Happy Birthday Staking 101

Happy Birthday Staking101 – $200 added main lobby stars tourney

Very excited as Staking101’s first birthday approaches, to launch our first tournament in the main PokerStars Lobby!!!

This tournament is password protected, and is for registered and activated Staking101 members only!!! The password can only be retrieved from myself (Staceyb) or Glenn (4ofakind1489).

Details of game:

Sunday 17th January 2016
TID: 1373082272
Starting Stack 1500
Clock 15mins

$200 added money will be included from Staking101 ontop of normal prize pool. There will also be $10 bounties on all Staking101 staff members ( StaceyB, 4ofakind1489, Saxevest, Eirestyle)

We will also be having a series of home games going on all week leading up to this game, so keep your eyes peeled for those, as there will be some interesting prizes up for grabs!!

We hope you will all join us in celebrating what has been a fabulous first year for Staking101!! We have already became a brilliant community, and we definitely have the best members going!!


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