Gambling Addiction Stories

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Gambling addiction stories from around the world. Here at Yes No Casino we will be scouring the net for the best and worst gambling addiction stories. A lot of these should hopefully act as a warning for others of the dangers of gambling addiction and the impact this can have on the gambling individuals themselves as well as on the family and friends (and even co-workers) around them.

Slot machine addiction and in particular online casino addiction is becoming more and more widespread every year as technology advances and as internet availability becomes more and more accessible the world over. Traditionally sports betting addiction was at the forefront of the problems but these days slots and fruit machine addiction has exploded beyond all belief.

If you are showing any signs of addiction then please visit a counseling service or gamblers anonymous meeting near you. We will be providing you with an extensive database of these resources on this website. By all means play but play responsibly. Gambling should be for entertainment purposes only and while it may be a cliche to say that you should never chase your losses or that when the enjoyment stops then you should stop… these cliche’s are there for a damn good reason!



Internet addiction

South Korea has the highest rate of internet addiction in the world and it is increasingly the country’s children who are spending every waking moment immersed in fantasy role play or gaming. The government sees it as a national health crisis and is now taking drastic measures to help the […]


Gambling in sport

Gambling in sport: John Hartson on how betting nearly cost his life Listen again to the full John Hartson interview in a BBC Radio 5 live Special on Gambling Addiction in Sport with Eleanor Oldroyd. A fearless and robust striker, John Hartson’s forthright response to being diagnosed with cancer came […]

self exclusion

Self Exclusion

Petition for a global online gambling self exclusion system: If you are a problem gambler or have a friend or relative who is a problem gambler then you know how damaging gambling addiction can be. But do you know how difficult it is to ban yourself from all online gambling […]