires players to deposit at least £20 and withdraw at least £50, although some casinos can require players to withdraw more. Again, a handful of casinos may charge a small fee for using PayPal, but most do not. Withdrawal times tend to take longer with PayPal than rival e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.


Trustly has become more popular over the last few years. This Swedish online casino ePayment company is particularly prevalent at Net Entertainment powered online casinos, which largely cater to the Scandinavian casino gambling audience. Trustly launched in 2008 and requires players to entrust their banking details to them, as they process the transactions. Generally speaking, no charges are applied for using this e-wallet method, although only players based in Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Poland and Finland can access this service. Check our list of Best Trustly casinos.


Sofort are yet another direct payment and online banking company. Commonly found at UK online casino sites, Sofort does not require a second account (there is no registration required), they offer fast and direct binding payments and offer high coverage at most major casino sites. Sofort are not as big in the online casino world as you may think, though, primarily because most players are sceptical about the fee which Sofort charges for their service. There are cheaper and faster options out there which players at online casinos tend to prefer.


EntroPay offers a fast and secure, streamlined casino banking option, and one which allows players to top up their EntroPay e-wallet from their banks. From there, they can deposit into their casino accounts with no danger of handing over their actual banking details to casinos. Most major worldwide currencies are accepted, and although very few casinos actually administer a charge for using this payment method, it has not managed to shake off Neteller, Skrill, or indeed PayPal from the hearts of casino players across the net.


Another German casino payment method, ClickandBuy is also popular with UK casino players. Unfortunately, this casino payment method is now going out of business, and before too long they will no longer be offering their services at all. Players who are currently using ClickandBuy need to find another payment method to use and fast. This is a shame since until very recently they had a good service record. There is no explanation for why ClickandBuy is going out of business as an e-money payment method provider.


Just like ClickandBuy, Ukash was a major casino payment method, popular with online casinos and players across the UK. Ukash was bought out by Skrill in 2014, before the company was eventually closed in October 2015. At the height of their power, Ukash was considered a direct rival for Paysafecard. We have included them here because several casinos still advertise Ukash as a payment method, and players need to be aware that they should not attempt to use Ukash for depositing or withdrawing funds. Some casinos may have simply failed to update their payment methods, but rogue casinos or blacklisted casinos could be advertising Ukash as part of a scam.


Paysafecard was a direct rival to Ukash. Instead of transferring money to an account, or giving casinos access to their bank details, users of Paysafecard purchase vouchers either online or in retail shops. These cash vouchers come with 16-digit pins. Those pins are then entered into the banking option screen at top online casinos all over the world, and the funds are directly added to your online casino account. This represents the safest method of casino banking since at no point are your bank details handed to casinos. The drawback is that withdrawals are not permitted with Paysafecard (how could they be?). Because Paysafecard works with vouchers, players are going to have to find an alternative payment method for withdrawing their funds if they choose to deposit with Paysafecard.


ECOPayz (formerly known as ECO Card and simply ECO) is an online payment method which allows players to send, receive and spend money via their ECO account. This is an e-wallet and one which is commonly offered at casinos across the globe. ECOPayz transactions are completed instantly, and they operate in many languages. Most casinos do not charge a fee for withdrawals made using ECO, and there is no charge for deposits, either. Whilst the ECOPayz service is good, it is still battered down by popular options such as Skrill and Neteller.


Click2Pay is an online casino payment method which first appeared in Germany in 2003. German and Russian online casino players are known to favour this method, although many US players choose it when frequenting offshore casino sites. The e-wallet is attached to your normal bank, and when you wish to process a transaction, you enter your “PAN” number into the box provided, and the e-wallet will contact your bank and do the rest. Click2Pay offers fast deposit times, but withdrawals can be a little on the slow side. Some casinos do charge upload fees and not many of the major casinos favour this method of payment.


California-based Boku is a mobile payment method. It allows players to deposit into their casino accounts via their mobile phones, simply by entering their mobile phone number. Deposits are then billed to your phone. Also known as carrier billing, this payment method offers excellent security in the sense that the casino doesn’t obtain your banking details, although not really. Players cannot withdraw using Boku and are thus required to find another payment method for withdrawals, just as they are with Paysafecard. Here you can find our list of best Boku mobile casinos.


Neteller – along with Skrill – is one of the leading e-wallets on the net. Neteller accounts can be loaded with funds from your bank and can be used in many currencies and languages. Most casinos do not charge for deposits or withdrawals with Neteller, although Neteller itself does charge players for topping up their account from their bank. Neteller is available in virtually all major online casinos and players can use their Neteller account to safely deposit into casinos without handing over their banking details. Neteller deposits land instantly in your account, with withdrawals often taking less than a day to reach your Neteller account.


Skrill is in many ways, the same as Neteller. This global e-wallet even allows players to obtain a pre-paid MasterCard to buy things in shops with their e-wallet. In the online casino world, Skrill offers some of the fastest deposit and withdrawals times. Deposits are completed instantly, and withdrawals can sometimes be processed in a matter of hours. Casinos do not charge for Skrill deposits or withdrawals. If you find one that does, you want to check that out with the casino’s support team, as it shouldn’t be the case. Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is accepted worldwide, and they even run a service whereby players can simply tap their mobile phone to update their account. This service is known as Skrill 1-Tap.

Which method should I use for my needs?

Just which payment method will suit your needs best depends entirely on you. Some people prefer credit cards since they require no further accounts. Others prefer prepaid vouchers, since they offer the best security options, although you cannot withdraw with these options, and thus a separate withdrawal method will be required. Our personal preference (and the option most casino players go for) are e-wallets, particularly Skrill since they offer rapid transaction times, contain virtually no charges (in most cases), and provide the added sense of security that your bank details are not logged at your casino. The final decision, though, is up to you.

Neteller Casino Review (or advertising blurb by Neteller themselves actually)

NETELLER, part of Paysafe, is a leading global provider of online payment solutions, servicing 200+
countries and territories. For over a decade, NETELLER has provided businesses and individuals with
a fast, simple and secure way to move money online. Trusted by merchants and consumers alike,
NETELLER is the secure way to make deposits and pay for goods on thousands of sites.

The NETELLER account is a free online payment account that allows you to make deposits to your
casino account and pay for purchases made online. Players choose NETELLER as an alternative to
providing their card information at various sites. You can withdraw funds from your account and
deposit them into online casino sites.


Millions of consumers rely on NETELLER and Net+ payment service to shop, purchase and pay.
Their financial services span more than 200 countries across a broad range of industries and
businesses. NETELLER offer over 100 regional/local payment options as well as VIP, Affiliate and
Loyalty programs. It is a growing business with over ten million consumer accounts and over 10
thousand corporate customers. Their customers are supported by 24 currencies as well as customer
services in 15 languages. NETELLER was formed in 1999 in Canada, has been publicly traded since
2004 and is UK FCA regulated.


NETELLER offer both consumer and merchant services with core services around online payments,
money transfers and Net+ cards. They offer safe, secure and private worldwide payments via their
payment accounts. NETELLER money transfer services allow account holders to send money
anywhere in the world instantly and for free. They have 3 types of NET+ prepaid cards- plastic,
virtual and virtual gift. All services come with 24/7 multi-language customer service support. There is
also VIP Programmes for associated member with and high volume transactions.


Money in a NETELLER account can be used to pay merchants, sent to other NETELLER users, or
spent at any retailer that accepts MasterCard using the NETELLER prepaid card. Money can also be
received into the account directly from merchants, such as gambling winnings or video-gaming
proceeds. Customers can withdraw funds from their accounts by bank transfer or using the company’s
Net+ MasterCard prepaid card at point-of-sale and ATMs.


There are many benefits to having a NETELLER Account. Customers can enjoy access to
their account balance instantly- this includes any winnings from online gambling. Customers benefit
from instant and secure payments online as well as the ability to transfer money to anyone in most
locations around the world. Member to member transfers are free.

Members benefit from low, transparent fees while also being eligible for rewards and promotions as
well as VIP status upgrades. Net+ Cards means NETELLER members can access their funds
offline and use their cards to pay for items anywhere Mastercard is accepted. These cards
have fixed FX fees and are also a useful budgeting too- you only spend the amount loaded.
Customers can choose to withdraw money directly to their bank account or spend at various
merchants who support NETELLER payments. Customers only need email and a password to
pay so it is quick, easy and convenient.

Members can also fund their account using local payment options – there are 100+ local payment
options available.

Business can make multiple payments and schedule when those payments are made. They can
increase conversions and access a broad range of NETELLER members around the world. They
avoid chargeback risks as all funds received via NETELLER are 100% secure and
indemnified. NETELLER are global so businesses and affiliates can increase customer
acquisition in emerging markets.


Visit the website, join for free and open your account. Verify your identity to allow withdrawals from
your account.

The NETELLER account is straightforward to set up and is used for both deposits and withdrawals.
There are many options for funding the account, including free debit card deposits, local bank
deposits, credit cards, international bank transfers and many other local options.

NETELLER offers low-cost options for depositing money into your NETELLER account or into a
merchant’s account. Fees for taking out money with one of their withdrawal options or costs for
transferring funds to an individual are lower than standard banks. Cashing out from a merchant site
can be done directly to your NETELLER account without any charge for the transaction. Transfers
from member to member are also free.

With the NETELLER account, payouts are immediate for both personal and business members and
with the option to have payments 100 per cent indemnified from customers world-wide, businesses
are protected from chargebacks.

Using your NETELLER account to accept payouts from individuals or other sites and the Net+ card
to instantly access the funds in your account at ATMs worldwide is a great combination for moving
money for any reason from wherever you may be.

Get your Neteller eWallet & credit card here:

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