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We have been very lucky to have permission from Jared Tendler to post his poker podcasts on our site.

They vary in content and a lot are with PokerStars Pros! Hope you enjoy them.

Very soon, our very own king of the poker blogs, Tom will be starting his own podcast series so stay tuned for that!

Niels Feijen

In this episode you will learn about:

-Dealing with bad luck and variance
-Why he is one of he few pool players who works on his mental game
-How to train and develop resilience
-How he turned around a poor starting performance in a tournament to go on to win it
-The importance of fitness and a healthy diet
-The importance of maintaining realistic expectations

Listen Here: Niels Feijen

Tilt Q&A

A wide range of topics I’m sure all of you can relate to are discussed in this episode, even if you are not a poker player. In this episode we discuss:

-Why you might Tilt in one format (Like PLO), but not another (Like No Limit)
-The differences between Tilt in poker and trading
-Is Tilt different online compared to live?
-Why Winner’s Tilt is more of a confidence issue than an anger issue
-Dealing with pressure at the tables that appears as anger

Listen Here: Tilt Q&A

Cal Newport

In this episode you will discover:

-Why Deep Work is important and how to do more of it
-The dangers of distraction in the digital age
-The importance of embracing boredom
-How this culture of distraction is harming our personal lives and relationships
-Why greater focus leads to better retention when learning
-How Barry doubled his reading volume overnight after reading this book

Listen here: Cal Newport

Chris Chabris

In this episode you will discover:

How our minds do not work the way we think they do
Why having a commitment device can accelerate your performance
Why learning is not a steady upwards curve, but something with peaks and plateaus
How changing habits sometimes can take years to completely do, despite what a lot of self help literature tells us The significant difference in confidence between poker players and chess players
How much we underestimate how distracted we are all the time

Listen here: Chris Chabris

Why you will not achieve your goals in 2016

Happy New Year!

Now time for some tough love.

Many of you are starting to make big goals for the year. Goals related to your career, your health or ticking something off your bucket list.

Many of you also feel unstoppable. This will be your best year. You’re inspired by what you’re going to accomplish, how much money you’re going to make, how strong you’re going to get, how much weight you’re going to lose, and more.

If you have a big goal this year, don’t make the same mistakes you’ve made in years past. Listen closely to this episode, it could dramatically change the outcome of your year.

Listen here: Why you will not achieve your goals in 2016

Max Steinberg

In this episode you will learn about:

How we improved his confidence during the four month break
Why perfectionism stands in the way of your game and how he overcame it
Performing under pressure on the biggest stage in poker
His view on the tanking debate and how he dealt with it at the final table
The mental game differences and similarities between poker and Daily Fantasy Sports

Listen here: Max Steinberg

Martin Jacobson

Discussed in this episode:

How he prepared during the November Nine break.
Why he believes staying positive and his confidence was the key to his victory.
How he created an edge in none traditional ways, including exercise, meditation and yoga.
How having so many near misses prior to the Main Event (2 WPT, 4 EPT and 3 WSOP final tables) impacted his performance at the final.
How he stays motivated after winning the biggest tournament in poker.

Listen here: Martin Jacobson

Chris Moorman

In this show you will discover:

How his new book, Moorman’s Book of Poker, has helped him grow as a player.
His methods for learning with friends away from the table.
How finding balance in his life has helped his results and enthusiasm for the game.
Why his background in competitive pool and bridge was the catalyst for his poker success.
How he dealt with his family when he decided to go professional.

Listen here: Chris Moorman

Liv Boeree

In this discussion you will discover:

How working on projects outside of poker have kept her passion for the game alive.
Why learning is so important, especially during downswings.
How she never rests on her laurels and always strives to learn from the elite players she mixes with.
The importance of having structure and rituals, and how that can be problematic on the road.
How she deals with criticism, both internal and external.

Listen here: Liv Boeree

Jake Cody

In this show you will discover:

How Jake dealt with, and used, scepticism towards poker from his family and friends to stay grounded.
That he almost quit the game, and what he did to get through a rough patch.
His method for making sure his game has progressed every six months.
Why his Triple Crown success did not go to his head.
The benefits and drawbacks of blocking your emotions.
How becoming a father has changed his career.

Listen here: Jake Cody

Daniel Negreanu

This is perhaps the most self-help focused podcast, discussed is:

His approach to learning and how he opens himself up to feedback.
The importance of taking personal responsibility and not falling into a victim mentality.
Why he is not afraid to look stupid, and how addiction to looking good and being right is what holds many people back.
How setting goals has been crucial to his poker success.
The benefits and drawbacks of positive thinking and visualization.

Listen here: Daniel Negreanu

Vanessa Selbst

In the show the discussion is about;

How she manages mental energy and the mental value of late regging.
Knowing when not to play in a tournament and how to avoid burning out.
How she maintains her passion and enjoyment of poker through rough periods.
Where she stands on the hard work vs talent debate in poker.
How she sets goals and how she judges them a success or not.

Listen here: Vanessa Selbst

Jason Mercier

You will discover:

How finding the balance between rest, exercise and poker is improving his performance
What he thinks about his ‘run good’ reputation
How he handled a $2.1 million downswing
The method he has always employed to ensure that he learns from his mistakes
How his tremendous work ethic was developed at a young age and how it has prepared him to deal with burnout and downswings

Listen here: Jason Mercier

Chris Moneymaker

In this show you’ll discover:

The pressures that Chris faced becoming a world champion of a game he hardly knew anything about.
His constant battle with staying focussed in long tournaments and when he is card dead.
How he has worked on dealing with bad beats.
Having to swallow his ego to ask other players to help him learn the game after he became a champion.
And yes, how he put Jared Tendler on tilt on the golf course.

Listen here: Chris Moneymaker


In this show you will discover:

How he developed an incredible work ethic after living in Korea as a teenager.
Why the pressure of playing Starcraft professionally prepared him for the mental pressure of playing poker.
The importance of pushing his own personal boundaries and why fear motivates him.
His philosophy that if you push yourself to the limit, there is no downside to losing.

Listen here: Elky

Jason Somerville

In this show discussed is:

How his ambition and drive now includes an emphasis on happiness and fun.
How being honest with himself has been freeing and helped him grow as a player and person.
The incredible methods he used to get Russell Thomas to prepare for the 2012 main event final table.
His experience becoming the first high profile poker player to come out as gay.

Listen Here: Jason Somerville

Jennifer Shahade

In the show:

Decision making in chess and poker, and understanding the difference between instinct and intuition
Tilt in both poker and chess
How she is promoting poker to chess players
How she got over the anxiety of public speaking to do her TED talk

Listen here: Jennifer Shahade

Shannon Shorr

In the show we discuss:

Growing up in poker and how he stopped being arrogant on the circuit
How handled a big downswing by not focusing on past results
The importance of removing distractions like mobile phones in poker
The value of being in the moment and having focus
How he concentrates on self-improvement rather than results based goals
How principles from sports and coaching have helped him develop as a player

Listen here: Shannon Shorr

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