Top 30 Best Online Slots Of All Time

Top 30 Best Online Slots Of All Time

Welcome to the Yes No Casino hand-picked Top 30 best online slots machines of all time. Now we were initially going to do only a top 10 but there are just so many great slots out there from so many providers that only picking ten was next to impossible. There are so many different variations on the slot machine theme with different sorts of bonus features or different TV, movie, celebrity, etc licensed slots that we decided to provide you with a top 30 (though we have so many favourites we could easily have made the chart much bigger).

We have worked our way through all of our favourite online slot machines and where some slots shared too similar a theme or where there were even clones of each other from the same slot provider, we have rejected the duplicates to keep only the very best. In this way we have reduced our list down to a manageable number of 30 whilst also being able to provide the very best online slots from various different providers and with very different themes or unique gameplay. Please do bear in mind that this list is our own personal opinion and no doubt you will have your own favourites. And to this end please feel most welcome to comment on our choices or list your own favourite online slots.


Before we begin with the slots themselves, after tallying up the scores from the slot makers who made it onto the list, the providers which featured the most on the list with 4 entries apiece were NetEnt and Playtech. Next up appearing 3 times were Microgaming, follwed by Rival, Barcrest and RTG who had 2 entries each. The other 13 slots on the list come from 13 different providers, most of who’m can count themselves unlucky not to feature more prominently and most probably would have had we decided to do a top 40 or 50 instead.

But without any further ado here is the Top 30:

Top 30 Slots Part 1 (#30 – #28)

Top 30 Part 2 (#27 – #25)

Top 30 Part 3 (#24 – #22)

Top 30 Part 4 (#21 – #19)

Top 30 Part 5 (#18 – #16)

Top 30 Part 6 (#15 – #13)

Top 30 Part 7 (#12 – #10)

Top 30 Part 8 (#9 – #7)

Top 30 Part 9 (#6 – #4)

Top 30 #3

Top 30 #2

Top 30 #1


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