Luckiest case of diarrhoea this year?

Name: Emilio

Location: Tyreso (Stockholm)

Bet: 20 SEK (2.00 EUR) (1.40 GBP)

Win: 346,351 SEK (36,846.01 EUR) (26,317.89 GBP)

Game: Mr Holmes & the Stolen Stones (Yggdrasil Gaming)

Channel: iPad

Casino: LeoVegas

– What were your thoughts when you won the big win/jackpot?

(Customer laughs) Well….This will sound very weird but I was actually on the toilet with my iPad. I had eaten something really bad and figured I would have to stay there for a while so I took the opportunity to play some.

The diamonds started to come and I never actually thought I would win. As a player I have never counted on hitting a big win. Then all of a sudden it stopped and blinked JACKPOT. I went into chock and started to shake.

I thought it was some kind of joke or promotion video for the bonus. I went out of the game and back to the menu and my balance actually said 350 000 SEK. I called you guys and you confirmed my win and it was such a great feeling.

I was a bit worried it would be a bonus or some kind of wagering requirements but luckily it was not. Imagine I signed up the same day and won this amount of money!

It feels wonderful and LeoVegas has really changed my life from one day to another. I am so happy and thankful for that!

– So you were really in the bathroom enjoying our mobile casino on your iPad?

Yes and it ended up being the best toilet visit in my life.

– What do you plan to do with the money?

We have been struggling a bit with money lately and me and my girlfriend are waiting our first child in January so this was perfect timing before Christmas. We sold our car so my pregnant girlfriend had to walk everywhere which can be quite exhausting. We will buy a new car, pay some loans, shop clothes and just enjoy our economic situation now.

– Why did you choose to sign-up with LeoVegas?

I have seen a lot of promotions on TV and I do not like to play on unknown sites. I want to play with good and trusted brands like LeoVegas. You also had a bigger selection of games compared to other sites which fits me as a casino player.

– Which is your favourite game and why?

My normal favourite is Mega Fortune Dreams because I enjoy jackpot games. I also like to play mysterious games with a detective theme. I like the concept and tried out this slot because I had not played it before. Of course this is a new favourite after this huge win!

Editors Note:
This young man got very lucky and has pooped his way out of debt. But listening to his story you do have to wonder how much his gambling has had an effect on his financial situation. With a child on the way and having already had to sell his car, you would think a spot of online gambling would be the least of his priorities.
If you are in financial difficulties please do not bank on a similar stroke of fortune. Seek help, there are debt councillors who can help you manage your finances and debts. And if you are suffering from gambling addiction (as I suspect Emilio may be) there are centers in every country that can help you.