Ambassador Slot Machine Review

Ambassador slot machine from Betdigital pays homage to the classic “fruit machine” style of many of the slot machines that first appeared in bars, pubs, arcades, and casinos around the world. You’ll find some of the most classic slot machine symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, bells and bars.

The base game is a 4-reel, single pay line slot. Of course, the creators have added a few modern features to spice things up and bring players more excitement. Players can wager from one to five coins worth anywhere from €0.01 to €25.00 each. With possible payouts of up to 5,000 coins, players can score huge wins.

Ambassador Slot by Betdigital

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Yes – Why To Play Ambassador Slot

  • For players who enjoy the classics, Ambassador delivers a realistic experience and holds true to classic slot design features.
  • The bonus features and ability to gamble on any win can lead to some really big payouts.
  • The straightforward design of this video slot makes it easy to play and understand for even the newest of slot players.

No – Why not play?

  • The same design that attracts players who enjoy the classics will probably result in boredom for players who prefer the multiline payouts, 3D graphics, and crazy minigames that appear in so many modern video slots.
  • The return to player (RTP) of this slot is between 92% and 97%. At 97% the RTP is not absolutely terrible, but if you play at a casino that sets it to 92% you’re just throwing your money away.

Ambassador Slot Bonus Features

The Ambassador video slot treats players with four different bonus features and minigames that will boost payouts during your play sessions.

Gamble Minigame

After any win, the player can choose to take his base winnings or gamble. It’s an all or nothing proposition. A win can multiply your payout by up to four times, while a loss erases your winnings.

If the player chooses to gamble, a wheel consisting of 12 numbers, alternately coloured red and blue, will spin. The player can choose from the following gamble/payout options:

  • Red – If the wheel stops on a red number the payout is doubled.
  • Blue – If the wheel stops on a blue number the payout is doubled.
  • X3 – If the wheel stops on 2, 5, 7, or 11 the payout is tripled.
  • X4 – If the wheel stops on 1, 7, or 12 the payout is quadrupled.

Players can choose to collect winnings at any time or continue to gamble and try to multiply winnings again.

Supermeter Minigame

The supermeter game can only be activated when playing a five coin wager. If the player pushes the spin button when given the chance to gamble, the winnings will be transferred to the supermeter.

The bet will be raised to 10 coins and can not be changed by the player. Subsequent wins will charge the supermeter up to a maximum value of 5, 000 coins. The player can choose to collect winnings and return to the base game at any time. If the supermeter reaches 5000, winnings are automatically collected and the player is sent back to the base game.

Ambassador Slot Wheel Bonus

The ambassador wheel bonus is triggered by any three of a kind or four of a kind with star symbols. The wheel is made up of 10 segments with a X1000 segment at the top. Depending on the bet amount, a number of segments will be illuminated. The segments will then spin around the wheel and if the X1000 segment is lit when it stops, a 1000 coin prize is awarded. If the spin does not result in a win, the normal payout for the star symbol win is paid.

Fruit Pot Bonus

The fruit pot bonus is only available when wagering five coins or playing the supermeter game. When winning a four of a kind prize, the corresponding fruit symbol is lit. When all fruits are lit the player is awarded a prize of 5000 coins. This prize cannot be gambled.

Our Verdict

The Ambassador video slot machine does what it was designed to do very well. Play is smooth and consistent and keeps the player involved and alert. The bonus games give an opportunity for some nice prizes, but after several hundred spins it seems to be difficult to get a winning streak of more than one on the gamble or supermeter features.

For those who like the style and play of classic slot machines, Ambassador should definitely be on your list of must-play slots. If you’re looking for flash and action, however, Ambassador probably won’t rate very high on your favourites list.