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Playing for the progressive jackpots with Marvel slots

Update: As of 31st March 2017, all Marvel slots have been removed due to the Disney Marvel licensing. Marvel slots have been replaced by Age of the Gods slots and DC Comics slots.

Playtech are one of the world’s leading online slots casino developers and their Marvel based progressive jackpot slots are the jewel in their crown. But as with all progressive jackpot slots, their theoretical payout percentages are lower than for standard slots.
The chances of landing a progressive jackpot are very slim but there are still ways you can play these slots without burning through your budget in next to no time.

Amateur slot players might tell you to avoid progressives like the Marvel slots, however professional slot players actually focus mainly on progressives. In the long run because the RTP (Return To Player) is less than 100% and the RNG (Random Number Generator) is random, you should always end up losing. So to be a professional or indeed a winner of any kind, you need to swing the odds in your favour.
One way to swing the odds therefore is to learn when the jackpots are likely to pay out and only make your spins at this time. Do not aim for the biggest jackpot (as the bigger the jackpot, the more variance in when it actually pays out), aim for the lower jackpots, watch and learn when they are likely to pay out (at this current time it seems the average pay-outs for the Marvel jackpots are around €400, €4,000 and roughly €30,000 and €600,000. Over time the average pay-out points for these jackpots can vary slightly). The lower two jackpots are the only ones you can realistically target. Once the jackpot has exceeded the average pay-out point, that is when you would start playing. Both these jackpots should drop within a short period of time meaning it won’t cost you too many spins to get your name into the hat when the jackpot drops.

The info screen tells us that the higher you stake, the more chance you have of landing a jackpot. If you play at a website which lists the jackpot winners in a pop-up when they drop, you can often see the same player landing a couple of jackpots in the same sitting. These are likely to be pro’s. But don’t let that put you off, we have actually had most of our Marvel jackpots from low stakes (€0.25 and €0.50). Landing a jackpot is a very rare occurrence and we would not advise playing massive stakes even if you know a jackpot is likely to drop soon.

Note: Please see the advanced slot tactics pages for a smarter way the pro’s chase progressive jackpots.

Not every Marvel slot is created equally

The first thing you need to know before even thinking about the magical jackpot is which slots to play and which to avoid. We have placed a list of all the Marvel slot RTP’s at the end of this article. Avoid playing via a mobile device as a start (we have never landed a single progressive jackpot from a mobile device) and avoid all the 50 line variants as their payout percentages are terrible (again these are typically the versions of the Marvel slots you will find on your mobile device). We never play any of the Marvel slots with a lower RTP than Fantastic Four.

Marvel slots

Marvel Mystery Jackpot Information (as provided by Playtech)

The trigger that starts the Jackpot game is random and can occur after any spin in any of the linked games. It is not caused by any symbol combination in the linked games and even a spin that does not win anything in the main game can trigger the Jackpot game. Likewise, any bet with any size in the linked games can trigger the Jackpot game. Nonetheless, the chances of triggering the Jackpot game increase or decrease proportionally to the bet size. Entering the Jackpot game guarantees a win of one of the four jackpots. Playing the Jackpot game reveals the jackpot that has been awarded to you, but does not determine it.

There are four different levels of jackpots that you can win: Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and Ultimate Power Jackpot. Different types of jackpots hold different prize amounts. The jackpot game-screen contains 20 squares which in the beginning of the gameplay are turned upside down. Clicking on a square will turn it around and reveal one of four jackpot symbols on the other side. Once you have found three matching symbols, you win the jackpot that corresponds to these symbols. Jackpot winnings are added to the main game winnings (if any) and are displayed in the Win field together with any other winnings.

The Marvel Mystery Jackpot game has a timeout timer. This means that if you do not pick a square in a set amount of time, you will automatically receive your prize.

The Jackpot for this game works like this:

Seed (how much money the Marvel slots Jackpots start out with): Power: €50
Extra Power: €500
Super Power: €5,000
Ultimate Power: €100,000
Contribution rate (what percentage of each bet goes into Marvel slots Jackpot): 0.99%
Win condition (the result you have to get to win the Marvel slots Jackpot): Entering the jackpot game guarantees a win. Match 3 jackpot symbols of the corresponding Jackpot or wait for the timer to run out.
Win requirements (what you need to do to be eligible for the Marvel slots Jackpot): Play a Marvel slots game.

Please note:

  • The seed and Jackpot values are in Euros in the progressive network and their value in your local currency is dependent on the currency exchange rate.
  • The mechanics of Marvel Mystery Jackpot prohibit simultaneous jackpot winnings.
  • Imperfections in the Internet connectivity may cause you to experience delays in Jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual Jackpot wins.

The theoretical pay-out percentages (RTP) of all the Marvel jackpot slots (from high to low)

Iron Man 2 = 95.98%

Marvel Roulette = 95.73%

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin = 95.18%

Blade = 95.05%

X-Men = 95.03%

Ghost Rider = 95.03%

The Avengers = 95.02%

Daredevil = 94.94%

Elektra = 94.94%

Iron Man = 94.89%

Fantastic Four = 94.88%

The Incredible Hulk = 94.82%

Captain America – The First Avenger = 94.31%

Iron Man 3 = 93.02%

Iron Man 2 (50 Lines) = 92.31%

X-Men (50 Lines) = 92.01%

Fantastic Four (50 Lines) = 91.99%

Blade (50 Lines) = 91.98%

Thor The Mighty Avenger = 91.92%

Wolverine = 91.86%

The Incredible Hulk (50 Lines) = 91.00%

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Marvel Slots Overview

In the comic book industry, Marvel is one of the two leading names. Their superheroes have become the biggest cultural figures of the recent years. The marvel movies have created a cinematic universe by producing dozens of animated films. Most of the marvel movies were major box office hit.

The most popular Marvel slots are the biggest features of any online casino, licensed with Playtech. A series of Marvel slot games actually, were first played at cryptologic powered casinos based on the famous superheroes but since Playtech has evolved them, they are the most popular group of games among casinos and slot players as many online casinos have adopted characters and brands of marvel slot games.

Playtech is basically a software provider that offers licensed games from Comic Book Empire or you can say that Playtech is an online casino developer and their progressive marvel based jackpot slots are “the jewel in the crown” but their theoretical payout percentages are lower than for standard slots. While running Playtech software at casinos, you can enjoy a number of games with different titles in the marvel universe. If there is a hero or team your favorite then you have more chances to be able to find at least a game on the basis of your interest in Playtech slots lineup. All the slots are linked to the same series of jackpots in four different levels. When you get an entry into the jackpot round, you are awarded randomly. Higher the stakes you play more chances you win to get entry into the jackpot round. Either you win “the power”, “The super power”, “The extra power” or “the ultimate power” prizes in the jackpot rounds and it is guaranteed. You see 20 titles on the screen and each of which reveals one of the four jackpot symbols. When you reveal the same symbols continuously three times, you win that jackpot.

Now players can enjoy playing on the countless number of slot machines. Playtech brings comic book heroes to real life using amazing graphics, animation and features that make possible to play the slot games online and make you feel like you are playing a video game. The marvel slots are bonus features full, spins free, and have distinct aspects of experiencing non-stop and thrilling action. Furthermore, it has pick-me style bonuses, wild reels, expanding wilds, multipliers, sticky wilds, scatters and random wilds as well as cash prizes that show that marvel games have progressive jackpots that can be won.

So, all these things make marvel slots so popular among slot players. Each game has its own characteristics alongside the pooled jackpot so here is a list of some popular machines in the marvel range to play the marvel slots. Nowadays movie titles are closely tied in with blockbuster movies instead of comic books as they were before but still latest games feature some clips from these movies and often have bonus games that base on memorable scenes.

Spider-man Marvel slot

What a spider can, Spider-man might have the ability to do but now he has a different superpower. Comic book version of Spider-man franchise is the basis of this Marvel slot. Being comic’s most favorite superheroes it can win slot players bonuses, cash prizes etc. In this slot machine, the Spider-man’s arch enemy Green Goblin is on the loose. He not only threatens New York City but also Spider-man beloved girlfriend Mary Jane as well. By helping Spiderman you can save the day and can be well-rewarded but it is better for you to sit tight for this wild ride.

By stopping Green Goblin you can win the reward of worth up to 1000 coins as well as to rescue Mary Jane you can win the reward of 300 coins. When you help Spider-man in clearing skyscrapers to swing on then you can win 200 coins and giving Spider-man the help in taking a picture and hiding behind his alias of Peter Parker, you can win the reward of 150 coins. But these prize combos can also be boosted during the main game by wild Spider-man who loves to shoot his webs at the reels to take the wild turn of 2’3 or 4 symbols. He will also drop down in genuine Spider-man get-up to snap a photo which could trigger a win of 3x to 10x your aggregate bet. There’s likewise the opportunity to arrange 5 Spider-man symbols on a compensation line up to 10,000 coins. But this is just a warm-up because when you trigger the bonus game by turning in extra images on reels 1, 3 and 5 the game overdrives. Once activated, you will see a rack of comic books whizz past your eyes until you squeeze stop. It gives you a chance to play 1 of 5 exciting features.

In short, this game is loaded with Spider-man snapshot feature that wins cash, Spider-man collection feature that randomly chooses one of more 5 features like hot zone and radioactive free games, city chase and the ultimate fight feature. These last two features are original and potentially very profitable and worth to play.

Blade Marvel slot

Playtech casinos have introduced another 5 reel and 20 line marvel jackpot slots with a maximum bet of 200 coins and that is called “Blade”. It is just like a comic and film series, a full of action and fast-paced slot game. The Blade is basically a superhero who first appeared in a comic book named Dracula#10 in 1973. Since showing up in the comic, Blade has been made into a TV series and a film starred Wesley snipes. Those who are unfamiliar to Blade, he is a vampire chasing superhero, who is a part vampire himself because of his mum being bitten by one.

The features of this game are unique. The blade splits symbol can bring about six of a kind wins. It likewise has free spins with extra symbols and expanding multipliers with up to X5. It has high volatility with no gambling. You can play all lines at less than max bet and do not miss any of the game bonuses. It offers something new that we have never seen up till now on a 5 reel slot and that is the ability to get 6 of a kind win instead of the 5 of a kind win. Actually, blade split symbol which is a key appears only on the 5th reel but whenever it appears it splits the last symbol of any winning combo that gives the possibility of any six of a kind win.

The six of a kind win usually does not happen but when it happens then you are in for some serious winnings for sure. It pays out big 25000 coins for six of a kind win because it has a wild blade symbol. At max coin size, you can win 250,000 coins or 2500 at lowest coin size of 0.01. Six vampires that pay 4000 coins, six guns that pay 3000 coins, six bullets, serum and knives that pay 2500 coins are all a big six of a kind win. The lower pays of 500 coins with six A’s or K’s are even good enough. Mostly all big plays are for six of a kind wins but there are some good plays also that are for regular five of a kind wins like 2500 coins for 5 wilds, 1000 coins for 5 vampires and 750coins for 5 guns. The scattered blade logos pay X6, X66 and X666 for 3, 4 or 5 respectively. In fact, these scatters payouts are a nice touch as theme extends it past the symbols. Though your bet for two scatters is also good but for three scatters your bet for 5 of a kind win makes up it.

When you get three or more than three blade logos then it awards you an additional free spin bonus. With a dynamic multiplier, you win immediately 15 free games to play. When you start the feature you are given a starting multiplier up to X5. The multiplier increases with each winning spin up to X5 and it decreases with each losing spin up to X2. Except for normal wild and blade split symbol, the scattered blade logos become extra wild during free spins. Actually, extra wild for the regular wild is not wild. Here we guess that this would’ve been easy for getting the highest pay. You can re-trigger the free games and the blade spin feature can also occur again.

As you have a chance to win one of the four mystery jackpots on any spin with all Playtech marvel jackpots and jackpot feature is triggered randomly so, we can say blade marvel slot offers something extraordinary that we have never seen before with the six of a kind wins. It is also equipped with some serious jackpots on both sides like on the base game and in the free spins and via the random jackpots.

X-Men Marvel slot

In the comic book history, the X-men have become a famous superhero team. It is a long-time favorite of most of the players especially those who are the biggest fans of superhuman mutants. The hero and villain modes are featured in this game that does battle in a free spin and it goes on forever as long as you stay on the side of good guys. But, you have a limited time when you rely on their enemies. The X-Men the team of marvel mutants has battled not only on the pages of the comic but also in cartoons, video games and highly successful films as well against the fear and enemies that humanity has. One major conflict that comes into the life of X-Men marvel team is that not all the marvel mutants feel that they should fight for their place in society.

X-Men are basically, an online slot machine and can be found at Playtech casino sites. In this 25 line game a player can bet up to 10 coins per line and coin size can be adjusted according to the taste, typically starting as low as $0.01. Mostly in slot machine games, the goal is to match the three same symbols from left to right across the pay line. Mostly, three symbols in a row are required to win the game and in most cases, just two symbols are enough to win the game. In this game, the symbols are the representative of heroes or villains. All heroes have a blue background including characters Cyclops, night crawler, storm and Wolverine while villains have a red background including juggernaut and mystique etc.

The biggest wins are kept in reserve for professor and magneto for the heroes and villains as well. If you hit a five in a row of either of these leaders then you can win your bet up to 1500 times on that pay line. If you can hit 5 in a row then keep in mind there is a wild symbol that can actually be a substitute of normal symbol or can help you to win 10,000 credits as well. And by a scatter symbol you can earn a multiple of that total amount what you bet on that spin if you can find 2 or more than 2 on the reels up to 200X. If you hit 5 hero symbols in an X-pattern on second, third and fourth reels then you can instantly earn 5 times worth prize on that spin but you can enjoy this feature in the main game only and not in the free game mode of Marvel slot X-Men.

If you hit three or more than three symbols on the same spin then you can instantly get the free game mode on this machine. The game starts in hero mode and you take on the free spin bonus as well as the entire machine is covered with hero symbols and wild symbols. The most important thing is that the unlimited number of spins you get in this mode of the game. The only thing out of hero mode is to find out a villain wild on the third reel thus you move to villains mode and it features only villain characters as well as wild symbols. Before the end of the free spin feature, you only have eight spins in the mode available. But it is possible if you want to get back to the hero mode. What you need to do just hit the Professor X wild symbol on the third reel and you will be there. When you run out of spins in villain mode, the free spin game then ends only.

In short, the Marvel slot X-Men has X feature to give you a 5X multiplier. You can also get a free bonus game with two modes (heroes and villains). You take the start from hero mode and then afterwards get unlimited spins until the achievement of magneto wild on the third reel. It triggers villain mode where 8 more spins you get.

Ghost Rider Marvel slot

It is a 20 Play line video slot developed by Playtech. You can see the dark soul and blazed body of Ghost rider in the fire. It has amazing graphics and animation with sound effects that will please you and get you engaged in the game. It also has two bonus features like you can play a spin from as low as 20p and can go up to 100p.

Firstly, you have a bonus game feature what you get from the main/base game. This feature begins when you activate all of your 5 reels. When bonus symbol in the middle of any reel appears then the reel becomes active and it remains active. When all the reels become active then the feature start its operation. Well, afterwards you see a ghost along the highway, speeding alongside on the motorcycle. Then you see it appearing on the screen here you need to shoot it down. You have 10 shots to make and each successful shot gives you 3 more times stake per shot. The good thing is you can shoot minimum 7 ghosts and you can win up to 30 times your stake.

You should have a look at Ghost rider logo scatter symbol because if you find three or more than three in a position at a time then you can win a free game feature as well as with 3X multiplier you are awarded 10 free spins. The extra spins you win those are unlimited. Here is a thing to note that during free spins Ghost rider wild becomes expanding wild. A wild reel when appears in any winning combination covers the whole reel to become an extra wild symbol. So, you can get even 3 expanding wild per free spin. In short, Ghost Rider marvel slot game is not good, not bad. In its free games feature its real value is getting expanding wilds because this is where big wins come from. You can also go for marvel jackpot but you can get these jackpots in other marvel slots as well.

The Avengers Marvel slot

This slot released in 2012. It looks totally simple in the start when you see it first hiding interesting features and some bonus games. The basics of this game are 20 win line and 5 real video slots. The symbols of this game are avengers themselves and other characters from the movie. When the wild symbol substitutes any other symbol then the logo “shield” comes into action. In a standard play, 10,000 coins can easily be won in this game by hitting any shield symbol from the play line. Other daily basis wins are smaller in this game than the larger payout that comes from the bonus game. When all five avengers together in a single win line then there is a chance of a special win. This is called avengers assemble and gives an increase of 200x line bet. So, play total 10 spins and bet for maximum coins. When you hit three avengers logo symbols then bonus round of this game starts anywhere on the reels. In a pick-em round, you need to match three symbols from a 4*5 grid. After doing this a free spin feature with the different rule will start. It depends on your chosen character. In short, it is a solid addition to Marvel range. It is instantly engaging game. When you experience playing it and hit its feature a couple of times then you know that it is a well put together slot.

Daredevil Marvel slot

Playtech also has developed another 5 reel and 20 pay line online slots, known as Daredevils. It is another awesome comic marvel superhero that hit the big screen away. In 1964 Daredevils was developed by a writer Editor Stan Lee and an artist Bill Everett as a character. It is not a usual superhero as ho lost his sight at the same time once when he carried a radioactive material on a vehicle. So, his super powers stem from this argument.

A live action movie of Daredevil was released in 2003 by Marvel and was starred, Ben Affleck in an uncanny homage to Daredevil but not even a single person went to see the movie. Then in April 2015, a Netflix version of Daredevil was introduced with Charlie Cox as the blind superhero and this was a super hit around the world.

The symbols in this online game are found from playing card values Nine to Ace as well as few characters from the series of comic book like Elekta, Kingpin, Bulls eye and Daredevil himself plus some deadlier superhero weapons. For this slot of the game, you can chase your coins size from 0.01 to 5. You can also choose a number of lines to play as much as you want in this slot to play and the number of coins what you want to put on risk with each spin can be chosen from 1 to 10. The last bet per spin is actually the value of your coin that is multiplied by the number of lines that are selected and multiplied by the number of coins as well. So, you can stake from 0.01 to 1000 in a single spin and thus, you can be a real Daredevil. Payouts initiate at 5X bet per line for three nines or tens and go up to the stake of 5000X for 5 of your red-suited hero. You win by putting three matching symbols at least in a row on the active pay line from the reel of the left-hand side. When you get successful in setting your stake and feeling daring then just be a Devil and hit the spin button.

As daredevil is a wild hero so he acts as a wild symbol here. Aside from the scatter, it can substitute any other symbol. Its logo also acts as scatter symbol so you can win a free game feature as well by putting minimum three, anywhere on the reel because in free game mode daredevil uses his special radar sense and turns randomly 1 to 3 symbols wild. You can also re-trigger the free games. Before any spin to play you can choose one position from the available 15 positions and put a Bulls eye target upon it. If after the spin Bulls eye character symbol ends up under the target then you definitely win a 3X out of your total bet but keep in mind this feature is not available in free spins.

As a progressive jackpot is assembled via all online current players marvel themed slots and there are four levels of jackpot so more cash you bet on the slot of daredevil more chances you get of winning a jackpot because the jackpot is awarded randomly. If somehow jackpot screen appears then you see a 5*4 grid comprising of 20 mystery squares. To reveal the jackpot symbols beneath you need to keep choosing the squares. When you get successful in revealing the three same symbols then you get a jackpot prize in your question. So, to the extent Marvel slots go, this slot game depicts the fate of a film, released in 2003 which was a total failure. The game play was insufficient for the entertainment and coming back for more. That most likely won’t hinder the Playtech fans in the light of marvel superheroes. However, at any point, there is a possibility to win one of those four dynamic big stakes as well.

In short, it is what a slot aspire to be because it mixes all the new and old slots to create a game, an easy one to learn. It also has bonus features as well as its own unique touch without overloading difficult to understand bonuses to players. Though a superhuman sense does not enjoy this game slot but what you need to do is just place your bet, spin the reel and keep a hope that things will go your way. All I can is that if you give it a try then you will never get disappointed.

Fantastic Four Marvel slot

We all know that everybody loves superheroes whether he is a Spider-man, Batman or a Superman. A single superhero can create mania what movie makers, game developers and retailers bank on and what if four superheroes get together in a game, surely the excitement is multiplied. Playtech is another developer, banking on the superhero craze. This game by Playtech is based on marvel famous series, featuring four heroes, sue to entertain and give rewards of all kinds to the slot players.

It is basically a 5 reel 50 pay line slots. On the basis of Marvel, this game features four heroes like Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Things as symbols on the reels. With all these four characters, the slot also features a Fantastic Four logo and some card values like A, K, Q, J, 10 & 9. The interface is very simple and clean of this slot game to suit these sophisticated heroes. The background is blue according to the suits they wear. Minimal music and smooth graphics are there in this online slot game but if you don’t like sound while playing this game you can turn off it. For an easy play, the game has a bet Max and an auto start button as well.

You can bet up to 20 per line that can give you 400 per spin easily but 99.99% players stay in the lower region of the betting out there in this game. If you 3 or more than 3 scatter symbols then you get 12 free spins and during these free spin, you can get a Fantastic Four feature as well. It happens when Mr. Fantastic covers the third reel entirely and becomes wild. Then it substitutes all scatter and wild symbols and you get 4 extra spins as well. When the Invisible woman comes on the third reel then you get 4 more free spins and with the appearance of the element on the reel the multiplier keep growing. The Human Torch feature also give you 4 free spins but it covers the reel one only. The other superheroes don’t appear again during the game but The Human Torch keep appearing and creates a super chance to win a big payout. When the thing covers the third reel it freezes and becomes wild. Playing fantastic four is real fun and you get a lot of payouts as you play. The excitement with four heroes becomes greater when you are trying to win payouts.

Marvel slots conclusion

So, the conclusion is that all Marvel slots are linked to each other with a mystery feature of the progressive jackpot. When you play for real money on any Playtech Marvel slot, you are awarded randomly and you can win the jackpot game anytime. Marvel is in the race of turning the comic upside down. In fact, everything is getting a turn on its head and getting more exciting as well. If I say, Marvel slots are a firework factory where everything is blowing up and very pretty and exciting to look at. Marvel slots have a completely different attitude thus; players have a great fun there in the casino while playing these online Marvel slot games and have more chances to win a big payout as well. So, isn’t it great to win payouts as you play. This could be really fun to win payouts as you play the most exciting games in the Marvel series featuring big characters like Spider-man, Fantastic Four, Blade, The Avengers and many other super heroes. The games are action packed with thrilling features, amazing graphics and fantastic payouts that will surely amaze you. You are free to play any game you want and each game has specific payouts and features. Now, its up to you which one you decide to go with.

marvel slots