Millionaire Genie Slot Review, Tips & RTP

Millionaire Genie is one of those games that simply has to be experienced to be appreciated. Developed by proprietary gaming software, and exclusive to 888casino, this slot offers something for everyone. The magical introduction to Millionaire Genie gives you a pretty good indication of what type of game you’re about to play. A Genie in a Bottle can only mean one thing – magic is about to happen in the form of big jackpots!

While you’re playing, you get the added benefit of hypnotic music – similar to what you’d expect a snake charmer to be playing to his Egyptian cobra. Watch the screen carefully, because this game is about to reveal a Millionaire Genie and jackpot gold as far as the eye can see. The game is already well established at the blacklisted 888 casino, and players everywhere have access to it.

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Millionaire Genie RTP = 95.02%, but can be 93.02% depending on bets made with restricted funds, Freeplay or free spins.

What’s it Like Playing Millionaire Genie Slot?

If you’re into games that reel you in, this one will enchant you and entertain you like the best of them. We were really excited to get stuck into this game, because it has such a sterling reputation. Watch the intro to this game because it will set the mood for the fun that follows. Random Logic software has done a bang up job putting this game together, and you’ll see that once you start spinning those reels. Everyone loves a genie in a Bottle, but this is one super rich genie waiting to share his bounty with a lucky player.

First impressions:

As you probably gathered from our preamble, we were impressed with the introduction this game offered. It was mystery, suspense, anticipation and big winning potential that drew us to this game and this one didn’t disappoint. Playing the game was surprisingly easy, given the many unique winning possibilities available in the game. For starters, there are only 15 paylines in play and 5 spinning reels. You don’t get to choose the number of lines – they are fixed.

We played the game direct off our browser in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In the free play mode, we had to check our plug-ins and shockwave player, but the game itself played smoothly. The music may appear monotonous at times, but the tempo will increase and decrease to keep you plenty interested. If you’re not really keen to hear the same music looping over and over again, you can simply click the audio icon on the top right of the game. That solves the problem instantly. Fortunately, without the audio on you won’t miss too much but it’s definitely recommended to get you into the swing of things.


No jokes – this game is pretty immersive. The Millionaire Genie is the scatter symbol and when you hit 3+ of these symbols, the Genie will be summoned to gift you free spins. While the free spins mode is in play, the Millionaire Genie will add additional wild symbols to the spinning reels. The best part of this progressive jackpot game is that the $1.741 million prize is randomly awarded – there is no need to match any symbols to hit a jackpot payday.

Winning Combos and Payouts

Rich animation is a signature feature of Millionaire Genie slot. You have 15 paylines and 5 spinning reels to enjoy. The Millionaire Genie hovers above the treasure casket off to the left of the screen, and carefully watches your every move. You can bet from as little as $0.01 all the way up to $10 coin. The game can be enjoyed direct off your browser, no download required, for free, or for real money.

There are multiple winning combinations available in the game, and these are all found by clicking on the pay table off to the left of the screen. 5 golden lamps yield a payout of 1,500 coins, 5 sacks of golden coins are worth 800 coins, 5 emerald cobras are worth 500 coins, 5 magical keys pay out 300, and 5 ancient books pay 100 coins. There are other symbols in the game which pay out smaller prizes – the low-paying symbols – including Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 symbols.

Game Play and Immersion

Players also have the option to click on the bet max button which automatically spins the reels at the maximum bet. The bonus symbol is displayed by the girl with the hidden face, and when you hit 3 of these symbols, the bonus game will be triggered. The game is rich in magic and mystery, and the huge progressive jackpot is the #1 reason why players the world over are drawn to this game. The jackpot grows at a rate of 2% of all in-game bets. If the jackpot is hit, 888casino will immediately reseed the jackpot.

There is of course a separate jackpot from the progressive jackpot which is listed on the treasure casket beneath the floating Millionaire Genie. The size of this jackpot increases with all wagers placed in the game. There are x10, x25, x50 and x75 autoplay options available. These play out at the preset wagers until you click the stop button. Throughout, your spin sessions will be perfectly complemented by mesmerizing melodies, flutes and enchanting drums. This game features an RTP of 95.02%, but can fluctuate to 93.02%, depending on free play options, free spins options or restricted funds.

Jackpot History Feature

Millionaire Genie’s jackpots, much like other mega-money jackpots at 888casino can easily be seen with the jackpot history option. The jackpot has grown steadily over time from $954,118 in July 2015 to its current level today. It reached a high of $3,576, 245 in April 2016 before being reseeded in May 2016. The jackpot is ready to pop at a whopping $1,746,310 and growing fast. This engaging game is jewel-rich and jackpot ready, and thanks to proprietary gaming software from 888casino, it can also be enjoyed on mobile smartphones and tablets too.

What’s the verdict?

We like the game, and we like the fact that it is a big payer when the right symbols land. Millionaire Genie is not one of those movie-themed slots games or Marvel-themed slots; it is a stand-alone attraction that really pays out well when luck is on your side. You’ve got to let your imagination run wild when you play this game because it’s all about building up to a big win. Technically, the game’s sound – it works well, is smooth and synchronized. The only thing we would have done differently is jazz up the music a little. It tends to get a little repetitive looping over and over again. The pay table is initially a little difficult to find – but if you veer off to the left of the screen, you will see it posted. While you’re playing the game, you should keep your eyes on the Millionaire Genie since he does these upside-down tricks to keep you glued to the screen. We were certainly intrigued by this game and you can win small amounts at regular intervals.

Our conclusion is simple: Millionaire Genie is entertaining, but it could do with more 3D elements and some new beats to key players invested.

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