William Hill closing 3 of its online casinos

William Hill have confirmed they are closing 3 of their lesser brand online casinos, the infamous Joyland Casino, Sky Kings Casino and Prestige Casino. Here at YesNoCasino the three have been on our blacklist for a good amount of time anyway so all we can say is good riddance.

The news comes after a troubled year for the William Hill group. With the online gambling market becoming more and more crowded and with the growing international pressure for taxes and regulations, there is definitely a big squeeze on the big gambling chains with a number of mergers being confirmed, being rejected or still in the pipeline.

William Hill had a major bid for the 888 group fail in 2015. It was also a year where they launched a high profile mobile application which had such teething problems it cost the job their head of online business. With the controversy surrounding their in-play betting, in particular the current storm in Australia surrounding the spot fixing scandal in tennis whilst William Hills are actually sponsoring the Australian open… it all adds up to very troubling times for the gambling giant and growing pressure from the stakeholders and on the stock markets.

We would suggest that the William Hill group go one step further with their cuts by also closing the 21 Nova Casino, the William Hill Casino Club casino and Eurogrand Casino and focusing all their attentions on their flagship William Hill casino and trying to turn that into a reputable brand. We would also like to see them start putting the customer first and making sure they remove some of their questionable terms and conditions, most notably the progressive jackpot pay-outs. We would also advise that they start treating their affiliates with care and honesty rather than manipulating statistics and responding to questions with bare-faced lies. And finally we would like to see a huge improvement to their customer service channels as well.

If William Hill streamline their efforts into one massive, efficient and above all customer focused and honest site then their reputation might finally start improving once again. If not then it could be dark, dark days ahead for them. Money may be able to buy them companies, technology and knowledge but it cannot buy them a good EU Online Casinos reputation. Only hard work and a proper business plan and customer focus can do that!