Piggies and the Wolf slot

Piggies and the Wolf is a video slot made by Playtech that retells the familiar story. Sure, the core elements are the same – but it’s full of some interesting design choices. The wolf is now a badass biker, and the piggies are filthy rich capitalists trying to keep him down. Certainly a role reversal if we ever saw one.

The game is enjoyable if you can get past the concept of reggae rapping piggies with fat stacks of cash. Admittedly, a big if, but this 5 reel slot can pull it off. It offers 50 fixed winlines that cannot be turned on or off. All wins are paid from left to right only, following one of the active paylines.

So, join the wolf in his quest to tear down the filthy rich pork barons. Tear down their houses, and scare them off so they cannot oppress anyone ever again. And, if you just so happen to find some cash lying around, it would be a shame to leave it..

Yes – Why to play Piggies and the Wolf

  • We honestly did not expect a full introduction video on a game like this. Then again, there are a lot of things this Playtech release did that we did not see coming. A reggae styled pig that’s filthy rich is certainly up there. The humor can be hit or miss, and will vary from person to person.
  • The offered special features are really cool. Sure, none of them are brand new ideas, but they are executed quite well. It’s never just free spins, or just a point-and-click bonus. There’s always a little extra to keep you interested.
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No – why not to play?

  • The 92.10% RTP is atrociously low. When the average slot averages 96%, this is an unacceptable figure.
  • We get where the developers were coming from, but this game just does not seem interesting to us. It feels like they tried to be ridiculous just for the sake of it.

Bonus Features

  • Huff n’ Puff: If the wolf Wild fully covers the fifth reel, he will reshuffle all the icons on the playing field.
  • Free Spins: 15 free spins are played. If a Wild appears next to a piggie symbol, the wolf will chase after them until they both disappear. The wolf leaves behind a trail of Wilds through the positions he passes.
  • Blow the House Down: Pick one of three symbols to help the wolf tear down the house. You get two tries on each house. Each pick rewards a cash prize. There are three houses in total to blow down. You must completely destroy a previous house before moving on to the next one.

Our Verdict

The special features make Piggies and the Wolf quite promising, but Playtech trips up and ruins it with a god-awful RTP. With a house edge so steep, we cannot recommend this release, regardless of how much we like it.