Age of the Gods Slot Suite, Info & RTP

Age of the Gods slot series by Playtech is a progressive jackpot slot suite developed to replace the ageing Marvel jackpot slot suite (partly to bring them up to date, partly enforced by Disney who have not extended any online gambling related licenses beyond the current deals). Unless you have been living under a rock you will have at least heard of the Marvel jackpot slots. These are very highly regarded as the ultimate on online progressive jackpot slots and have been the flagship for Playtech for many many years.

Forget Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune, the Playtech jackpots are streets ahead. With 4 different progressives dropping at an average tipping point (we have a separate article explaining Playtech jackpot slot tipping points) of 1) just under €500 2) just under €5,000 3) just under €50,000 and 4) round about €800,000.

Having 4 jackpots in one and having them play able through dozens of different slots on hundreds of websites means the jackpots drop regularly (the smallest drops every 5-15 minutes) and you don’t need to bet large to win one of these, I have grabbed a few of the two smallest jackpots with bets of just €0.25 per spin!

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More info about the Age of the Gods Slot Suite

The Age of the Gods jackpot slot suite is already linking to the very same progressive jackpot network and will over the course of 2016 take over completely with the Marvel jackpot slots being consigned to the annals of history and become the stuff of legend. But a new star is born and the early signs are that the Age of the Gods slots are going to take over with a bang and firmly bring Playtech back to the top table.

We are going to be reviewing every single Playtech casino Age of the Gods slot release in turn upon release but for this page we really wanted to provide you with a one stop shop overview. First of all I want to get the RTP data up for you in a handy top to bottom overview. This RTP data will be kept up to date with any new releases and information. Don’t forget that 0.99% of your stake goes directly toward the progressive jackpots, which is actually a pretty low amount compared to some but this is possible as I say because of the number of jackpot slots linked together across the Playtech network.

furious 4 slot base game

The Theoretical Pay-out percentages (RTP) of all the Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots (from high to low):

God of Storms = 96.14% (Not related to Marvel Slots)

King of Olympus = 95.98% (Iron Man 2)

Age of the Gods Roulette = 95.73% (Marvel Roulette)

Battle of the Gods = 95.03% (X-Men – Not linked to progressive jackpot system yet)

Age of the Gods = 95.02% (The Avengers)

Goddess of Wisdom = 94.94% (Elektra)

Furious 4 = 94.88% (Fantastic Four)

Prince of Olympus Hercules slot = 94.82%

The Fate Sisters = 93.02% (Iron Man 3)

Key / Information:

The slots listed in bold green are already live. The ones listed in bold red are announced but not released yet and the ones listed in normal red are ones we are guessing could be in the pipeline.

Age of the Gods jackpot system:

If you don’t already know the rules of the Age of the Gods jackpot system then here they are in all their glory (and don’t forget it really IS possible to win these with minimum bet as I have experienced first hand a number of times):

Age of the Gods Jackpot – How it works

This game is linked to the Age of the Gods Jackpot, which shares the same pot as the Marvel Jackpot.

The Age of the Gods Jackpot is a multi-level mystery progressive jackpot that is linked to the Age of Gods series of games. A small percentage of each bet placed in any of the Age of Gods games is added to the progressive jackpot. The percentage of all bets placed is split between four jackpot levels, which are displayed in the upper part of the game screen, above the reels.

Any level of the Age of the Gods Jackpot can be won through the jackpot game, which can be triggered randomly after any main game spin in any of the Age of Gods series of games. It is not triggered by any symbol combination, and even a main game spin that does not result in a win can trigger the jackpot game. Triggering the jackpot game is possible at any bet size, but the chances increase or decrease proportionally with the size of the bet.

4 Jackpots to be Won!

Entering the jackpot game guarantees a win of one of the four jackpots: Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and Ultimate Power Jackpot. The four different jackpot levels represent different prize amounts, with the Power Jackpot awarding the smallest prize and the Ultimate Power Jackpot awarding the highest.

The jackpot game screen shows 20 face down coins. Clicking on a coin will reveal one of four jackpot symbols. Each jackpot symbol corresponds to one of the four progressive jackpots. Once three matching symbols have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot level will be awarded. The jackpot winnings are added to the main game winnings (if any) and are displayed in the Win field together with any other winnings.

The Age of the Gods Jackpot game has a timeout timer. If a matching set of coins is not revealed by the player before the set amount of time elapses, coins will be revealed automatically and the corresponding jackpot will be awarded.

How to

Seed (how much money the Jackpots start out with):Power: €50
Extra Power: €500
Super Power: €5,000
Ultimate Power: €100,000
Contribution rate (what percentage of each bet goes into Jackpot):0.99%
Win condition (the result you have to get to win the Jackpot):Entering the jackpot game guarantees a win. Match 3 jackpot symbols of the corresponding Jackpot or wait for the timer to run out.
Win requirements (what you need to do to be eligible for the Jackpot):Play a game linked to the Age of the Gods Jackpot.

Please note:

  • The seed and Jackpot values are in Euros in the progressive network and their value in your local currency is dependent on the currency exchange rate.
  • The mechanics of Age of the Gods Jackpot prohibit simultaneous jackpot winnings.
  • Imperfections in the Internet connectivity may cause you to experience delays in Jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual Jackpot wins.

The Age of the Gods slots detailed:

As I have said, we will be reviewing each of the Age of the Gods slots separately as well so for this page we will just give a brief overview.

Age of the Gods slot

age of the gods slot review

Age of the Gods is the flagship slot from this series and is based on the hugely popular The Avengers slot. With a base game Pantheon of Power bonus and 4 different free spins games which are re triggerable, this is a beautiful and fun slot. My best win on The Avengers slot was just over 750 times my stake when the free spins just kept being re triggered so we can expect the occasional huge win from this new incarnation too.

Furious 4 slot:

furious 4 slot apollo

Now the Furious 4 slot is based on the brilliant Fantastic Four jackpot slot which was always one of my absolute favourite of the Marvel jackpot slots. The excitement is all in the free spins round where it is possible to activate extra free spins and any of 4 very cool special features. I had to go through the full instructions to figure out exactly how the Invisible Girl bonus worked before but thankfully in this gorgeous upgrade the designers have made everything a little bit clearer and more obvious.

I never hit the monster wins on this slot yet, neither the old or the new incarnation however I have had a huge number of wins in the 200 to 400 times stake bracket. The Rock mini feature which is now the Atlas mini feature was always my favourite and generated the biggest wins, though I suspect those of you lucky enough to get wins in the 1000 times stake range will find these might actually happen in the Age of Light mini feature which is mainly an all or nothing mini feature.

Furious 4 is definitely one of the most enjoyable slots I’ve ever played and of course it would be nicer to have a slightly higher RTP but I think Playtech really got the balance right here.

King of Olympus slot

king of olympus age of the gods

Age of the Gods Zeus was the working title before they released this slot as King of Olympus. So obviously it features Zeus as the main character. This is the upgraded version of the Marvel Iron Man 2 slot which doesn’t have many frills during the base game but in the free spins feature you receive on central sticky wild and a multiplier which starts at 2x and rises incrementally every 2 spins to 6x multiplier.

Having the best RTP of the Age of the Gods slot series this is going to be our go to Age of the Gods slot as Iron Man 2 was for the Marvel slot series. It is perhaps the least fancy of the slots in terms of fancy stuff but the wins are more steady. I suspect it is one of the lower variance Age of the Gods slots but that doesn’t stop it from giving out a lot of feature wins in the 100 to 200 times stake bracket with potential for even greater wins.

Battle of the Gods slot

battle of the gods slot

Battle of the Gods slot is not technically a part of the Age of the Gods slot suite but it is surely the inspiration or a trial run for the new jackpot slots. Released a few years ago now, Battle of the Gods is a clone of the Marvel X-Men jackpot slot and certainly fits in with this new suite of Godly slots from Playtech. As yet though it is not a part of the jackpot network and we are awaiting confirmation from our contacts at Playtech on whether or not they will be including this slot or not. Being the X-Men replacement it seems logical to us that they would incorporate it.

About the slot itself though, now X-Men was one of our least favourite of the Marvel slots, it didn’t pack the excitement of some of the others and though with potentially infinite free spins there were some good wins to be won, it felt slightly laboured at times. The Battle of the Gods version was even less appealing due to the theme being a bit too dark and dingy and the different characters not coming out too clearly and obviously. Perhaps Playtech may want to freshen this slot up with a new skin and differentiate more clearly between the good and the evil gods? That would seem a good move to me anyway and really fit it in closely with the new jackpot slot series? I’ll keep you posted when I have more news.

Prince of Olympus slot

age of the gods slot prince of olympus

Age of the Gods Prince of Olympus features Hercules and is the brand new incarnation of the Hulk jackpot slots. While the Hulk has looked very dated over the past couple of years, Prince of Olympus has absolutely nailed it and looks stunning. The lower variance on this slot compared to some of the other Age of the Gods jackpot slots means this slot is going to have a very broad appeal and quite rightly so. The Hulk slot was never a favourite of mine but this Prince of the Gods is definitely going to get a lot more love from me. It is a big winner.

Goddess of Wisdom slot

goddess of wisdom slot

Age of the Gods Goddess of Wisdom features Athena and is modelled on the Marvel Elektra slot. A strange choice as Athena represents the Captain America role in the Age of the Gods headline slot. And while Captain America would have been more feature packed than Elektra, there are merits in choosing her for this slot remake. A better RTP and a potentially huge free spins bonus round with multipliers, merged symbols and expanding wilds. We would still like to see a Captain America remake but there’s definitely something to this Goddess of Wisdom slot.

The Fate Sisters Slot

age of the gods fate sisters playtech

The Fate Sisters is the remake of the Iron Man 3 Marvel slot. This was never one of my favourites because despite having some innovative features and a good choice of free spins features, the RTP just seemed to be a little too low, leaving the slot capable o going thousands of spins long without really giving any decent wins.

Age of the Gods Roulette


I’m not really sure how much I need to say about Age of the Gods roulette. It is a like for like remake of the Marvel roulette casino game with the same RTP and game play. Fans will enjoy this game and having the progressive jackpots available is always a plus.