Poker coaching – a walk in the park

So after a coaching session in the morning and some good results my coach said I could two table 15s now.

Managed to have some v good days cev wise and money wise and am not in MU which is always nice.

I planned to start my grind just after lunch, I go grab some water from the kitchen and I see it’s a super nice day out. Normally I’m the introverted “lets stay inside” type but I really felt like I needed to go out.

I immediately decided on going to a place I haven’t been to for over a year and it’s probably my favourite park in London.

Me and my friend jump on the tube and before we know it we’re at Regent’s Park. Well actually by a Madame Tussaurds but after a bit more walking we made it there. Some super nice architechture in the area too! Here I am by a fountain around sunset.

Photo Deleted

Here’s some more photo’s which me and my friend took! His are edited and probably look a lot better!

Photo Deleted

Photo Deleted

Photo Deleted

Photo Deleted

So after the walk we head back on the tube and grab some dinner, shoutout to Co-op for making cheap yet suprisingly tasty ready-meals, very gto.

I load up the session and decide to two table more, my coach basically told me all I need now is volume, I study a bunch every day but getting in the streets and two tabling 15s is necessary in order to print at higher stakes. The session was mainly run bad with some awful spews and concentration lapses vs a fellow player in the stable. Especially a couple of plays which are very uncharacteristic of me.

However, I took a break, reviewed and still felt I generally played okay, ofc short term cev at this stage at 15s is going to be a bit poor but hopefully I keep up this motivation and continue to work hard and we should grind through this stake.

I chatted to my coach about balancing life when grinding full time, I talked about how I was going to grind at my parents house for 3 months and how balance wise it may not be GTO. He said if you are at good stakes and money is okay guys from the stable going to places like Malta in the summer and get 3k game months etc.

This seems pretty gto and definitely something I plan to work towards and look into. Whilst I could lower costs by grinding at home poker is one of the few income streams where you can work from anywhere, why not take advantage of that and see places and have experiences when you’re young instead of lock myself in my bedroom with my parents asking me how much money I’m up today (it’s not actually that bad, they actually support me a lot and were both traders in the city but I can see being at home getting tilting after a while).

That’s all for now. In regards for future goals keep getting better at two tabling 15s and study hard and go for Supernova in February (2k 15s).