The Rift Thunderkick slot review

Online Slot Machine The Rift
Slot Provider Thunderkick Casino Software
Jackpot Slot No
Reels 5
Win Lines 17
RTP 96.30%

Thunderkick have done it again, releasing something absolutely gorgeous which plays ultra smoothly (unless you are using Internet Explorer in which case nothing runs smoothly). And while this slot looks more like a traditional slot than their innovative Sunny Scoops and Fruit Warp slots, it still has something special to offer.

The Rift slot RTP = 96.30%

First of all we were expecting to see an RTP of 96.00% as we had heard that this was to be the new default RTP for all their slots. However it is a nice surprise to see something slightly over 96% on this slot. But that’s not what makes this slot stand out of course.

The base game also does not really have the wow factor with wins coming fairly few and far between and those wins not really being very large in most cases. There is a nifty little feature when you land 2 scatters, and that is you get a Rift respin with 1, 2 or 3 random wilds. So there’s potential for a decent win here if you are lucky. This is a nice touch and something we want to see more of, having a mini feature respin for 2 scatters rather than the bog standard 0, 1 or 2 times your bet win. I would rather have a mini bonus and win zero rather than win a paltry normal 1 or 2 times my bet. Far more interesting.

The big news however is when you land 3 or more The Rift scatters. You can win 10, 15 or 20 free spins for 3, 4 or 5 scatters. During free spins any wild becomes sticky until such time that that wild is used in a winning spin combination.

The more Rift scatters you gain during free spins, the more extra wilds per spin are thrown onto the board. After 3 scatters are collected you gain 1 sticky wild per spin plus 2 additional free spins. After another 3 Rifts you receive 2 more free spins and you get 2 sticky wilds per spin. And finally after 3 more Rift scatters you get 2 more free spins and 3 sticky wilds are placed on the game board every spin.

It does happen that you get 5 of a kind wilds and or huge combinations of wilds during the free spins. Take a look at the screenshot, this is at the end of a free spins session (in demo mode alas). I had landed 3 scatters for 10 free spins, landed 9 more scatters in all meaning a grand total of 16 free spins and by the end I was landing 3 sticky wilds per spin. The end result was a total win of 242.10 times stake. Now obviously this is at the upper end of the scale for wins but you should be looking at a reasonable win from free spins most times you land it. Simply due to the nature of how the bonus round works. Unless you don’t land any further scatters during 10 free spins, you should be looking at taking home a reasonable prize.


This slot is all about the bonus round. And I think this is going to be a hugely popular slot with players who like to dabble with strategies as well as those who love an auto-spin session. I know I will be playing this regularly over the coming weeks.

Well done Thunderkick, nice to have you back after your sabbatical (they took time off releasing new slots so they could move all their existing slots from Flash to Html5).