Titans Of The Sun Online Slot Review

Online slot of the year 2015? Read on to find out more (head to the bottom of the page if you are looking for the mythology!)
The new slot from Microgaming comes in two flavours, both with an RTP of around the 96% mark:

Titans of the Sun – Theia Online Slot

Titans of the Sun – Hyperion Online Slot

Titans of the Sun slot review:

Both versions of this brand new slot are very similar indeed, and in fact the general layout and design will be very familiar to Microgaming fans. However with these two slots Microgaming have really pushed the boat out on the animations, graphics and overall gameplay. And boy have they totally nailed it!

This is a stunning looking slot and it plays and feels like Microgaming have been waiting a very long time to get this slot right. Some of their recent releases – while decent enough – now seem like they were practicing and perfecting and testing the market, all as preparation for this release. They have got it spot on in every department, their hard work has well and truly paid off. It looks amazing and plays perfectly. The pay table and volatility of both small and big wins is exactly what we want to see from Microgaming.

Titans of the Sun slot gameplay:

Titans of the Sun is a fairly high variance slot with long fairly barren runs and the occasional massive win. We love this kind of slot and it does exactly what we would want from it. The inclusion of the mystery symbol feature certainly adds excitement as well as frustration in equal measures. The number of times we’ve seen a whole bunch of mystery symbols drop in, only for the revealed symbol to be exactly the wrong one we needed… I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. Thankfully during free spins you can also land the Wild symbol behind the mystery symbol and this is where the big money can come in. It’s not unreasonable to get free spins wins well over the 100+ times your stake (on very rare occasions 300 or 400 times your stake) so you just have to be patient and wait for those big wins to come.

Both of the Titans of the Sun online slots are well and truly exceptional and are set to be crowd favourites for years to come. Well played Microgaming, patience and hard work is going to reap the rewards. It’s a stunner!

So is it our best online slot of 2015? There’s a few months of the year left to go yet but we think it is going to be very hard for anyone to trump this one. It is that good!

These slots will be available to the general public from October 2015 onwards and you will find them at the following casinos (among others):

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Titans of the Sun – Greek Mythology & Astronomy

For those who are interested: Theia (aka Euryphaessa) married one of her brothers, Hyperion. Their other siblings include Chronos (better known as the god of time) as well as among others Dione, Crius, Phoebe, Rhea and Tethys after whom a number of Saturn’s moons are named. Phoebe was also not adverse to a bit of incest, marrying and having children with another brother, Coeus.

Theia was a titan or goddess of brightness/light. Hyperion was a titan or god know as “The high one”. He represented light, wisdom and watchfulness.

Theia and Hyperion together bore the children Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos (the Dawn).

The story of Theia and Hyperion have been told by among others; Hesiod and Homer (not Simpson).