DC Jackpot Slots

Not only have Playtech bounced back from the up coming loss of their Marvel jackpot series of slots with the like for like replacement series Age of the Gods, they have now (in conjunction with their daughter company Ash Gaming) brought out the all new exciting DC Super Heroes Jackpot slot series! And may I say what a pleasant surprise this little lot was! I’ve liked some of Ash Gaming’s slots in the past (though some of these are not too readily available as not all their slots are on the Playtech casinos network) so it is good to see they have molded these jackpot slots more in line with their top end slots as far as entertainment and features go, whilst also bringing them in to 2016 and 2017 with the graphics, animations and sounds.

dc jackpot slots

I have my own favourites already from this new series (Riddler Riches and Penguin Prize being my top two so far) but I think all of them have their own merits with Man of Steel being perhaps the most suitable for the progressive jackpot hunters (though don’t quote me on that) and the not released yet at time of writing Green Lantern slot looks pretty damned good (better than the movie though that’s probably not saying too much).

DC Jackpot Slots Suite:

Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza 96.00%
Batman & Catwoman Cash 95.11%
Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune 96.04%
Batman & The Joker Jewels 95.01%
Batman & The Penguin Prize 96.06%
Batman & The Riddler Riches 96.09%
Green Lantern 94.95%
Man of Steel 95.05%
Justice League 96.33%
Superman the Movie 95.01%
Superman II 95.03%


This game is linked to the DC Super Heroes Jackpot.

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot is a multi-level progressive jackpot feature. It is accumulated from all players’ bets in all games which feature the DC Super Heroes Jackpot, among all online casinos that offer these games. There are 4 jackpots that can be won: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand. The different jackpots hold different prize amounts.

Seed (how much money the Jackpots start out with): Mini: € 100.00
Minor: € 1,000.00
Major: € 10,000.00
Grand: € 200,000.00
Contribution rate (what percentage of each bet goes into Jackpot): 0.99%
Win condition (the result you have to get to win the Jackpot): The Jackpot feature is triggered randomly on any spin in a slot game featuring the DC Super Heroes Jackpot. Entering the Jackpot feature guarantees a win. Reveal all the energy balls required for a particular jackpot or wait for the 30-second timer to run out.
Win requirements (what you need to do to be eligible for the Jackpot): Play a slot game with the DC Super Heroes Jackpot.

The trigger that starts the Jackpot game is random and can occur after any spin in any of the linked games. Entering the Jackpot game guarantees a win of one of the four jackpots.

The Jackpot feature contains 20 cells, each of which hides 1 of 4 types of energy ball: green, blue, yellow and red. Clicking on a cell will reveal an energy ball. A jackpot is won when all the energy balls required for it have been revealed. The Mini jackpot requires 2 green energy balls, the Minor jackpot requires 3 blue energy balls, the Major jackpot requires 4 yellow energy balls, and the Grand jackpot requires 5 red energy balls.

The DC Super Heroes Jackpot game has a timeout timer (30 seconds). If all the energy balls required for a jackpot are not revealed before the timer finishes then a jackpot is awarded automatically. Jackpot winnings are added to the main game winnings (if any) and displayed in the Win popup together with any other winnings.

Please note:

  • The seed and Jackpot values are in EUR in the progressive network and their value in your local currency is dependent on the currency exchange rate specified by the casino.
  • The mechanics of the DC Super Heroes Jackpot prohibit simultaneous jackpot winnings.
  • Imperfections in the Internet connectivity may cause you to experience delays in Jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual Jackpot wins.
  • If a Jackpot is being discontinued (a game is closed and removed from the casino), you will be notified of it by the casino.

Where to play the DC Jackpot Slots:

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