The worst online slot I have played in 2016

Best of British Nektan slot review

I do very much enjoy writing about slots, particularly writing about exciting new slots or writing about my all time favourites. But not every slot is equally good, there are plenty of boring clones of classic slots and there are some slots that just completely miss the mark or that have clearly been developed with the aim to make money rather than for the enjoyment of the player.

So we come to my first Nektan slot review. Now as you may have noticed we have blacklisted all Nektan casinos but still I did want to give their slots a chance. So I registered with a few Nektan casinos using a false name and address (there’s no way they are getting my real contact details) and I took advantage of the free fiver these casinos offer (with a max cash out of just 20 quid from play through requirements of 500 quid there’s naff all chance I would have been able to win even with my real data).

I jumped on to the Best of British slot from Nektan, set bet level to 0.15 and went for the auto spin button… ah that option didn’t exist. So click click click I went instead. This is a 15 line slot with a distinctive British flavour, London busses, fish and chips, beefeaters, bobbies helmets, all set on a union jack background. A nice them I will admit.

The reel animations are a bit jumpy – was the first thing I noticed – and the winning line animations are not clickable to speed them up, which is a real drag when you land a wild win on multiple lines. That aside the slot base game play was rather tedious with dozens of spins between wins. But eventually I landed a free spins bonus round so was hoping this would inject some excitement that was sorely missed in the base game play.

Landing free spin scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5 gives you 30 free spins. No multiplier and no extra exciting features. I managed to win a whopping 8.5 times my bet from the free spins. As my money ran out quickly it was at the 4th casino where I landed free spins again. This time it re-triggered, again and again. In total I had 120 free spins but it would go 30 or more spins between wins, in fact I think from the 120 free spins there were only 4 winning spins and by the end I was just praying for the pain to be over. Exactly 24x bet win from 120 free spins. It was awful, just awful. I couldn’t bear the slot anymore so I shut down my computer and went to the shops to clear my head before sitting down to write this review.

Now the title of this page should have been “Best of British slot review (Nektan)” but it really was just so terrible all round that I had to make this a special page. Oh yes, did I mention there’s a “turbo” mode in the settings? You know what it doesn’t do? It doesn’t speed up the damned win line animation.

Horrible. Just awful. Nektan reeks of exploitation, both in their casinos and in their slots. There’s no imagination and the maths are as basic as you can get. Stay well clear folks!


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