Online Casino Taiwan

Online casino Taiwan

There are no two ways about gambling in Taiwan. Whether you wish to gamble online or offline, gambling is always deemed illegal. So strict are the laws in Taiwan, that playing social games such as keno or mah-jong for cash also banned. The Taiwanese gambling laws do not differentiate between online and offline gambling, merely stating that players who gamble in public or in view of the public will be punished. The only exception for gamblers in Taiwan is lottery games, which have been declared legal since 1999. Despite the strict gambling laws, there is a remote possibility that gambling in Taiwan may one day occur. Taiwan has sent a team of experts to Las Vegas to study the effects of the gambling industry and has been known to consider opening land-based casinos of late. The Taiwanese Government is in favour of the move since it would bring with it a mass of revenue, and the local population also seems on board. Just why there has been no movement on the issue remains a mystery.

Online gambling laws in Taiwan

With all forms of gambling (barring the aforementioned lotteries) illegal in Taiwan, players are not permitted to gamble online. Given that Article 268 of the Criminal Code of Taiwan clearly states that players who solicit others to gamble are in for a punishment, this is assumed to prohibit online gambling, although there is no actual written law in place to govern the ban of online gambling domains.

In theory, offshore casinos are also a part of this ban. The Taiwanese Government has not really made too much of an effort to ban access to offshore casinos, though, at least not by doing anything that a good VPN (virtual private network) or proxy wouldn’t be able to work around. Online gambling in Taiwan is popular, and it continues to grow with every passing year where land-based operations are not up and running.

Offshore casinos for Taiwanese players

If Taiwanese players want to play at online casino sites, they are almost certainly going to have to settle for offshore casinos. These include online casinos which are not based in Taiwan, though can offer players in the country the chance to wager on games and sports bets. There are plenty of places where players can join in the fun online, some of which even cater to Taiwanese players specifically.

Online casinos in Taiwan

So, what makes a good online casino for Taiwanese players? Well, obviously, Taiwanese players are going to want to be able to play in Mandarin, even though quite a good number of the population is well-versed in English. Being able to speak English, of course, opens a world of added bonuses for players seeking offshore casinos on the net. Very few offshore online casinos allow players to deposit and play using Taiwanese dollars (TWD), although there are a handful of sites which do so. Taiwanese players are therefore best able to play using US dollars as their currency of choice.

Online casinos reviews

If you are going to be playing at Taiwanese offshore casino sites, there are two things that you need to do. Firstly, you need to identify an online casino which suits your needs. Given that you are reading this article, we can safely assume that you can read even basic English. This opens doors for you and makes the list of casinos you can play at rather vast. So, you need to check out a host of good online casino reviews to find a casino which suits your needs. Secondly, you need to set up a VPN or proxy, so that you can bypass any Taiwanese blacklists, allowing you to play at a full-on range of sites without the Taiwanese authorities knowing what you are up.

However due to the legality there is no way on this page that we are going to be listing any of the online casinos which accept Taiwanese players. Taiwanese players gamble at their own risk!

Casino safety, security and blacklisted casinos

You should be extra vigilant when looking for an offshore casino to play at. Whilst there are plenty of domains out there which offer top-quality services to Taiwanese players, there are quite a few bad eggs thrown into the mix, too. These casinos are known as blacklisted or rogue casinos, and can often deny players their winnings, have fixed games, or generally be unprofessional. On occasion, they can even be scams. Players will want to ensure that the casino they choose to play at is safe and secure by checking whether it is licensed and cross-checking it with blacklists which can be found on the net.

Online casino licenses

Most of the major offshore casino sites which will appeal to Taiwanese players are licensed out of Curacao and Panama. However, if you don’t mind playing in English and with the US dollar as your currency of choice, we would recommend playing at an online casino which is licensed out of Malta, Gibraltar or the UK, since those casinos are more thoroughly vetted and regulated than out of Curacao.

Online slot providers, live dealer games and casino games

If you choose to play at a Curacao licensed offshore casino, then expect to be able to find games from RTG (Realtime Gaming), Rival Gaming and BetSoft Gaming. However, Gibraltarian, Maltese and UK licensed casinos tend to offer Taiwanese players the chance to play leading slots, table games, video poker, instant win games and live dealer titles from heavyweights including Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Playtech.

Online casino bonuses

Taiwanese players may struggle to claim online casino bonuses and promotions, specifically promos. Most Taiwanese players can claim online casino welcome bonuses from various sites, and join loyalty bonus programs and VIP clubs, although they may have difficulty in snapping up regular daily, weekly or monthly deals from major European offshore online casino sites. This isn’t always the case, so players in Taiwan should shop around and read the T’s and C’s before committing to a casino site.

online casino taiwan