Fruit Warp slot

Online Slot Machine Fruit Warp
Slot Provider Thunderkick Casino Software
Jackpot Slot No
Reels 9
Win Lines /
RTP 97%

Fruit Warp is a slot quite unlike any other I have seen. It doesn’t follow any basic convention that we’ve come to expect from the one armed bandits. First of all the game has no paylines at all, instead you are simply trying to get a certain amount of symbols, or in this case fruits on the screen. Whenever there are three or more same symbols on the screen they will pay out according to the paytable. Though you can get moderate wins this way the big money is tied to the bonus game, which itself again runs quite different to most other slots.

In true Thunderkick fashion the music, sound effects, graphics and animations are top notch. While this game is quite innovative it is also high volatility, which is not necessarily the best choice for this kind of game. The game is without a doubt worth playing, but we would recommend trying it in the free demo mode first.

Fruit Warp at a quick glance

  • Produced by Thunderkick
  • Released in April 2016 (latest update)
  • Maximum win 1 100 000 euros with a 100 euro bet
  • High volatility
  • Theoretical return to player is 97%

The basic gameplay

In theory we are looking at 9 reels here, though in use what you’ll see is simply different fruits landing on the screen. Each round a new set of symbols land, nine in total, which can be any of the nine fruits in the game. The animations and graphics, as mentioned, are excellent, though for some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling that the game is missing something, or the landing of the symbol should have been done in a different way to increase immersion.

The bet level is familiar from most, if not all, Thunderkick games with minimum bet being 10 cents and maximum 100 euros, or whichever currency the casino is offering. Whenever three or more of the same symbols land on the screen you get paid according to the paytable. The basic wins range from 0.1 times the bet to 216 times the bet, with cherries giving the worst payout and the best one coming from what I assume is a grapefruit. If you happen to land four of the same symbols the remaining other symbols on the screen are re-spun, giving a chance for more wins.

You can control the sound effects and music via options, as well as the bet level and autoplay features. The game is quite simplistic with no more options than these, meaning that the player is left with simply pressing the next round button, as is the case in most slots. The game fits perfectly for mobile and desktop devices alike, and doesn’t suffer from any loss of detail even when played on a smartphone. Without a doubt the most intriguing feature in the game is the Fruit Mode.

Fruit Warp bonus mode

Once you land five or more of the same fruits on the screen the bonus mode of the game begins. This is called the Fruit Mode and it’s your ticket for the big win. Though the 1 100 00 maximum win requires a bet level of 100 euro per spin the game does pay out even with smaller bets. In effect the max win is 11 000 times your bet. With five symbols on the screen the game opens up the mode meter. This has a certain number of steps to advance through, with multipliers and an extra life reward in-between.

The bonus mode continues as long as you keep landing the same fruit symbols on the screen that started the mode. Every time you land the symbol the mode meter advances as many steps as there are matching symbols. Other symbols and combination in turn increase the multipliers that can be unlocked by advancing through the meter, as well as adding the respective wins. For example if the mode is started by 5 banana symbols, and on the next respin you land 1 banana and 8 cherries, the mode meter will advance one step, while the 8 cherries adds to you win, and increase the two multipliers by four each.

Once you reach one of the multipliers it is locked in place for the rest of the round. Once the bonus mode ends the value is used to multiply all the wins achieved during the bonus round. Half way through the meter you will also gain an extra life, which is used up in case no matching symbol lands on the screen during the respin. The respins in turn will continue as long as you land at least one matching symbol on the screen. Once no symbols match and you’re out of extra lives the mode ends and you get your winnings. The few times I managed to start this mode the wins ranged from hundreds to thousands with a one euro bet.

Music and graphics

Thunderkick is a relatively new gaming company, and their games all come with excellent graphics and music. Intros and other animations are top notch as well, and we would recommend not skipping them right away, though for a returning player they don’t offer much in the way of entertainment. The sounds effects and music is something that has been missing in most slots. In fact, quite a few producers seem to just recycle old effects from games published decades ago; not so with Thunderkick. Unfortunately, though they have perfected these areas the games themselves are still lacking that certain something that would make them an instant hit. At the very least you wont end up muting the game screen right away, which is something that can’t be said of most other current slot games.


Fruit Warp is an innovative game from an innovative publisher. If you are looking for something that doesn’t play out like a traditional slot then you certainly need to try Fruit Warp slot. The only problem, for me personally, is the high volatility which means that you can have quite long streaks of no wins at all, or wins that don’t pay back enough to keep the game interesting. While many of the game features are well through out, and offer something new to the player in the end the game lacks that extra punch or finish that would make it the crowd favorite.

In any case we recommend you give this game a try to see if it fits your playing style, and if for no other reason then to familiarise yourself with the software producer who is certainly on the verge of hitting it big with their ever increasing experience on the field.

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