Zoom slot review

Online Slot Machine Zoom
Slot Provider Thunderkick Casino Software
Jackpot Slot No
Reels 6
Win Lines 64
RTP 96.20%

Thunderkick, a software development company that has been operation since early 2014 and has published a handful of slots, is drumming up publicity for their new slot Zoom. So far their games have been of extremely high quality, and thanks to this the company has achieved well deserved initial success both with players and casinos. Their video slots have certainly a very distinctive and clear style, which seems to tell of years of experience in mobile markets and graphics design. They excel in gamification, something the online casino industry has been exploring in great detail lately.


Gamification in a nutshell means engaging the player in the game, service or the product. In other words instead of simply pressing the spin button the player is given choices in bonus games, or achievements in casinos. This is something that is also very familiar from the video game industry. For example the popular digital distribution platform Steam grants players achievements from pretty much everything from using the platform to buying to playing and owning games. For skeptics Napoleon summarised the idea as “a soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon”.


So what is their new game Zoom slot all about? Hard to tell as it has not yet been published, but we do have some press material and sneak peeks at hand to expect an excellent online slot. The first thing you’ll fall in love with are the graphics, and the traditional symbols. This means sevens, Liberty Bells, stars and what have you featuring in the paychart, combined with an extremely untraditional 6 reels in 4 rows. This is further enhanced with 64 paylines and six Zoom areas, which divide the screen into 2 x 2 symbol combinations. These can further expand to fill an area of 4 x 4 symbols., which I am guessing is where you’ll get the massive wins.


Zoom slot at a quick glance

  • 6 reels, 4 rows and 64 paylines
  • 6 Zoom areas that combine into massive and super massive symbols
  • Available on mobile and desktop
  • High return to player at 96.2%
  • Highest payout 150 000 euro with a 100 euro bet
  • Exclusive launch at Casumo casino


Z for Zoom areas, and ze freespins

The zoom function is tied to the scatter and freespins. From the short overview we’ve had the Zoom symbol functions as a scatter that activates a free respin every time it lands on the screen, also granting the player a massive symbol on the screen that covers an area of 2 x 2 normal symbols. Further scatters can roll down the reels as long as there’s still a section without one open. Four symbols in a square will then trigger a re-spin with the super massive symbol which covers two thirds of the screen. There’s further combinations with increased payouts and other perks, but we’ll wait for the launch to check those out.

Exclusive launch

From what we gather the Zoom slot is going to launch on the 20th of July, with the exception of a few or one selected casinos that get to feature an exclusive early release. Casumo is the one online casino that we know of that gets to take advantage of this. If you haven’t already registered at Casumo and Zoom sounds like the kind of game you might like you should head there today. Their bonuses are massive and feature free spins in huge quantities. Casumo is also know as one of the best, if not the best, online casinos when it comes to engaging the customer. We expect the exclusive launch to feature free spins and deposit bonuses.

A few specifics

We managed to scrape together the following numbers for the game, which also look quite promising. Especially the frequency of respins and massive symbols:

  • RTP – 96.2%
  • Hit frequency – 27.9%
  • Hit frequency for Zoom feature – 1 in 5.76
  • Hit frequency for Super Zoom feature – 1 in 713
  • Max win 150 00 euro with 100 euro bet
  • Minimum bet 0.10 euro