Gambling Fails

When it comes to gambling there can be a lot of money at stake. And when a lot of money is at stake there’s always going to be fails and epic fails because people get greedy. We have probably mentioned a lot of fails in many of our other articles but here are a bunch of classic fails that crop up time and time again:

Casino player fails:

  1. “I am due a big win” or “this slot is due to pay out” – Thinking that because you are on a bad run, you are bound to get a big win soon. Slots, in fact every casino game should be 100% random. And to all intents and purposes this is true. A casino makes MOST of it’s money from this kind of thinking and from people playing the martingale system.
  2. “I am going to cheat the casino” – No you are not, you are either going to lose your money one way or the other or you are going to get arrested.
  3. “I have a fool proof system or strategy” – No you don’t, there is no such thing as fool proof when it comes to random. A good system will work some of the time but it won’t work all of the time. It’s just not possible.
  4. Bonus whores – Players who visit every casino under the sun in order to take advantage of the casino welcome bonuses. These players end up out of pocket just as quickly as players who don’t take a bonus. But the difference is when they do win, a player who sticks to one or just a few casinos can cash out immediately whereas the bonus whore has to verify documents each and every time and go through the painful waiting process. And lets not forget to mention the bonus whore is offering up all their private information to countless dozens of casinos.

Casino and casino staff fails:

  1. Casinos can be dishonest and greedy and they can cheat their affiliates and their players. But what happens in the long run is that their reputation goes down the toilet, they get blacklisted at the top casino portals like Slots Guide. And in the end they end up losing potentially half their customers at least. Does this sound like good business practice to you? Nope, me neither.
  2. Casino staff who try and rob their employer – Like in any form of work, if you steal from your employer the chances are you will get caught. You will lose your job, get a criminal record or even jail time and you will struggle to get a job in the future. Well done genius!
  3. It is not only the casino staff who can let greed lead them to illegal activities – The owners of a few casino groups have been caught committing fraud and other illegal activities in the past. What happened to them? Jail time is what happened. Well done guys, big sarcastic round of applause for you!

Slot makers fails:

  1. Staying on the criminal theme one last time there have been instances where programmers have been caught putting cheat codes into their slots and video poker games. What happened to them? Jail time of course. And let us not forget the high profile Sheriff Gaming case where the owners instructed their programmers to place cheats into their codes so that genuine players were fleeced out of millions. Hope you enjoy your time in the prison showers boys!
  2. Our final fail is not criminal but just bad business practice – Slot makers who pay a lot of money for a big brand license, invest heavily in developing the branded slot, and think just by cramming as much as possible in that it will be a success. You need to use focus groups guys. Making use of the main character catch phrase every other spin is going to irritate even the biggest fans. Repetitive theme tunes and over used sound effects… this does not work. Be subtle and use your brand sparingly leaving the special animations and sounds or quotes for special wins or bonus rounds. Come on guys, this should not be rocket science and there are plenty of really good casino portals run by people who would happily test out your products honestly.