Grand Spinn Slot Review

The Grand Spinn slot from NetEnt is a noticeable departure from the complex game mechanics, three-dimensional characters, and storyline animations that have been such a big part of so many of their most recent releases. That’s not to say that this slot is in any way short on excitement. Some NetEnt traditions that have most certainly remained intact are a high level of excitement and opportunities for a big payday every time you set those reels in motion. Where to find NetEnt casinos? They are available for players from all over the world, but specially for UK casino players.

Grand Spinn is a three-reel, three-row slot with just a single pay line. Symbols are derived from the traditional fruit machines of days gone by but given an updated, modern look. There are six regular symbols on the reels. You’ll see watermelons, oranges, plums, and cherries along with a lucky 7 symbol and a bar symbol. There is also a multiplier wild symbol, blank space, and two more special symbols.

Wagering & Payout

With just one pay line and three reels, it might seem like there isn’t much to this slot, but NetEnt managed to work in some interesting new ideas that will keep you on your toes and bring in wins bigger than you would expect. This slot plays fast and will have you clenching your fists with anticipation.

As you might have guessed, with only one pay line, betting on this slot is not very complicated. The game allows you to set the coin value to be used and the bet level. Two coins will be played for each bet level. The minimum coin value is £.01 and the maximum is £10. The bet level can be set from one to ten. That gives us a minimum bet per spin of just £.02 and a maximum of £200.

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Yes – Why To Play The Grand Spinn Slot

  • Grand Spinn is one of few slots that has both a very low minimum bet and a fairly high maximum bet. This should make it a good fit for everyone from the most conservative gamblers to those who really enjoy the excitement of bigger risks – yes, casino high rollers.
  • As with most of NetEnt’s games, this one has a great return to player (RTP) rate that gives players a good value for their money. The RTP rate on Grand Spinn is 96.19%.
  • The bonus functions on this slot seem simple at first, but there are so many possibilities for them to trigger and re trigger that you will quickly see how they can add a lot of extra coins to any winning spin.
  • NetEnt games are present at reputable online casinos, including gambling venues offering fast payouts.

No – Why Not Play?

  • As we said above, you won’t find three-dimensional characters and intricate animations on Grand Spinn slot. If you’re the type who likes your slots to play a bit more like a video game, this one might not hold your interest.
  • The bonus features on Grand Spinn slot can pile up some extra coins quite nicely, but there is nothing interactive and bonuses are generated by a few features that all more or less work together, so it sort of seems like there’s only one. For those who like lots of varied bonus features during the game, you might feel let down.
  • Grand Spinn has a combination of high volatility and fast play, which means players need to exercise a bit of caution. There will be some cold streaks that could get lengthy between wins, but spins also go by very quickly. It could be easy to get carried away and end up spending more money than you had planned on. Be sure that you are keeping track of what you’re spending as you play.

Grand Spinn slot by NetEnt

Grand Spinn Slot Bonus Features

The bonus features on Grand Spinn are both familiar and a bit unusual. NetEnt did a good job of taking a few simple ideas and putting a new spin on them to create something that works well, generates great payouts, and adds plenty of entertainment to the game itself.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols on this slot all come with a multiplier. Any win with a wild symbol will grant at least two times the normal win. Two wild symbols on the same win will kick the multiplier up to 4x and if you land three wilds at once it will jump to 8x.

The Nudge Feature

The nudge feature activates immediately after any winning spin. When a win occurs, if there is a matching symbol above the winning symbol on the first reel, that reel will be nudged down one space and the win is paid again. The process repeats until there are no more matching symbols on that reel. When this is done, it will repeat again on the second and third reels.

Also, as the reels are being nudged, there will sometimes be an arrow pointing up at the top of the stacked matching symbols. When one of these arrows is encountered, the reel will be wound back to the first symbol in the stack and the wins will be paid again.

The Jackpots

Grand Spinn slot also offers three different jackpots. There is a mini, midi, and mega jackpot.

You don’t need to match three of the same jackpot symbol to win one. If you land three jackpot symbols either on the pay line or on the first row above the pay line of a winning spin you will win the jackpot value of the lowest symbol shown. So, for example, if you landed two midi jackpot symbols and one mega jackpot symbol you would win the midi jackpot prize.