Gambling in Google paid keyword paid searches

The results are out for the most expensive paid keyword searches in Google. And the results are astounding, both in UK searches as well as USA searches… the difference is incredible and really does show massive trends in both countries.

The UK Google paid searches are absolutely dominated by gambling key searches with Play Live Blackjack coming in at #1 whilst in the USA where gambling is far more heavily regulated, the top 100 paid search phrases are completely dominated by the legal sector. Perhaps the USA results not really surprising as their television and paper media are dominated by the legal industry… “Better Call Saul” indeed.

Let us list the top 90 for Google UK first shall we?

play live blackjack #1
play live blackjack #1


£148.51 play live blackjack Gambling
£144.76 rolete Gambling
£137.47 live blackjack Gambling
£135.23 beat online roulette Gambling
£131.08 casinoonline Gambling
£128.67 online cas Gambling
£128.23 live roulette Gambling
£125.50 play live roulette Gambling
£122.61 online live blackjack Gambling
£122.09 live casino Gambling
£120.67 live online blackjack Gambling
£118.03 spreadbetting offers Finance
£115.92 play live casino Gambling
£114.84 uk online casino sites Gambling
£112.69 ftse day trader Finance
£112.31 live dealer roulette Gambling
£112.25 open a forex account Finance
£111.62 rullet Gambling
£109.37 casino oxford Gambling
£109.06 live blackjack online Gambling
£108.47 australian online casino Gambling
£107.10 roulet Gambling
£106.65 live casino blackjack Gambling
£104.62 livecasino Gambling
£104.41 online live casino uk Gambling
£98.36 online casino sites uk Gambling
£97.83 online casino Gambling
£97.76 big data systems Tech
£97.69 live online roulette Gambling
£97.55 live casinos Gambling
£97.23 live online casino uk Gambling
£97.11 slotmachines Gambling
£96.01 paypal betting sites Gambling
£95.80 cloud services uk Tech
£95.73 big data analytics pdf Tech
£95.16 big data vendors Tech
£94.15 online roullete Gambling
£93.63 live dealer blackjack Gambling
£93.32 what is invoice factoring B2B
£93.06 live casino roulette Gambling
£92.53 on line casino Gambling
£92.20 online vegas casino Gambling
£91.47 online roulette games Gambling
£91.21 blackjack live Gambling
£91.12 casino live Gambling
£91.04 online casino live Gambling
£90.04 online live roulette uk Gambling
£89.65 online casinos Gambling
£89.39 big data marketing Tech
£89.04 online slot Gambling
£88.38 online slots Gambling
£88.30 online roulette Gambling
£88.00 online casion Gambling
£87.86 roulette online Gambling
£87.83 online live casino Gambling
£87.32 casnio Gambling
£86.92 on line casinos Gambling
£86.56 binary options trade Finance
£86.39 live online roulette uk Gambling
£86.06 casino online Gambling
£85.93 cfd trading accounts Finance
£85.90 enterprise solutions Tech
£85.57 onlineslots Gambling
£85.39 virtual data room Tech
£85.20 live roulette online Gambling
£84.88 best live casino Gambling
£84.26 cleopatra slots game Gambling
£84.20 commercial electricity B2B
£83.85 trade online halifax Finance
£83.83 online slots uk Gambling
£83.38 cleopatra slot Gambling
£82.89 play slot games online Gambling
£82.85 cerebral palsy compensation Legal
£82.64 best 2015 smartphone Tech
£82.42 cloud solution Tech
£82.30 hybrid cloud solutions Tech
£81.95 online live roulette Gambling
£81.87 routlette Gambling
£81.40 injury lawyers scotland Legal
£81.32 uk casino online Gambling
£81.32 casinos on line Gambling
£81.13 vehicles tracked Gambling
£81.03 best welcome bonus online casino Gambling
£80.37 online blackjack Gambling
£80.14 play casino online Gambling
£79.72 online casin Gambling
£79.65 forex demo trading Finance
£79.52 brain injury solicitors Legal
£79.34 gamblers Gambling

Apart from the online gambling domination, the other noteworthy thing about these results is the amount of spelling mistakes in the list. People are paying in the hope somebody googles a spelling mistake without auto fill or auto correct detecting it. Things like “online cas” and “rolete” and “casinoonline” for example. And the amount these websites are paying for this pay per click advertising is incredible.

Now let’s take a quick look at the Google USA paid search top 100:

935.71 best mesothelioma lawyer LEGAL
425.7 dallas truck accident lawyer LEGAL
411.04 truck accident lawyer houston LEGAL
393.79 louisville car accident lawyer LEGAL
388.84 houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer LEGAL
381.65 san diego water damage WATER DAMAGE
377.7 are personal injury settlements taxable LEGAL
361.34 baltimore auto accident lawyer LEGAL
358.11 accident lawyer sacramento LEGAL
358.03 car accident lawyer phoenix LEGAL
350.42 car accident lawyers los angeles LEGAL
348.78 phoenix accident lawyer LEGAL
344.25 business phone service providers in my area B2 B
338.98 san diego flood restoration WATER DAMAGE
332.58 los angeles car accident attorney LEGAL
326.85 mesothelioma compensation LEGAL
326.76 car accident lawyer in atlanta LEGAL
319.36 houston truck accident attorney LEGAL
313.42 injury lawyer dallas LEGAL
306.63 personal injury attorneys phoenix LEGAL
305.58 motorcycle accident attorney LEGAL
300.47 addiction rehabilitation centers HEALTH
297.36 attorney pensacola fl LEGAL
293.75 new york accident lawyer LEGAL
293.14 auto insurance philadelphia pa FINANCE
291.73 trash truck accident LEGAL
290.02 phoenix truck accident lawyer LEGAL
284.69 los angeles accident attorneys LEGAL
279.82 lawyers in mesa az LEGAL
276.61 auto accident attorney fees LEGAL
276.44 mesothelioma lawsuit settlements LEGAL
275.45 vermont mutual car insurance FINANCE
271.64 accident lawyers in phoenix LEGAL
269.37 las vegas injury lawyers LEGAL
269.31 accident injury lawyer LEGAL
267.18 water damage gilbert WATER DAMAGE
265.8 motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles LEGAL
262.8 slip and fall lawyer philadelphia LEGAL
262.76 las vegas accident attorney LEGAL
262.65 water damage sarasota WATER DAMAGE
262.14 car accident lawyer pittsburgh LEGAL
262.11 trucking accident lawyer LEGAL
261.4 allstate structured settlement LEGAL
260.84 drug & alcohol rehab HEALTH
259.84 auto insurance anaheim ca FINANCE
259.72 auto accident attorney sacramento LEGAL
259.58 18 wheeler accident lawyer LEGAL
257.97 workers comp lawyer philadelphia LEGAL
256.62 car insurance review FINANCE
255.61 medical malpractice lawyers philadelphia LEGAL
255.2 sacramento lawyer LEGAL
253.38 medical malpractice lawyers in pa LEGAL
251.72 business phone service in my area B2 B
251.13 business phone services B2 B
244.07 houston accident lawyer LEGAL
243.89 car accident lawyer in houston LEGAL
242.11 charlotte auto accident attorney LEGAL
240.37 personal injury attorney phoenix LEGAL
239.98 commercial phone service B2 B
239.97 car accident lawyer orange county LEGAL
239.91 buy structured settlements FINANCE
239.7 personal injury attorney santa ana LEGAL
239.29 car accident attorney dallas LEGAL
239.13 18 wheeler accident attorney LEGAL
236.82 personal injury lawyer new orleans LEGAL
236.2 denver accident lawyer LEGAL
231.8 maritime lawyer houston LEGAL
231.17 accident attorney dallas LEGAL
230.53 medical malpractice attorney philadelphia LEGAL
230.44 automobile insurance online FINANCE
230.23 atlanta accident attorneys LEGAL
229.88 mesothelioma settlement LEGAL
229.36 atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer LEGAL
228.55 how to invest in options FINANCE
228.51 motorcycle injury attorney LEGAL
227.53 dallas personal injury lawyers LEGAL
227.11 malpractice lawyers in pa LEGAL
226.37 new beginnings drug rehab HEALTH
225.88 personal injury lawyer in atlanta LEGAL
221.32 ship a car quote FINANCE
220.81 accident lawyer las vegas LEGAL
220.79 data security news TECH
220.23 denver car accident attorney LEGAL
220.22 small business phone service providers B2 B
220.13 accident attorney las vegas LEGAL
219.93 auto accident lawyer fees LEGAL
219.06 accident lawyer fees LEGAL
218.95 personal injury lawyers in las vegas LEGAL
218.06 colorado springs personal injury attorney LEGAL
218.04 prudential structured settlements LEGAL
217.64 reno personal injury lawyer LEGAL
217.42 car wreck lawyer dallas LEGAL
217.37 car accident attorney sacramento LEGAL
216.06 las vegas auto accident attorney LEGAL
215.7 workers compensation attorney philadelphia LEGAL
215.66 new york construction accident attorney LEGAL
215.33 personal injury lawyer colorado springs LEGAL
214.69 personal injury lawyers atlanta LEGAL
214.45 orlando auto accident attorney LEGAL
213.95 cash for structured settlements FINANCE

Not a single gambling term amongst them but totally dominated by the legal sector. And look at the hike in prices, clearly in the United States there is a lot of money to be made from the legal industry (duh well of course) and the online gambling sector just can’t touch those prices.