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Online bingo sites come in various sizes, shapes and forms. Obviously with a name like “Yes No Casino” it is clear that casinos are our thing. But that doesn’t mean we play slots exclusively.

While we do not profess to be the fountain of all online bingo site knowledge, we have dabbled playing online bingo games (though we are more the all-in max bingo cards buyer kind of player) and we certainly know the difference between a reputable and a scamming online bingo room.

As such, below you will find the pick of the bunch that we trust. We will be adding more bingo rooms all the time.

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About our Online Bingo Sites Reviews

At Slots Guide we aim to give you the very best online bingo information and the very best online bingo bonuses and promotions from trusted online bingo websites. You will find our bingo reviews on this page.

In our online bingo reviews we try to give you all the relevant information you need to know about each bingo site as well as giving you a brief summary and opinion of the site. We will never recommend a rogue or blacklisted bingo site and will have nothing to do with them anywhere on our site. So we will not even be reviewing the rogues. If an existing bingo room we have reviewed happens to turn bad then of course we will mention this.

Does this mean that we love all the bingo sites we review? Well no, we’ll review any bingo site that is honest and fair, however not every online bingo website is created equally. We will give our opinion on what is good and not so good about each bingo site so that you can make your own mind up about which you wish to join or not.

USA Online Bingo Sites

The United States of America has very stringent laws regarding online gambling, online slots and online bingo. Which is very strange for a country world famous for Las Vegas!

The gambling regulations regarding online bingo is far tougher in the United States while a lot of jurisdictions outside of the USA do not allow US players. This makes it much harder for US players to find an online bingo site let alone one which is honest and reliable.

We have trawled through the trash in order to bring you the small band of US online bingo sites that are actually worth your time and money. US bingos that will give you an honest, fair and enjoyable time.

Q. Is it legal to play online bingo in the USA?

A. Yes, the United States has a law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) which deals with how online gambling institutions can accept and pay out funds to US players, but online gambling itself is not illegal. You do well though to check your local state laws before you sign up with any bingo site, just to be on the safe side.

Q. Why are most major online bingo sites blocked for US players?

A. Some online bingo companies have US operations, such as a marketing arm or a call center which is located in an American state like New York or California, and thus cannot accept US players. Other bingo sites may be licensed in a jurisdiction elsewhere in the world that does not allow them to accept US players for example Gibraltar or Malta or the UK.

Q. Anything else?

There are various groups and commissions trying to open up online gambling in the USA to give the population the same opions as most of the rest of the world. New Jersey as a state has already set up their own jurisdiction with it’s own online gambling laws.

Putting it bluntly, US online gaming is very very complicated indeed!


Online bingo bonuses

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the United Kingdom, so it won’t come as a surprise to learn that there are countless bingo sites available for players. Each of these bingo sites may look unique, but as a matter of fact, most of them are part of larger bingo networks, each containing several sister sites. These bingo networks tend to have the same offers and deals at all their sister sites, but there are still countless bingo offers for you to choose from.

We’ve scoured the net to find the best bingo deals, and in this article, we will discuss them with you. After reading this piece, you will know exactly what types of deals you snap up when you play at an online bingo site.

Welcome bonuses

Just like any other online gambling domain, bingo sites carry welcome bonuses. In many cases, these welcome bonus offers can often extend over several deposits. After a deposit has been made, a player will be entitled to claim a free cash bonus based on the amount they deposit.

Most bingo sites carry no deposit deals, too, in that as soon as a player signs up at a bingo site, they will be entitled to claim a small sum of cash (often £10 or less) which they can use to play games at the site. Anything they win with that cash is theirs to keep.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are very much in the same vein as welcome bonuses. They can see players able to pocket matched cash bonuses on each deposit they make. Some bingo sites offer these deals once per week, once per month, or even on special occasions. Others offer reload bonuses on every single deposit you ever make at their websites.

Free bingo

The very best bingo sites will also offer free bingo to their players. These bonuses can see players able to enter free bingo rooms, where they can play games at no cost. Naturally, the prizes are petite, but free bingo can lead to free cash, so few players will complain about that.

Monthly specials

Online bingo sites also typically offer end of the month jackpot games. These deals take place just one per month, but you can often pre-buy tickets, and these bonus bingo games can often cough up prizes worth many thousands of pounds.

Happy hour and BOGOF deals

Happy hour and BOGOF deals often amount to the same thing. BOGOF stands for “buy one get one free” and both of these types of promotions promise players with special deals, such as a two-for-one deal on bingo cards. These deals often take place during specific times of the day or week.

1TG and 2TG games

Some bingo bonus games can feature 1TG and 2TG prizes. These stand for “one to go” and “two to go”. Players will be able to pocket small cash prizes in these bingo bonus games if they finish with just one or two numbers remaining on their bingo card. Not all bingo sites offer these deals.

Loyalty deals

Lastly, the vast majority of bingo sites offer some kind of loyalty deals. These include loyalty points (which can be redeemed for real money), special monthly promotions, VIP deals, and refer-a-friend bonuses, amongst other offers. Loyalty deals are based on how long you have been playing and how much you have spent at the bingo site.

Types of online bingo sites games

Online bingo differs to the normal game of bingo as you and I know it. There are different ways of playing bingo online, all of which still involve marking off numbers on a card but now with variation!!

The main types of bingo game we see online today are 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, and 30-ball bingo.

Below is a basic outline of what each game entails, so that you can make up your mind which game suits you best!!

90-ball bingo is the most popular bingo game both on and offline. Numbers are usually marked on a 9×3 card like the one below, and as the title suggests there are upto 90 numbers that can be called in any one game.

A game of 90-ball bingo will normally be played in three stages: one line, two lines and full house. For one line the player will need to complete a horizontal line of numbers on any card.

For 2 lines, A player will need to complete 2 horizontal lines on the same card, but not one line each on two different cards.

For a Full House a player will need to complete all numbers on any one card.

Usually there is a set amount of prize money per line, 2 lines and full house, which is shared between winners if there is more than one. Alot of bingo sites will have progressive jackpots that can be won if the full house is called in a certain amount of numbers.

80-ball bingo is half way between 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo which is explained below. The bingo cards are 4×4, and contain 16 numbers like the card below;

Prizes which are awarded in 80-ball bingo vary, and are very dependant on the game being played at the time.
In some games players will need to win one line, then two lines then 3 lines then full house for prizes.

Other times, players will need to complete a pattern shown in the numbers, like the one below then complete a full house after the pattern for two seperate prizes.

There are also special full house games on alot of sites where as explained, players need to cover a whole card. As with 90-ball bingo prizes can be shared if there is more than one winner.

75-ball version of bingo is played  on a 5×5 card like the one below with the center square usually marked ‘free’.

The letters B-I-N-G-O usually sit at the top of the 75-ball bingo card and they represent each of the five columns found on the bingo card.

The aim of the game in 75-ball bingo is to complete a desired pattern within the bingo cards, similar to the ones shown above for 80-ball bingo.

Every game has a different pattern, and as the title suggest up to 75 numbers can be called. Also, as with all types of bingo game prizes will be shared for more than one winner.

A fourth type of bingo game is good if you prefer a quick game of bingo. It is played with 30 balls, and is often appropriately called speed bingo.

The 30-ball bingo game plays on a 3 × 3 card like the one below;

The purpose of 30-ball bingo is to cover all nine numbers on one card in any one game. As with other types of bingo games, prizes can be shared if there is more than one winner.

There are some other variations of bingo which can be found on unique sites. These include high5 bingo, 5line bingo, and speed bingo. Details of the rules of these games can be found on the sites that house them.

Online Bingo Bonus Information

Online Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo is a booming market. Due to the level of competition they face, the bingo sites nearly always offer various bonuses to entice you in and keep you as a customer. These bingo bonuses come in various sizes and forms.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

These are bonuses that are aimed at bringing in new customers to the site. You will usually get a small amount of free money to test out the site and if you get lucky, the winnings are yours to keep!

Welcome Deposit Bonuses

Bingo sites offer up various sorts of deposit match bonuses. These can range from 50% up to 500%. The idea is that you deposit some money into your account and the bingo site will match that to a certain percentage. So say for example you deposit $10 with a 400% match, you will have $50 to play with in your account. Some bingo sites will offer various % matches on your first 3, 4, 5 deposits. They will term this your “welcome package”.

Loyalty Bonuses

The last major bonus we can find at bingo sites is the loyalty bonus. Each bingo site will have a different variation on the loyalty scheme. But the effect is the same, the more time you spend playing at one particular bingo site, the more loyalty points you gain and the bigger the cash or prize you can redeem.

Refer A Friend Bonuses

Bingo sites want new players all the time. They are a business like anything else and so getting a good market share is key to them. For this reason they will nearly always offer players a bonus for every customer they bring to the site. This is usually a set amount rather than a percentage.

Reload Bonuses

A bingo site will from time to time offer special reload bonuses, these are valid after you have already taken full advantage of their welcome package. These reload bonuses can be monthly, weekly, for special occasions (big holidays for example), last weekend of the month… if you can name it, you can be sure you will find it somewhere!

No deposit bingo bonuses

No deposit bingo is a very popular phrase in the online bingo community, and one that many players look out for first. You may have noticed many of the big online bingo sites (as well as lots of the smaller ones of course too) offering this sort of bonus. If you need a little clarification on what exactly a no deposit bingo bonus is then read on…

What are no deposit bingo bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like they are! No deposit offers give online bingo players the chance to play bingo for free but with the chance of winning real money.

Why would an online bingo site offer me free money?

Quite simply there are hundreds if not thousands of competing bingo sites out there. Each bingo site will want to claim you as a player and hopefully keep you as a player. By offering no deposit bonuses they can get customers through the doors with the hope that they enjoy their time and stay to become real money players. It is a way for bingo sites to advertise their sites optimally whilst giving players a chance to try out sites for free at the same time!

How can I claim a no deposit bingo bonus?

In most cases all you need to do is register an account with a bingo site offering such a bonus. The free bonus money should immediately be in your account. On some bingo sites you may have to contact live support and ask them to manually credit you.

What’s the catch?

There are no catches as such. However no deposit bonus money often comes with a maximum winning limit, sometimes will only allow a certain amount of bingo cards to be bought per game and will most definitely come with wagering requirements.

Is it worth me taking advantage of a no deposit bingo bonus?

Yes of course it is. Taking advantage of free money on bingo sites will certainly give you a few hours free entertainment whilst also being able to test out new sites with no risk, until you find a site that you like the best and are willing to stick with.


Online Bingo Sites – Wagering requirements / Play-through requirements

If you take any bingo bonus at any site you are likely to come across the term “Wagering requirements” or “Play-through requirements”. These are perfectly normal and are there to protect the site from people simply opening an account, depositing and immediately withdrawing their deposit plus the bonus.

What is not perfectly normal is the level of the wagering requirement or some of the terms that bingo sites include in their terms and conditions. This is why we have a blacklist and why we recommend you read all the small-print, even when signing up via one of our recommended safe bingo sites.

Rules which are ok to include in bonus terms but that you need to watch out for are things like the wagering having different weighting on different games played on the site like Instant games 5% slots 10% etc. Each site usually has a table of the weighting for wagering within Instant Games like the one below:

Here is another example of some wagering requirements from a partner site;

Bonus Types

The following types of bonus are defined as follows:

Bonus: The bonus amount is credited to a player’s Bonus Balance and can be staked on bingo and other games in bonus play mode (not games in cash play mode). Winnings on bingo are credited to the player’s Cash Balance and are eligible for withdrawal, subject to wager requirements and withdrawal rules being met. Any winnings on games played in bonus mode are added to the player’s Bonus Balance.

Cash Bonus: The cash bonus amount is credited to a player’s Cash Balance and can be staked on bingo and other games. Winnings on bingo and other games are eligible for withdrawal, subject to wager requirements and withdrawal rules being met.

Upon making a deposit, the player may be given three bonus options. For example, on a player’s first deposit, they may be given the following two bonus options to choose from:

300% Bonus
25% cash Bonus

Both bonuses are given as a percentage of the deposit amount. If you deposit £10 cash and opt into the 300% Bonus offer, a £30 Bonus will be credited to your Bonus Balance. If you deposit £10 cash and opt into the 25% Cash Bonus offer, £2.5 Cash Bonus will be credited to your Cash Balance.

Bonuses are offered only to select players. All promotional bonuses are not automatically entitled to registered members. Please check your account status to see if you are eligible to participate in the promotional bonus offers and bingo sites