Guns N’ Roses NetEnt Slot Review

Online Slot Machine Guns N’ Roses
Slot Provider NetEnt Casino Software
Jackpot Slot No
Reels 5
Win Lines 20
RTP 96.98%

01/12/2015 Preview: NetEnt have just announce what looks like a massive new branded slot based around the classic rock band Guns N’ Roses. This slot is set to allow you to pick your own soundtrack and is packed with huge features. Release date is scheduled for 21st January 2016 and we can’t wait!!!

Guns N’ Roses rtp = 96.98%

The most over-hyped online slot in history?

So January 21st 2016 has finally come round and we have just had a month long build up to the grand release of the Guns N’ Roses online slot. The NetEnt marketing department have done an amazing job in building this up to being the best online slot since before any form of bread was invented (sliced or not).

First impressions:

So what was our initial impression? Well first of all it took about quarter of an hour just trying to find somewhere to play it. In the end we discovered that it wasn’t working on Firefox or Chrome but only the old dog that is Internet Explorer. Not a good start but we’ll assume this issue got fixed quickly…

The looks:

Ok let’s crack on with the look and feel of the slot… well it looks decent enough though perhaps being a little bit less cartoony would have fitted the theme better. And obviously it plays ultra smoothly as you would expect from NetEnt.

But the animations are a tad on the annoying side. Every single wild expands, even when not generating a win. And every win, no matter how small seems to take painfully long to go through it’s animation. With small wins even getting a special background animation in the wallpaper. It is quite tedius.

The sound:

Within 3 minutes the sound was turned off. A 30 second song clip stuck in a loop gets very tiring very quickly. Even if you were a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses I can’t imagine you putting up with it for long.

The features:

A lot has been made of the various features this slot has. And it is packed to the gills. There are two main bonus features, a sort of pick ’em bonus which has the potential for free spins as well, and then there is the normal free spins feature.

During the base game there is the random solo bonus multiplier where a single line win can get a x4 up to x10 multiplier, there is the random appetite for destruction wild bonus which can drop in part or all of a cross shaped 1-3-1 reel wild and finally there are the 3 legend spins which randomly award a full wild or two.

The volatility:

This is clearly a slot aimed at the masses and the casual players. The animations and the features just keep on rolling in but without really offering up too much. The biggest win we have had so far today was around 100x stake and that actually came from the appetite wild in the main game.

Our verdict:

This slot is certainly not going to be for everyone. News which will disappoint NetEnt who clearly have a lot riding on this slot. And I think even the people who initially like it are going to get bored of it very very quickly. The problem – and it is a simple enough one to fix – is that there is no way of turning off the various animations. Give us the option to turn off the expanding wild when it is not for a win. Give us the option to stop that insanely annoying solo multiplier thing from wasting half an hour for a minuscule win. Give us the option to speed things up in general with the animations etc (even playing with quick spin is a chore).

What happened?

Did NetEnt actually get an independent focus group to play this slot for any reasonable length of time before releasing it? There is a lot of potential locked inside this slot which has been missed just by a few little nagging details. It’s close to being a very good slot, but at the moment we are so annoyed with the little things that we cannot bear to play it for any longer than it takes to do our usual testing procedure.

Second Opinion

So we felt that our initial review might have been a little harsh and a little rash. So we spent a good deal of time once again testing the slot out in demo mode and in real money mode both on the pc and on the mobile. But the nagging feelings still remain. The solo win feature is absolute pants, probably the most annoying feature we have seen in years. We did see some big wins from it (100x stake) but most of the time it is a waste of time and even with the big wins it just doesn’t provide the excitement. The small wins animations and the expanding wild when not on a win still remain irritating and the fact that you can’t click through the wins (even less that 1x stake) really grates. One final irritation is when you do finally win the bonus feature, there are times when you just win a cash prize. I’m sorry but when a player wins the feature he wants to have some fun and actually play a feature round.

So our conclusion remains the same, this had the potential to be a very good slot but there’s just too many little things wrong with it and we won’t be returning.

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Guns N’ Roses

NetEnt Casino is proud to introduce the Guns N’ Roses video slot game brought to you by NetEnt. Dedicated to one of the most famous rock bands in the history of music this game will add an exceptional flavor to those huge winnings. Enjoy high grade 3D graphics with outstanding visual effects accompanied by such timeless hits as “Welcome to the jungle”, “Paradise city” or “Sweet child o’ mine”. Enjoying a free spins round or multiple wild reels with Slash’s electrifying guitar and Axel Rose’s thrilling voice will truly be an unforgettable casino experience.

This video slot is set on a huge stage with flashing, colorful lights and a loving crowd that will cheer passionately just for you whenever a winning spin is hit. For those special big wins there is also actual footage from Guns N’ Roses gigs.

The game offers five reels, three rows with 25 pay lines.

Bonus round in Guns N’ Roses slot game:

In order to enter the bonus round in the Guns N’ Roses video slot you need to hit three bonus record symbols. They are only present on first, third and fifth reel. Once you get all three the spinning record will appear and you’ll need to hit the stop button. There are three types of rewards you can win:

  • 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 coins,
  • The crowd pleaser bonus game,
  • Encore free spins,

Crowd Pleaser bonus game:

Your task is to make the crowd go crazy! Fill in your crowd meter by picking correct symbols to double your final win. You have three picks in each round and there is a limit you need to cross in order to play the next one. Under the symbols, apart from the points you can also score an additional pick or free spin symbol. Scoring three free spin symbols will grant you Encore free spins in the end.

Additional features in Guns N’ Roses video slot:

“Legend spins” – randomly awarded three re-spins with stacked Wilds,

“Appetite for Destruction” – a re-spin with a large cross with four skulls and the Guns N’ Roses logo – it will be exchanged for any symbol except the Bonus record,

“Solo multiplier” – randomly awarded multiplier of a winning combination from x4 to x10,

“Encore free spins” – ten free spins with stacked Wilds featuring particular band members.

You’re welcome to test this incredible video slot game completely for free in our “Play for fun” mode or log in to your NetEnt account to play with real money and experience the thrill of our online casino.

This online slot game is simply the best choice for any music enthusiast and a must for any Guns N’ Roses fan! NetEnt wishes you all the luck playing this fantastic video slot.