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As we have just launched a brand spanking new online gambling forum to replace the comments section, we decided to archive all previous comments so as not to lose them forever.

It seems only fair, you guys took the time to write to us so we’ll take the time to archive your comments properly!

So here below please find our archive of visitor comments:

A gambling addicts story

“Hi, your story really rings a bell as it was also during Wimbledon (but in 2014) that after doing a couple of bets online for the tennis I noticed the slots, blackjack etc and over a year later I’m addicted and really struggling. If it’s possible to email you I would really appreciate a chat.”

“Hi James,
I am very sorry to read of your troubles. Please by all means email us. You can find two email addresses on our contact page. Please mail both and we will be very happy to talk. You are also welcome to skype me as well.
Take care.”

“That’s very kind, maybe I’m being stupid but I can’t find your contact email address! Please help.”

“Here you go mate:

Online Slots Time On Device

“can i have the copy of the pdf? tq so much in advance. here my email (hidden)”

“Hi Anip,
Playtech removed it from their site but I will see if I can find my backup copy for you.

“nice to see u reply my comment, hopefully u hv the backup the way..i really like this site..learn so many things..tq in advance
tq so much in advance”

“No problem at all and thanks for the compliment!
I have checked here but haven’t got the pdf. I will check on my old pc at the end of the week, see if I have it on that one.

In the end I sent Anip the pdf once I had dug it out.

Interview with a professional online slots player

Thank you Matt for posting this interview. And thanks John for sharing your strategies and experiences.

As someone who has occasionally done some progressive chasing himself, I would be curious to get your opinion/answers to any of the following, if you would be so kind to indulge.

1) Which progressives would you recommend for those with a bankroll under $100,000? Which would recommend for those with a bankroll of $2,000,000?

2) You mentioned that your progressive chasing ambitions don’t conflict with the casino’s financial goals because the progressives are funded by players. Hence you are essentially competing with the other players and not the casino….With this in mind, do some casinos “cater/support” your high rolling endeavour?

3) Which casino groups would you recommend for a progressive chaser? Which would you recommend to avoid?

4) I once directly asked my VIP host at FortuneLounge to offer me particular VIP bonuses (which they were already giving me), at desirable times so I could make a profitable run at the a specific jackpot. They didn’t reply. I had somewhat anticipated this. Question: Is direct casino/player “support” against the rules? Are they not allowed to “help” me win the jackpot?

5) Do you avoid signing up to casinos through affiliate sites, or do you prefer to sign up through them?

Thanks for your time”

Running an online gambling site

“Perfect! Complete and a transparent guide. Thanks!”

Monopoly Big Event Slot Review (WMS & Barcrest)

“is the 30 pound bet divided into the 3 10 pounds bets ? as is not clear when you win the 1 pounds it doest go 30 times the amount, please i need this clarifying as the online casino are refusing to pay out”

“The bet is going to be classed as one £30 bet. So if you are playing with a bonus you don’t want to use the big bet.
I think it would be pretty harsh for a casino to enforce the rules in this situation though as the wins from a big bet are a far cry from a big feature win playing 30 per spin on a normal slot.”

“i won on the big 30 pounds bet, and they put the winnings in my bonus account telling me that i had to reach the 43 x the bonus they given before the money is released in my account , i did reach it , so they emailed me saying that i can withdraw the money if i want to, so i withdraw 20000 pounds as that was the maximum and then 18000 the next day , it was all pending to be withdrawn , that was on saturday , on monday afternoon i got a email saying that i have broken the 10 pounds bonus spin rule and that my wining are void ! (apparently after long deliberation )”

“Can you email me more details?

Casino name, deposit and bonus amount, playthrough done, etc.”

“this is the email from bgo when i asked about my bonus being locked, the original bonus they gave me was 100 match bonus which was 80 pounds, this is his reply :

Hi Admir,
Thanks for your email.
When you start playing if you have any winnings from bonuses, then this will always be used when placing your bets/spins.
If however you have no winnings from bonuses, then any deposit money used to claim a bonus will be used next and once that has gone, then the bonus money itself will be used to bet/spin.
Any winnings will always attempt to top up your initial deposit and the remaining winnings will then sit in your bonus balance.
As soon as the bonus wagering has been completed then any bonus winnings will move into your real cash and you will be then eligible to withdraw this money.
If you are playing with multiple bonuses, then the wagering target on the oldest bonus will be completed first and any winnings will then be moved over to your real balance prior to the next bonus being utilised.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
The bgo Customer Care team

then the next morning he replied again here is second email

Hi Admir,
Thank you for your email.
Having assessed your account, I can see that you have now completed the required wagering, and therefore should be free to pledge a withdrawal, should you wish to do so. I hope this helps.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
The bgo Customer Care Team

as i said i withdraw 20000 as that was the maximum for the day and the next day i withdraw 18000, then monday afternoon they email me this

Hi Admir,
I am contacting you to inform you that your withdrawal has been declined. Your winnings have been voided and the deposit refunded as according to our terms and conditions you are not allowed to place bets higher then 10GBP as long as you have an active bonus.
If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
The bgo Customer Care Team”

“I have sent you an email. Lets discuss this further in private.
Cheers, Matt”

18 simple rules for online casino players

“Great list. I would like to add: if you are a slots player you need to find out the variance of the slot. If you want to get a lot of playing or entertainment time for your money, choose a low variance slot like Starburst or Blood Sucker. If you are looking for the big wins, go for a high variance slot like Raging Rhino or Immortal Romance, but be prepared to lose your money fast. Another tip: nearly all bonuses expire after a certain time. Make sure to play your bonus funds (or free spins) before they expire!”

“I cant believe this scam. Starbust is the biggest cheating rigged manipulting game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible to win thats why all these fake casinos give free spins on this nazi game. If you want to lose your whole bankroll like 1000 its gone on a bet frrom 3.00 euro each spin in a hour.”

“Nicole, Online casino = Business! the whole point of a casino, land or online, is to make money of online casino players, so of course the odds will be in the casino’s favor and not in your favor!! I would advise you to player more for free and deposit less if you don’t want to lose too much, but don’t be tempted to deposit to fast or you won’t have anything left when you retire.. lol”

“I cannot trust this article…most of my friends play different online slots including as well as Starbust. They told me that they earn a lot and offer me to join but I’m not player just. So there is a question who lies me – this article or my friends?”

“The cheat is a lie. Yes you can win playing Starburst but you can lose as well. There is no simple cheat for any slots.”

Lucks Casino Review

“My partner topped lucks casino up with £30 through pay by phone bill, she won £2000. She won this with real funds as it was nearly £4000 she won but carried on playing, decided to withdraw at £2000… So the process began, lucks casino email asking for ID documents so all was sent promptly, then heard nothing for over a week. Then out of blue got an email saying there not playing out because she did a few £30 spins on a slot game and apparently this is against T/Cs. Now they’ve closed the account down and can’t log in. Also no response from them.”

“Have you checked our complaints procedure advice page? I would strongly urge you to get the whole story on paper and contact the licensing regulator.
Feel free to email me for any advice as you go through the process if you wish.

No email received.

Raging Bull Casino Review

“I made a deposit and got a bonus, wagered it, and made a withdraw of 500 dollars. After sending my id, they all off a sudden claime a copy of the transaction. So i contaktet the bank my visa is connected to, and they told me that the casino never requestet the deposit??! And i did deposit but apperently Raging bull decided not to claim the deposit. My bank said that the transaction would have been rejected from the start if there was something wrong, so what Raging bull casino says is a lie. I cannot recomment this casino, and i wonder why it has silver status here at Yes No Casino 🙁”

“Hi Charlotte,
Have you submitted a complaint anywhere? If not I would be happy to contact them for you if you can email me the details: ”

Casino manager has been in touch with Charlotte. Casino Review

“777 Casino is RIGGED dont be scammed…. Here’s my story. I deposit and start to play Black Jack .. Im doing good.. and I get ahead.. then i decide to make a big bet of $600 well I get my cards and go to press HIT.. The game freez and when it kicks back in I never hit and Lost $600. I call customer support and they say there is nothing they can do as they can not see what buttons I hit ( Stay – HIT ) well I must have made the site mad because the next 8 hands in a row I lost $1200… the odds of losing 8 hands in a row is SLIM.. two min later I was closing my account.. BE WARNED!!”

“Videoslots is a rip off site with super low RTP to pay for the extras they give.
I have less than 85% RTP here hundreds of thousands of spins – play elsewhere because this site will rip you off.”

“Thanks for your comment. And sorry to hear about your bad luck there.
Without wishing to repeat what the casino will tell you, no casino using official games has any influence over the rtp as the games are run on the slot makers server (this is easiest to see when playing on mobile or on sites that play the games in a pop up window.
Having said that, Videoslots have so many providers that it is always worth checking the rtp before playing any slot as you will find some can be very low indeed.

I do feel your pain though as there are some casinos where I just cannot play because they are just not kind to me. I know it is just superstition but we gamblers are superstitious creatures so we tend to lean away from our bad past experiences. ”

“Hi, believe me I have been playing online for over 10 years wagering thousands per week on slots at dozens of casinos and all software over the years and I know when something is wrong.
I can play the same games at other casinos and ALWAYS get better results.
This is not a tiny sample size either and nor is it just a percentage point here or there – results are well outside standard deviation.
I can consistently go 100 spins at this casino without even winning an even money bet on slots.
I absolutely do not accept that operators have zero say in TRTP, they have consoles where they can change many settings although this will never be admitted.

The UKGC know this and will never tell players that TRTP cannot be altered.
They are in the process of setting up a new auditing system where all UKGC casinos will be properly audited every year (Currently videoslots claims to be audited by eCogra but eCogra were set up by and funded by the software companies (Major conflict of interest)
And how can it be possible that my RTP is lower on virtually every game than what they advertize?

I have been trying for months to get a full audit and I’m currently going though UKGC to try and get this done as I know my results are statistical proof that their games are not the advertised TRTP (96/97% usually)
I am getting less than 85% RTP.

Of course I have had bad runs at other casinos, I don’t believe some casinos are just “unlucky”, over time results should balance out, but nothing like Videoslots where hitting a decent win of even 100x bet is ludicrously hard and 1000xbet wins just don’t happen (hit plenty at other casinos when getting normal returns in less spins)

Bonus rounds are just more infrequent than other casinos same slots and pay less overall.
Some slots are not all they seem. They may maintain some randomness but the results are not determined as players would expect where each virtual reel is assigned a random stop position and results calculated according to the paytable.
They are more like lottery games where a predetermined result is drawn and then visually represented.
Others change the weighting of symbols so that they are more or less likely to hit – very noticeable with scatters that pay a bonus round or wild symbols reels 1 and 2.

There needs to be more regulation because at the moment even with the UKGC casinos it is still like the wild west.
Sure slots are tested on introduction by a 3rd party but once given the seal of approval they are never looked at again and it is very, very easy to change the game version you send to a testing lab and the one you have running on your server or to have more than one TRTP version residing on different servers and switch between them.
There is zero guarantee the game are fair at the moment but hopefully that is about to change.
I have raised all these issues with the UKGC and through parliamentary representation and hope things are slowly moving int he right direction to protect players better.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to play slots, I still do but know it is a leap of faith wherever I play.
I could list some great casinos where I feel the games are fair but that would be shillish.
I stand by my assertion that Videoslots are a low RTP casino and having searched the net I see I am not alone in this contention.
If you consider the games are truly 97% and that they give cashback, freespins and free tournies then where are they making money?
If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.”

“Thanks again Mucky,
Can I ask you to name one slot that Videoslots have in stock which you feel are particularly blatant in their lower RTP?
I will deposit some money this week and take a good long look.

“For me it is across the board all software although I that is in part why I wanted a full audit, to check if it was one particular software provider or certain slots skewing the RTP.
If I were to guess though I’d say Williams seem the best with NetEnt and especially Playson the worse but I don’t have the stats to verify that.
IGT and NextGen also seem poor but regardless the internal audit states all these games are supposed to be around 96/97%
Of course some games are higher variance than others so that needs to be taken into account to which is why large sample sizes are necessary.
UKGC suggest 100k spins though personally I would think that was the min but then it all depends on how far out your actual RTP is and that is where proper analysis and audit is required to figure out how far outside standard deviation results might be.

The problem is that there are a lot of people in forums and such that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (ie they are affiliates and making their living from promoting gaming sites.) so the truth is very hard to find as people will post false reports and put people down who complain.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent affiliates just as there are excellent casinos but there is no real way of knowing who is trustworthy other than experience over the years.
That is why I decided to take it through official channels and pressure the Secretary of State into making changes and giving the UKGC some actual teeth.
Again it is an uphill struggle as the government do very well from gambling duty and it is not in their interest (nor the players) to over-regulate.
The difficulty is in striking the balance between player protection and proper regulation and not driving respectable companies away into tinpot jurisdictions such as Malta, curacao or god forbid Costa Rica.
I think proper audits and random software checks would be fine by respectable operators with nothing to hide though, and more importantly good for player protection.”

“Well I made a little €100 deposit yesterday and decided to stick solely to King of Slots from NetEnt for a good long low bet session as this is a slot I know inside and out. I didn’t notice it playing or paying any different to other casinos I have played it at. But as you pointed out NetEnt seem the best there and that would make sense because they are just so damned big I can’t see them allowing their reputation to be tarnished by trying to squeeze out a few extra bucks here and there.

I guess I need to test out some of the smaller providers but again deposits of a couple of hundred euro’s is not going to give me the kind of sample size needed to make any kind of good determination. However just because I really enjoy testing things like this out I will do so!

I will say that there are some slot providers who do indeed allow casinos to set their own RTP levels. RealTime Gaming and Inspired being two off the top of my head.

I know all about the biased affiliates, that was the inspiration to start Yes No Casino in the first place, try and do it better whilst being open, honest and transparent and show the big boys that you can run a site like this without having to bulls### your readers.

Thanks for your emails as well, really interesting stuff and a very noble cause you are on. We’ll have to see what we can share here about your ongoing investigations and petitioning as I’m sure a few readers will be really interested in what’s going on.”

“I could practically guarantee getting below 90% off any deposit.
Very, very rarely get above my balance and if hit anything immediately hit dead spins until back to where I was.
King of slots is an awful game BTW 😉
But all i can do is be honest about my experience there over a lot of gaming and it is the tightest casino I have played – all other people can do is go off their own experience.
Another issue with them was that after months of DC being verified they suddenly “rejected it” without warning, reason or notifying me.
On a rare occasion I got to £200 (after over £500 straight losses) and decided to cash out I found I couldn’t!
Tried to cashout through Skrill instead which was also verified but couldn’t do that either, resulted in me playing it all back.
My account is still the same months later yet they wills take deposits from both same DC and Skrill.
They have never given a proper explanation to this day (It is the only DC I use there and made 2k in deposits with it and a few hundred in withdrawals previous over many months without issue)
That is still ongoing and I’m still waiting for UKGC to take action.
If I were to try and re-verify it would be with exactly the same information they already accepted and hold.

For me this casino is all smoke and mirrors with cashback, casino race reward, tournies etc all covering for low RTP and Panda Media are not to be trusted but again those are my experiences and other people may have different experiences. I think it is relevant that other unbiased players have said much the same though.
The good thing is there are many other casinos out there that play much better than Videoslots for me, it is just unfortunate I signed up there in the first place and had to find out the hard way.

The only way to know exactly what is going on with the low RTP will be for me to get the full audit I have been after, detailing RTP etc by game, software and total with number of games, number of onus rounds and average bonus round win.
That would allow for proper analysis but as things stand <85% RTP over so many deposits and played games does not add up to a fair 96% RTP casino.
Maybe it would be worth asking why this casino can afford so many promos other casinos can’t?

Good luck with your experiment.”

Conversation carried on via email.

Low roller disciplinarian slot strategies

“This strategy looks kind of good for the slot machine players like me. I also play casino games very often only on online casinos and slots is one of my faviourite game so i always look for the new tips, strategy, free spins, bonuses etc that can help me to play more.”

NetEnt Slots

Ikibu Casino Review

“Best new casino I’ve ever been on my withdrawal took 2 hrs pending then approved. Excellent customer service 10/10 good games and easy to see. I would rate this casino as the best I’ve been on.”

“my account just got wiped out over £200 and i can even talk to someone about it not happy”

“Hi Paul,
I have passed your complaint on to a rep there for you.”

“Hey Paul,

I’m Julian and I work at IKIBU. Please send us an email to [email protected] so we can see what happened!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

All the best,”

“Loved the concept and friendly feeling I got here till the other night when I asked for a deposit bonus,they said if I deposit I would receive the same bonuses I got on my first deposit,so I did but when I asked chat to add they said they made a mistake and they will be giving me nothing!!!then one of the staff asked for my personal banking details so they could pay it back to me from there own pocket!!!All I wanted was the offer they used to get me to deposit:(.shame on you IKIBU,”

“Dear Gary,

I’m truly sorry for this inconvenience. The chat agent thought you were new and that’s why he offered the first deposit bonus. I believe this error was amended as the bonus amount was added back into your account.

Could you please confirm this was done?


Supernova Casino Review

“they dont pay out when you win… iv been waiting over a month to get my full amount ….and they also play this game of splitting your winnings so they can have control …plus it will cost 50.00 each time you with drawall from them ..they are disrespectful and dont care about you as a customer ..i will tell you all this… dont play here and the other casinos owned by there company …your never see your money that you win plus other casinos have all different ways to get your money fast ..not like this place ..they should be investergated for crimes against there customers and they wont give you the number to take with someone in charge that is piss poor service”