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ABOUT WorldMatch

World Match is a Pioneer On-line Gaming Company that has been designing and providing Casino Games and On-line Gaming platform since 2003. With its state-of-the-art technology, World Match has always been investing in innovation, starting from the observation and timely analysis of Casino Players’ very own requests and needs. This led to the creation of WM Casino Games Suite™, the most comprehensive games bouquet available on the market and WM Cloud Gaming Center™, the platform that allows to easily and transparently manage the business in the online gaming field.

WM Casino Games Suite™ includes more than 100 Slot Machines, more than 30 Table Games, including Roulettes and Card Games  and every variant of Video Poker.

All the games of the WM bouquet have been certified to comply with relevant jurisdictions, in order to be distributed on the regulated markets.

Besides the Web version, all Casino games are available also for the mobile platforms, iOS and Android, with native technology and will be soon released in HTML5 version.
Both Web and Mobile versions of the games share the same game engine and ensure the continuity of the game experience, allowing, among other things, to contribute to the increasing of the Jackpot payoutOver 100 Slot Machines, with its state-of-the-art technology, innovative features, stunning HD graphics with resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio.Original sounds and music enhance the emotion and excitement that are at the core of their success.
The connection with the most popular Social Networks allows players to share game highlights with friends, without leaving the game.
WM Cloud Gaming Center™ is a fast and powerful solution that allows to transparently manage the business and to easily connect the most popular gaming products.

On the top of all this, there is no need to install any software, or hardware and there are no additional fees for Servers, Data Center, Internet Bandwidth, IT infrastructure and dedicated personnel.

WorldMatch Casinos

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WorldMatch slots RTP’s

Please note that WorldMatch offer two different RTP’s so different casinos in different jurisdictions can pick the RTP they want to work with (for sme slots, not all).

Thanks very much to Anna for supplying us with the info we requested.

World MatchGame TypeRTP %
Aquarium HDSlot Machine97.84%
Aquarium HDSlot Machine94.09%
Burlesque HDSlot Machine97.84%
Burlesque HDSlot Machine94.09%
Cowboys Go West HDSlot Machine97.84%
Cowboys Go West HDSlot Machine94.09%
Diamond Croupier HDSlot Machine97.84%
Diamond Croupier HDSlot Machine94.09%
Ghosts Night HDSlot Machine97.55%
Ghosts Night HDSlot Machine94.11%
Glamour Hills HDSlot Machine97.55%
Glamour Hills HDSlot Machine94.11%
Hollywood HDSlot Machine97.55%
Hollywood HDSlot Machine94.11%
Love Lab HDSlot Machine97.55%
Love Lab HDSlot Machine94.11%
Magic Quest HDSlot Machine98.48%
Magic Quest HDSlot Machine94.95%
Touch Down HDSlot Machine98.48%
Touch Down HDSlot Machine94.95%
Maximum HDSlot Machine98.48%
Maximum HDSlot Machine94.95%
Monkeys Vs Sharks HDSlot Machine98.48%
Monkeys Vs Sharks HDSlot Machine94.95%
Zen Blade HDSlot Machine98.10%
Zen Blade HDSlot Machine94.43%
Gentleman Thief HDSlot Machine98.10%
Gentleman Thief HDSlot Machine94.43%
Fruits Dimension HDSlot Machine98.10%
Fruits Dimension HDSlot Machine94.43%
Into The Woods HDSlot Machine98.10%
Into The Woods HDSlot Machine94.43%
Hero War HDSlot Machine97.76%
Hero War HDSlot Machine94.90%
NYC Real Estate HDSlot Machine97.76%
NYC Real Estate HDSlot Machine94.90%
Horror Castle HDSlot Machine97.76%
Horror Castle HDSlot Machine94.90%
Supercars HDSlot Machine97.72%
Supercars HDSlot Machine94.40%
Disco 80 HDSlot Machine97.72%
Disco 80 HDSlot Machine94.40%
The Last Crusade HDSlot Machine97.72%
The Last Crusade HDSlot Machine94.40%
The Mad Hatter HDSlot Machine98.21%
The Mad Hatter HDSlot Machine95.18%
King Tut’s Chamber HDSlot Machine98.21%
King Tut’s Chamber HDSlot Machine95.18%
Polar Adventure HDSlot Machine98.21%
Polar Adventure HDSlot Machine95.18%
Olympus HDSlot Machine97.69%
Vitamina Slot HDSlot Machine95.47%
B-Boy Street HDSlot Machine98.11%
Elite Commandos HDSlot Machine98.11%
Farm Adventures HDSlot Machine98.11%
Fire Rescue HDSlot Machine98.11%
Space Monsters HDSlot Machine98.11%
Insect World HDSlot Machine97.01%
Mexican Cook HDSlot Machine97.01%
The Pirates Tavern HDSlot Machine97.01%
The Pirates Tavern HDSlot Machine94.70%
SugaRush HDSlot Machine97.01%
Vampire Killer HDSlot Machine97.01%
Xcalibur HDSlot Machine97.62%
Xcalibur HDSlot Machine95.03%
Fantasy Island HDSlot Machine97.49%
Fantasy Island HDSlot Machine91.97%
Freaky Fortune HDSlot Machine97.49%
Freaky Fortune HDSlot Machine91.97%
Air Force HDSlot Machine97.49%
Air Force HDSlot Machine91.97%
The Forbidden City HDSlot Machine97.49%
The Forbidden City HDSlot Machine91.97%
Fight Night HDSlot Machine96.57%
Fight Night HDSlot Machine91.83%
Striking Viking HDSlot Machine96.57%
Striking Viking HDSlot Machine91.83%
Rockabillions HDSlot Machine96.57%
Rockabillions HDSlot Machine91.83%
Angry Angels HDSlot Machine96.57%
Angry Angels HDSlot Machine91.83%
Mythos HDSlot Machine95.90%
Mythos HDSlot Machine94.19%
Crime Records HDSlot Machine95.90%
Crime Records HDSlot Machine94.19%
Bee Crazy HDSlot Machine95.90%
Bee Crazy HDSlot Machine94.19%
All Fruits HDSlot Machine96.11%
All Fruits HDSlot Machine92.82%
50’s PinUp HDSlot Machine96.11%
50’s PinUp HDSlot Machine92.82%
Country Life HDSlot Machine96.11%
Country Life HDSlot Machine92.82%
Return of the Phoenix HDSlot Machine95.50%
Lady Glamour HDSlot Machine96.11%
Just Hot HDSlot Machine96.09%
Artic Adventure HDSlot Machine94.39%
Queen of Oceans HDSlot Machine96.07%
Jungle Mania HDSlot Machine94.09%
Secrets Of Poseidon HDSlot Machine96.57%
Robin Hood HDSlot Machine94.11%
Ace Adventure HDSlot Machine96.57%
Code Red HDSlot Machine94.43%
Archibald Mayan Ruins HDSlot Machine94.85%
Archibald Discovering Africa HDSlot Machine94.37%
Archibald Oriental Tales HDSlot Machine95.16%
Dante Hell HDSlot Machine94.37%
Dante Purgatory HDSlot Machine95.16%
Dante Paradise HDSlot Machine94.85%
Book of Pharaon HDSlot Machine95.60%
Maracaibo HDSlot Machine94.43%
Riches Of The Sea HDSlot Machine95.10%
Mandarine Fortune HDSlot Machine95.10%
Golazo HDSlot Machine94.09%
Dragon’s Reels HDSlot Machine94.43%
Go Wild HDSlot Machine96.16%
Bandit’s Bounty HDSlot Machine95.65%
Carnival Bonus HDSlot Machine95.16%
Monte Carlo Jewels HDSlot Machine96.20%
Fruits Evolution HDSlot Machine98.10%
3D Farm HDSlot Machine98.11%
Aztec Moon HDSlot Machine95.03%
Fruits 4 Jackpot HDSlot Machine92.20%
Egyptian WILD HDSlot Machine92.24%
Egyptian WILD HDSlot Machine96.11%
Night Vampire HDSlot Machine96.02%
Angeli e Demoni25 HDSlot Machine94.43%
Rainbow HDSlot Machine95.16%
China Lóng HDSlot Machine94.37%

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