Stargate SG1 slot review Fremantle

If ever there was a slot deserving of a reboot then it is this old slot from Fremantle and Electracade. Unfortunately the slot seems to have disappeared from the internet completely and isn’t available at any online casino anymore. So writing a proper review is going to be very difficult seeing as how I’ve not played it in absolute yonks.

Well, as a brief guide, this slot was pretty basic with basic graphics and animations and a fairly weak bonus round. It did not feature any real pictures or cut aways from the series. And that’s about it really, it was a slot that was very old and dated and just not fitting with 2016. So why review it at all then you may ask? I’ll tell you why… because Stargate SG1 is absolutely one of my favourite every tv shows and it is perfect for a top class online slot. And of course there’s potential for 2 sequels to the slot, Stargate Atlantis Slot and at a real push a Stargate Universe Slot. Though if you really wanted to cash in on the franchise you could make separate slots based round 1) the SG1 team, 2) the Atlantis team, 3) the Destiny crew, 4) the Ori, 5) the replicators, 6) the Wraith, 7) the Asgards, 8) the Ancients, and last but obviously not least 9) the Goa’ould. Actually that would make for a pretty damn good Progressive Jackpot network of slots… Playtech are you reading this? Age of the Gods? Should have gone with Stargate!

Sorry I got a little side tracked there… ok so back to a SG1 slot. Obviously we would want to be using real pictures and clips from the show. And you would have to use the real gate animations from the show somewhere. I am thinking we use the gate symbols for the reel symbols, along with the 4 main SG1 crew (sorry there’s no room for the two from Farscape). Bonus rounds there has to be 4. A Daniel bonus round being a pick em bonus round trying to make an active gate address. A Teal’c bonus round probably some form of fight round. A Carter bonus round… maybe a plain set of free spins with a x3 multiplier. And an O’Neill bonus round which would have to be the one with the big one variance, with some random wilds, possibly sticky or stacked a bit random and messy but potentially a game changer!

So there we have it folks, potentially one, potentially 9 Stargate slots… the only thing better than that would be a new series coming out!