The Ninja Online Slot Review

Online Slot MachineThe Ninja
Slot ProviderEndorphina Casino Software
Jackpot SlotNo
Win Lines20

As I sit down to write this slot review I’m getting the nagging feeling that this is the very first Endorphina slot I’m reviewing. I could be wrong though, my memory could be failing me. It certainly shouldn’t be the first, Endorphina are a very interesting bunch of designers. Note to self: review more from this company!

Ok now that we have gotten that out of the system, let’s review “The Ninja”. So what is it? It’s a 3×5 reel 20 line video slot based on a ninja theme (obviously). The graphics and animations are excellent, absolutely spot on with the theme they were aiming for. But it is the free spins round that is what this slot is all about. Free spins are triggered by landing 3 black ninjas. The amount of free spins is determined by the number of preceding 2 black ninjas you have won and at which bet level they were won on. Before you win free spins you can actually adjust how many black ninjas you have by varying your bet level. For example 4 black ninjas at 1.00 stake can be exchanged for 2 @ 2.00 or 24 @ 0.20. And this does not determine the number of free spins you will recieve but the number of extra wilds that the black ninja will serve up during the free spins…

Confused? Yeah we were too at first. The best thing for this slot is to get the autoplay running in demo mode and watch it till you get the feature. You can do so here: omni slots

Our Verdict:

We love Endorphina slots and this new entry is certainly no exception. The Black Ninja feature is exceptional and as very often with Endorphina slots, you are talking about a pretty high variance slot which we do like. But it really is a slot you need to see for yourself (again we can’t stress enough that you should test any new slot in demo mode before risking your own money).

Ninja Online Slot Strategy:

There are two things to consider when playing this slot which may make your life easier. The first is that if your bank balance is shrinking, you sometimes do well to reduce your stake and increase the Black Ninja Wilds so that your gameplay hasn’t gone to waste if you think you are going to go bust before landing the free spins and you don’t want to deposit again. The second thing to consider is the “Take Risk” button if you have landed a decent win. You are free to check out the card offered in the gamble and decline the gamble if you don’t feel secure. We have actually had a €500 win from free spins, clicked Take Risk and been offered a 2 of spades. Landing a 2 is a no brainer to take the gamble and we doubled our win to €1,000!!! Beware though, if you have a very good win and the slot offers you a 3 to gamble, it does happen that the slot will dump a 2 on you and you will be ruing the lost gamble.