Playing fast or playing slow?

We have talked in other articles about the random number generator and about various slot machine strategies. What we want to talk about here is something you will all surely have noticed at some points with the slots from some slot providers. We are talking about the cycles that slot machines appear to go through. Now this doesn’t apply to some slot providers at all and it doesn’t apply to all slots from some of the providers it does apply to… so you you will have to be careful with this and we recommend you only test this out with demo money.

The Theory:

Right let’s get down to the nitty gritty: many slot machines tend to go through cycles. Cycles of many dead spins without a single win, followed by a much shorter cycle of wins in a row on cycles with win – loss – win – loss – win – loss etc. Why do we think this happens? Well one theory is that the slots are designed so that the wins happen when the random number generator is generating numbers in the top 5% or even top 1% of it’s possible range. This would of course mean nothing if the random number generator bounced around completely randomly. But… if the numbers being generated happen more in a curved or waved form then this could account for the cycles we sometimes see.

During a long losing streak the random number generator could be generating numbers anywhere between 5% and 95%. But during the shorter winning cycles the random numbers could be hovering around the 95% to 5% (as the random number generator does not have a top or a bottom it can suddenly shift from a long losing streak downward into the top section of the winning range).

The Strategy:

So we then get to the “Playing fast or playing slow slot strategy”. This is something that quite a few slot players actually employ. Rather than using a bet size strategy to try and win at bigger stakes whilst using lower stakes for the losing, a player using a speed strategy will attempt to assess where about between 0% and 99.99% the numbers are.

During a losing run, the player will play much slower and wait for a signal to speed up. Once hitting a win, however small, the player then speeds up his clicks and if a big win has been won the player will click through the spins very fast. Of course the player needs to be aware that the random number generator can as easily go from 99.99% to 0.01% as it can hover in the upper 99%

Practice makes imperfect:

Now we are by no means saying that this is a winning strategy and as with every slot machine strategy we advise you only try them out in demo mode as a source of entertainment, intrigue and challenge. Slots we can suggest you demo this strategy in are Book of Dead from Play ‘n Go and Steam Tower from NetEnt. These are two slots with few win lines and therefore the contrasting cycles should be reasonably easy to spot.

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