The ultimate mobile slot

With mobile technology advancing at such a rate and with the programming skills of apps makers so good I am constantly dismayed at the lack of vision of most slot providers when it comes to making mobile friendly casino games. Most notably Microgaming are a decade behind the times when it comes to mobile gambling. So I decided to try and come up with a really cool design for a fully mobile friendly slot and one that is played in portrait mode as opposed to the bog standard landscape mode. Totally designed for mobile but also playable on desktops of course.

So with this in mind I came up with the idea of a 5×10 reel slot which would maximise the screen dimensions in portrait mode, big reels with room for all the necessary buttons below. With the reels being 5×10 I’d say the slot should optimally be a 50 liner giving enough win line options whilst keeping the minimum bet size down to 50 cents/pence per spin. But what kind of game play can you make out of such a setup? Well (now here’s the clever part)…

Slakes & Ladders online slot

I’m going for a nice high variance slot here.

The base game features your bog standard symbols with a snakes and ladders board game symbol acting as the scatter. There are 2 different wild symbols, a snake and a ladder. Any snake symbol landing on any reel makes the snake slide down to the bottom of the relevant reel turning all touched spaces wild. A ladder symbol landing anywhere climbs to the top of the reel turning all those spaces wild.

3 scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 gets you into the bonus round.

During the bonus round the wilds become sticky. You will still see the reels spinning behind any sticky wild meaning that a snake could land behind a ladder making the full reel sticky wild (or vice versa). The mathematics guru’s would need to look into the optimum number of free spins but being a high variance slot I’d be thinking something like 12 free spins giving plenty of chances for the magical sticky wilds.

Of course there is also the option to have a full snakes and ladders wild reel symbol for a full sticky wild reel and give 1 or 2 additional free spins if a full wild reel is gained.

snakes and ladders online slot