Everybody’s Jackpot Slot Review & Tips

Online Slot Machine Everybody’s Jackpot
Slot Provider Playtech Casino Software
Jackpot Slots Yes
Reels 9
Win Lines 8
RTP 94.01%

Playtech Everybody’s Jackpot is a 9-reel 8-line Jackpot Slots with an interesting twist on the usual progressive jackpot idea:

“The game is played with a Mystery Progressive Jackpot.
A player qualifies to win or share the Jackpot by having bet in the game at least 50€ in the last 24 hours.
There is a qualifying meter at the side of the reels with 6 levels of progress that show whether the player has qualified or how far the qualification is depending on his total bet.

The Jackpot is triggered randomly during main game by any spin, whether a winning spin or a non-winning spin. The player who triggered the spin wins 70% of the Jackpot prize. The remaining 30% are distributed in the following way: 15% is shared equally among all qualified players and the remaining 15% is distributed amongst the players proportionally to their bets during the last 24 hours – the more the player bets, the greater his share. The Jackpot cannot be triggered during Free Games.

A player that has quit the game can still share another player’s win of the Jackpot if he qualifies for it.
The Jackpot cannot be triggered during Free Games. However, it is possible for a qualified player to share another player’s Jackpot during Free Games.

Return to Player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 94.01%.”

Everybodys jackpot slot
Everybodys jackpot slot

The above is what Playtech tell us about the slot. But what else do we know about it?

Well this is a relatively low variance jackpot slot, meaning the top end wins are not massive (a 100x stake free games win would be a very good return. But the slot does give wins quite often. This can make it a good slot to play incrementally on.

The big draw of the slot though is the progressive jackpot and the fact that you can get a share of the jackpot when another player drops it.

But how much can you actually make from your share of the jackpot? Well we did an experiment for you the other day so you can see for yourselves. The jackpot had reached a new record high and dropped at €486,000. On one account we played a fraction over the €50 qualifying stake (about €100). This is what we won:

Everybody's Jackpot slot win
Everybody’s Jackpot slot win

As you can see, the lucky winner won 340,327 (70% of the 486,000 overall prize fund). Our share was 26.17 from playing virtually the bare minimum to qualify.

As you may have read on the game splash screen, the shared prize fund of this jackpot slot is 30% which is split into 15% shared evenly between all qualifying players and the other 15% shared based on the exact amount of qualifying bets. If you have bet for instance €100 then you will see very little of the second 15% simply because there are some really heavy hitters out there who make thousands and thousands in spins. We have tested in the past over a few accounts to see the difference in prize fund between a €50 qualifier and a €500 qualifier and it is minimal. In the above example less than €3.00 of our €26.17 prize was from the second 15%.

More and more players are playing Everybody’s Jackpot Slot

In the summer of 2014 the average number of qualifying players for the jackpot share ranged between 1,100 and 1,400. As of January 2015 the average number of qualifying players is between 2,500 and 3,200! More than double and the number seems to only keep on increasing every month. The upshot of this is that either the average jackpot size will grow, or that the time between it dropping will become shorter. Probably a bit of both. But more importantly you will notice that your share of the jackpot keeps getting smaller.

Our strategy

6 months ago you could get a very decent share of the jackpot just by playing €50 to qualify. You used to receive about €15 per 100k in jackpot size. Now that figure is down to €5-7 per 100k.

We used to pay very close attention to this slot and once the jackpot had exceeded it’s tipping point, we played €50 on the slot at dozens of casinos. Whilst our winnings if the jackpot dropped would not break the bank individually, a €40-60 win from very low risk on dozens of accounts could yield a tidy sum in total.

Unfortunately these days the payoff has dropped so much that we don’t pay as close attention to this slot unless it is reaching record levels. But that is not to say things won’t change in the future. As we know slots and in particular progressive jackpot slots come and go in trends so it is the canny player who keeps tabs on these trends and takes advantage.

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