NetEnt Starburst slot tips and RTP

Online Slot MachineStarburst
Slot ProviderNetEnt Casino Software
Jackpot SlotNo
Win Lines10
Starburst Slot RTP96.1%

Players love NetEnt’s classic slot Starburst. With a healthy return to player and a very simple interface and rules set, it is no wonder many casinos use Starburst Free Spins for welcome bonuses and Starburst no deposit free spins as well. We have checked with a number of casinos and it pans out that this is definitely the most played slot from NetEnt, perhaps even the most popular online slot in the world. As such of course there are millions of players looking for a loophole to cheat the game or looking for the perfect Starburst slot strategy. We have spent a lot of time practicing as well as searching for other players’ theories and one in particular stands out.

If you have found this blog then you are likely also to have visited other websites proclaiming to have the slot cheats or slot tips to break the bank. We have tried out a lot of these tips so that you don’t have to.

The NetEnt Starburst cheat

Ok this is one so-called cheat that you probably want to stay very well clear of. We have seen this on numerous websites in some form or another and of course I am sure there are one or two people who have won massive amounts with it, but you can apply the exact same principal to any slot by any software maker, at any casino. It is all a matter of chance, but the strategy flies in the face of what we have already talked about (the RNG and the maths) and if things go wrong, you are burning through thousands of pounds/dollars/euros in minutes. AVOID!

Here is the simplified theory:

How to win big on Starburst

  1. Set Coin Value to max
  2. When you win, bet bigger, and bigger and bigger
  3. Play at casinos that reward regular players and offer lots of free spins!

The above really doesn’t tell us much so here is the “cheat” in more detail. We have summarised the explanations of the cheats we found online:

Start off playing at £3.00 per spin. You balance should get up from £100 to £200.

Up your bet per spin size from £3.00 to £10.00 after your balance gets above £200. Spin at this level till your balance reaches £800.

After your balance rises over the £800 mark, raise your stake to £20 a spin from £10 per spin. Cash out when your balance is £2,000.

Our conclusions

Do not try this at home! Chances are you are going to lose a LOT of money (playing at £3.00 per spin can see you lose a £100 deposit in about 5 minutes flat, at £10.00 per spin you can lose the £200 stated in 30 seconds and playing at £20.00 per spin can see you lose the £800 mentioned in about 5 minutes)! In the above scenario the amount of luck involved is totally unrealistic, the consistent and continual winning sequence required to produce a return like that just doesn’t happen. We are probably talking about a best case scenario here where the player plays 200 spins, of which 8 are classed as big wins (16x stake up to 50x stake), whilst not having a single sequence of more than 20 spins without a big win. Not an impossible run but these kind of runs don’t happen very often.

If you really, really want to try this out then go to a casino which allows practice play and try the theory out in demo money. Refresh the page once and try it again. And then try it once more. See how often you lose big time compared to how often you win big.

Starburst is a low to medium variance slot, with a decent RTP of 96.1%. But even a low variance slot with a good RTP% can go through anything from 20 to 50 spins in a row without throwing you a single spin where you even get 1x your stake back. We have explained in other articles how slots work with the random number generator. Playing on any slot at any reputable online casino will see your wins and losses go through peaks and troughs and the very simple explanation of how to win is to either 1) Only play when you are going to get a winning spin and try not to play when you are on a losing run, or 2) Play through the losing runs on the minimal stake level and raise your bets slightly when you are going to make a winning spin. Now obviously this explanation requires you to either be able to predict the future or be in possession of a time machine of some sort. So unless you own Doc Brown’s DeLorean you are probably going to have to simply be very very lucky!

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