Vikings Go To Hell Slot Machine Review

Vikings Go To Hell slot is the third release in the Vikings series of video slots from Yggdrasil Gaming. In this edition, the Vikings have returned to fight hordes of demons in the underworld. Slashing their way through hell’s minions, they will finally burst through the gates to take on the demon overlords when free spins are triggered. Will they be able to take down Lucifir himself? You’ll have to play to answer that question for yourself!

All of the action of Vikings Go To Hell is played on a 5-reel slot with four visible rows and 25 pay lines (fixed). Bets can be adjusted from €.10 all the way up to €125.00 per spin. There are plenty of unique bonus features that will have you defeating demons and filling your pockets as you go. A run through hell never looked like so much fun.

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Yes – Why Play Vikings Go To Hell Slot

  • This one has an unusual theme that leads to some great game play.
  • The graphics and animation are top notch. Everything is highly detailed and fun to watch.
  • Progressing through multiple levels and demon fights draws you in to see how far you can go.
  • The 96.1% RTP will keep your bankroll in the battle for a long time.

No – Why Not Play?

  • Vikings go to Hell slot seems to be somewhat slow to load. I tried in two different browsers and had extremely slow load times, like thinking the game wasn’t going to work slow. Apparently the animation in the game needs a lot of data, so you’ll need to be patient.
  • There are several ways to build up multipliers and progress to higher levels in bonus features, but it will take considerable play to get there. This will obviously require some patience as well.

Vikings go to Hell Slot by Yggdrasil Gaming

Vikings Go To Hell Slot Bonus Features

There are several good bonus features in this slot, but they are a bit more complicated than your average slot. That’s not to say it’s over complicated, but whereas you can just glance over the instructions on most slots, this one will probably require a second look to really understand how everything works.

Rage Points

There are four viking characters in the game. As you play you will collect rage points on each character. When one of them reaches 100 rage points, you will be awarded seven berserk free spins (see below). Rage points are kept from one playing session to the next.

Players can score rage points in several different ways:

  • Every Wild landed during a battle with a demon or the overlords awards one point.
  • Players can be awarded 30 rage points for one viking from base game treasure chests.
  • Players can be awarded 30 rage points for all vikings from base game treasure chests.

Demon Fights

If two free spin symbols land on the reels, a demon fight will occur with each viking symbol on the reels. When a viking wins the fight, that symbol will become wild and the viking will receive one rage point.

Base Game Treasure Chests

A treasure chest can only appear on the fifth reel. When it does, it will award either a “Good” tablet or an “Epic” tablet with the following rewards:

Good Tablet –

  • 7 free spins (unless the player lands 2+ free spin symbols in the same spin)
  • 30 rage points for 1 viking
  • 150 – 300 coins

Epic Tablet –

  • 12/16 free spins (unless the player lands 2+ free spin symbols in the same spin)
  • 30 rage points for all vikings
  • 600 – 1200 coins

Free Spin Features

There are a few different options for free spins. Landing two free spin symbols will get you a single re-spin where any wilds on the reels are sticky. Landing 3, 4, or 5 free spin symbols will get you 7, 12, and 16 free spins respectively. Free spins cannot be re-triggered, but there are plenty of rewards in free spin modes to make up for this.

Vikings go to Hell Slot by Yggdrasil Gaming

Three Types Of Free Spin Modes

Level 1 Free Spin Mode

This mode is triggered by a reward from a base game treasure chest or by landing three or more free spin symbols on the reels. All viking symbols that land will fight a demon and award one rage point and become wild if the viking wins the fight. Wild symbols are sticky throughout the free spins.

The Lord Of Chains

The Lord Of Chains appears on the reels after each spin where at least one viking symbol had landed (unless he is defeated). He will then fight a random viking. If the viking gets a hit, one bar of health is removed from the Lord of Chains and the viking symbol becomes a sticky wild. The Lord of Chains is defeated when all three of his health bars are removed. Once the Lord is defeated, the player is awarded two random sticky wilds. The player is also awarded level two free spins which will be played after the level one free spins are completed.

Berzerk Free Spins Mode

Berzerk free spins are the same as level one free spins, but they are awarded as seven spins when a viking reaches 100 rage points. The viking who triggered the spins will win all fights, but does not collect rage points. The coin value for these spins will be the average of the value for all spins where the viking collected rage points.

Level 2 Free Spin Mode

When entering level two free spin mode, all sticky wilds are reset and the player is given seven free spins. If there is a viking in berserk mode, he will remain in berserk mode. At the end of each spin, one viking is chosen to fight Lucifir. Each hit against Lucifir rewards a sticky wild.


Lucifir will appear at the end of each level two free spin where at least one viking symbol lands on the reels and fight a random viking. If the viking scores a hit, he will turn into a sticky wild, another random sticky wild will be placed on the reels, and Lucifir will lose one bar of health. Defeating Lucifir awards one random sticky wild, all viking symbols become wild during remaining spins, and an additional 3X multiplier is applied to the entire free spins session.

Free Spins Treasure Chest

As in the base game, the free spin treasure chest can only appear on reel five. If it lands, the player will be awarded with either a “good” or an “epic” tablet which yield the following prizes:

Good Tablet –

  • Two extra free spins
  • Two random sticky wilds

Epic Tablet –

  • Three extra free spins
  • One sticky wild reel on reels one through four

Our Verdict

The Vikings Go To Hell slot is a definite winner. The visual design of this game is amazing. The symbols and characters are all three dimensional with smooth animations. The demons are right of a horror movie.

As I said above, the actual game play is a little bit complicated to understand at first, but once you get through a few spins you should have the hang of it. It’s also great that the bonus-triggering rage points carry over from one playing session to the next, so you don’t lose anything when you quit for the day (or night).

I would definitely recommend this one to anyone looking for something different. Vikings Go To Hell slot machine is not your average video slot.