Chinese Player Takes Down PokerStars 13th Anniversary Sunday Million Winning $611,000

Pokerstars Sunday Million 13th Anniversary Results

The 13th Anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million poker tournament, with a $10 million guaranteed prize pool, has come come to an end after two days of intense battles between more than 60,000 entrants.

All together, the massive tournament drew 45,929 original entries and 15,413 re-entries, generating a prize pool that surpassed the $10 million guarantee, totalling $12,268,400, which was to be divided between the top 10,196 finishers.

When the dust settled and the last cards of the final hand had been dealt, “wangli0402” of China found himself in first place, collecting the top prize of $611,944.

This 13th Anniversary Edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million kicked off on April 14, 2019. Each buy-in to the tournament cost $215. When all was said and done, there were 61,341 total entries including rebuys and the final prize pool of $12,268,400 was spread out among 10,196 winners.

Sunday Million 13th Edition Finalists

35 levels of play were completed on day 1, wearing the gigantic field of more than 60k down to just 980 players. At that point, all remaining players were already in the money and guaranteed to receive a prize of at least $1,143 for the time and effort they had put in so far.

There were plenty of well-known players involved in the tournament, as you would expect, and plenty of them busted on day 2, making just a small return on their buy-in investment. Lex “L. Veldhuis” Veldhuis, one of PokerStars’ own pros, was pushed out in 741st place, taking just $1,345. Rob “robtinnion” Tinnion, a two-time former Sunday Million champion also walked away with $1,345, finishing in 685th place.

Martin “M.nosbocaJ” Jacobson, a former World Series Of Poker main event champion, was taken out in 500th place and awarded $1582, and Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot made it up to 336th place before he found himself knocked out and taking a $2,188 paycheck for his work.

Last Available Seats at the Final

The hand that determined who would fill the last available seat at the final table was played between “patpef” from the United Kingdom and “kacer148” of the Czech Republic. The Brit pushed his stack to the centre of the table with king-queen. The Czech, holding ace-jack, called. “Patpef” found himself on the outside when two aces fell on the flop and dashed his hopes of pushing on any farther.

Starting from the dealer’s left, the final table was laid out as follows:

Seat Player Country Chips





United Kingdom



3 sega1989 Russia 48,183,574
4 idzake Romania 287,972,826
5 xbambi Germany 366,875,807
6 wangli0402 China 141,211,309
7 pantherwang2019 China 57,307,975
8 ZoMbiE2808 Georgia 78,106,863
9 kacer148 Czech Republic 199,802,798

The first to be cast aside from the final nine was “ZoMbiE2808”. “Rmarland” raised first-in with a pair of jacks only to have Zombie come over the top with an all-in three-bet holding ace-king. He called and after the community cards were dealt, ZoMbiE2808 found himself holding nothing more than ace-high. He exited the table and the tournament with a prize of $62,745.

Showing that Lady Luck can turn on you just as fast as she comes to your side, Rmarland found himself to be the next forced out of his final table seat. Playing from the highjack, he raised to 84 million with a pair of eights, keeping only 5.2 million in chips in his stack. “Idzake” was happy to call from the button and call again on a queen-high flop when Rmarland pushed his remaining chips into the pot. Idzake took down the considerable pot with pocket jacks. Rmarland collected a reward of $88,737 for his 8th place finish.

With only seven players remaining at the final table, all were now guaranteed a prize of at least six figures for their two days of work.

Russia’s Sergei “sega1989” Shakhov was the next player forced to watch someone else rake in his entire stack. He opened with ace-jack of spades and found himself facing an all-in three-bet from wangli0402. Shakhov called and must have felt his stomach turn when his opponent showed ace-king. Neither player hit either of their cards and wangli0402’s king kicker gave him the win. Leaving only six players at the table, Shakhov’s share of the prize pool was $125,493.

When pantherwang2019 of China was dealt king-queen, he three-bet all in and found his hand up against a pair of threes when idzake called. Pantherwang2019 hit the flop hard, landing two pair straight away, but it didn’t hold up. Incredibly, idzake caught another three, making a set and pushing one of the two Chinese players at the final table out of the way. Pantherwang2019 took home $177,477.

At this point, the final five players were all guaranteed to win at least $250,000 with over $1,000,000 going to the winner. The five paused to think over the possibility of making a deal for the remaining prize money. After seeing the numbers provided by the moderator, a deal was struck allowing each to take home a prize based on their chips but play would continue and the winner would get an extra $50,000. All were now guaranteed to leave the game with no less than a half million dollars each.

T4rz4n_21 was the first to go out after the deal, leaving with $625,073. His day ended when he pushed all-in with king-ten and got called by wangli0402 with sex-seven of hearts. The Chinese player improved his hand three times as the community cards were revealed. He paired a six on the flop, made two pairs with a seven on the turn, and then hit a flush on the river.

Kacer148 was next to fall victim to wangli0402. He raised all-in for 177 million in chips holding ace-three after wangli0402 limped into the pot with a suited king-nine. The player from China hit a king on the flop and another on the river, narrowing the field down to just three players. Kacer148 was awarded $520,535.

Next to go was idzake. He moved all-in when he found himself holding king-queen. Unfortunately, wangli0402 was holding a pair of aces and all too happy to call. Idzake’s hand didn’t improve at all and he was sent to the rail. His take-home for the day was $509,664.

With just two players left, wangli0402 was ahead with 973 million chips while Germany’s xbambi held 559 million.

Heads-up play was over with almost as suddenly as it began. The two only played three hands before a final winner was decided.

On the final hand, xbambi entered with a min-raise to 24 million and wangli0402 called. The flop came down five of hearts, ten of clubs, and four of diamonds. Wangli0402 checked and xbambi bet 16.8 million. Wangli0402 then raised to 45.6 million. Xbambi, showing no fear, made it 108 million to go and then called after wangli0402 responded by shipping it all-in.

With all the money in the middle, xbambi showed pocket aces and wangli0402 revealed six-seven. The turn card was the three of diamonds, giving wangli0402 a straight, $611,944, and bragging rights as the winner of the PokerStars 13th Anniversary Sunday Million tournament.

Here, once again, are the final nine finishers and their respective prizes:

  1. Wangli0402 – $611,944
  2. Xbambi – $550,689
  3. Idzake – $509,664
  4. Kacer148 – $520,535
  5. T4rz4n_21 – $625,073
  6. Pantherwang2019 – $177,477
  7. Sega1989 – $125,492
  8. RMarland – $88,737
  9. ZoMbiE2808 – $62745

There are sure to be plenty more big winners in the coming weeks when PokerStars kicks off their 2019 Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP). This year’s SCOOP event is set to break all previous records with 183 tournaments and $75 million in guaranteed prize pools.

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