iPoker Network Re-vamp

Tournament poker is one of the most exciting formats of the game, which is why every online poker site worth their salt has an extensive tournament schedule. Players who frequent the sites on the busy iPoker Network have seen extensive changes to the tournament schedule there, including revamped structures, and new formats.

At least €100,000 is guaranteed across all tournaments every day on the iPoker Network. Sites such as bet365 are already running the new-look multi-table tournaments.

To help promote the new schedule, there is an MTT Missions promotion running on the network, which gives those who play in three tournaments in a week, access to a €500 all-in freeroll, or a €2,500 freeroll depending on the size of the buy-ins for the trio of tournaments.

Although the changes are already in force, full details of those changes are yet to be released, but by heading to the tournament lobby of bet365, you can see an increased number of payout places, more multi-entry tournaments, more knockout tournaments, and fewer freezeouts.

The tournament web page on one site boasts of “over €5 million in guaranteed prizes every month” although looking at the websites of other iPoker Network sites, a figure of €3 million guaranteed is displayed.

Some of the flagship tournaments can be seen in the tables below.

Daily Classics

Days Time (GMT) Name Buy-in
Monday to Sunday 6:00pm €5,000 Phoenix €20
Monday to Sunday 6:30pm €5,000 Special One €10
Monday to Sunday 7:30pm €5,000 Predator €20
Monday to Sunday 8:00pm €3,000 Phoenix €10
Monday to Sunday 8:30pm €3,000 Madness €20
Monday to Sunday 10:00pm €2,000 Bounty Hunter €20

High Rollers

Days Time (GMT) Name Buy-in
Monday to Saturday 3:00pm €3,000 Warm-Up €50
Monday to Saturday 7:00pm €10,000 Championship €50
Monday to Saturday 8:00pm €5,000 Master €100
Monday to Saturday 9:00pm €3,000 Money Time €50
Monday to Saturday 11:00pm €3,000 Night Club €50
Monday 8:00pm €5,000 Grand Master €50

Sunday Specials

Time (GMT) Name Buy-in
12:00pm €5,000 Deep Run €50
3:00pm €10,000 Warm-Up €50
4:00pm €5,000 Tea Time €20
4:30pm €5,000 Sniper €10
5:00pm €5,000 Deep Run €30
5:30pm €3,000 Starter €10
6:00pm €10,000 Phoenix €20
6:30pm €10,000 Special One €10
7:00pm €30,000 Sunday Premium €30
7:15pm €2,000 Pinball €3
7:30pm €10,000 Predator €20
8:00pm €15,000 Master €100
8:30pm €5,000 Madness €20
9:00pm €5,000 Money Time €50
11:00pm €5,000 Night Club €50


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