We have spent a lot of time working on Slots Guide and writing casino reviews, slots reviews as well as more articles and other bits and bobs than we can count. At the end of 2015 Slots Guide reached half a million words in size!!! With such a huge website we are constantly having to try and optimise it so your user experience improves. As such a number of pages have fallen by the way-side. Some we have simply deleted, some redirected to a more relevant page and some that we really didn’t know what to do with we have archived for the time being.

So this archive page will be populated with pages we haven’t decided what to do with yet. You can probably ignore most of them and move on to some of our more interesting pages! Thanks for reading.

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Casino Bonus News – We get emails from casinos all the time asking us to place casino bonus news stories. But as most casinos do this we don’t feel the need to shove these in your face any more and have therefore removed this section from the main menu.

Casino Big Wins – From time to time we will be posting news of some lucky casino big winners.

Online Slots Articles – We have moved these into their own blog section under the slots menu

About Slots Guide – We have pretty much covered all of this elsewhere on the site.

Self Exclusion Petition – We have collected the results from Slots Guide, Player Protection and all other sites the petition featured on and have sent our petition to a couple of regulating bodies.

Casino of the Month – We have temporarily archived this page till we find a better place for it.

Neteller Review – We are going to completely re-review this along with Skrill etc

Cash Prize Competition – Our first give-away competition

Friends of Slots Guide – Temporarily archived till we can find a suitable place for it

Forum – We had to delete our forum as it got irreparably spam attacked

Multi-Platform Casino – These are adequately covered elsewhere

USA Writer Wanted – We are interviewing a couple of slot fanatics about contributing to the site

5 online casino tricks

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Share Your Stories – We are always happy to hear from you and invite you to contact us if you want to contribute in any way, shape or form to Slots Guide. I think we covered this on the homepage already though so a separate page isn’t really needed any more!

Blacklisted Casinos – We started out with a list of 1,600 blacklisted casinos but this just proved impossible to work with and we didn’t think it was useful to you in the way it was presented. So we went ahead and created a new smaller blacklist page which eventually became integrated into the Online Casino Ratings page which we now think is the best way of presenting it! We know we are making more work for ourselves with all these changes and optimisations but hopefully giving you the very best visitor experience will make all that hard work worthwhile!

Archived Home Page

Slot software overview

There are dozens and dozens of online slot makers out there and it can be rather confusing figuring out who is who and who makes what. We have written a handy little overview for you.
[Read the full article]

Playtech Marvel jackpot slots

Our in depth overview of the Playtech Marvel progressive jackpot slots.
[Read the full article]

Knowledge is power. Blindly jumping into an online casino can see you win a massive amount simply due to random “beginners luck” but in theory the more you know, the better your chances and in theory blindly throwing your money about should see you broke very quickly! So we are gathering and creating as many useful resources as we can to try and help you on your way!

Know your house edge

Our flagship pages here on Slots Guide are our Return To Player databases. We have spent a lot of time building excel sheets and gathering the RTP values of online slots. We have also built up some good relationships with the slot makers with them granting us access to their development servers, ftp servers or them just regularly sending us information or stat sheets. Our RTP database is as far as we are aware the largest of its kind anywhere on the interweb and is only going to get bigger and bigger!
[Read the full article]

Playtech progressive jackpot tipping points

When playing progressive jackpots you can tip the house edge in your favour by knowing the average payout values of the progressive jackpots. The further beyond the average payout value, the better (in theory) your chances. Obviously the chance of winning any progressive at any time is very slim indeed but following our tipping points guides you are at least giving yourself the best chance. And the smaller the jackpot, the better the tipping point is.
[Read the full article]

At some point in the future (when we can guarantee the accuracy) we will be populating our jackpot tracker page.

Slot volatility data

Another set of information which can be very useful for a slot player is knowing the slot volatility of a slot. This can help you choose which slots to play when using a bonus, which slots to bet larger stakes and which slots can give you mammoth payouts for small stakes.
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Slot bonus hit frequency

Knowing how often a slot gives out it’s bonus feature or free spins can help you keep track of your strategy or how well you are doing. This is a section of the website we aim to richly enhance over time.
[Read the full article]

18 simple rules for playing at online casinos

A simple bullet list of our top online casino tips.
[Read the full article]

Other Dodgy Dealings

We have covered these snippets elsewhere as well as having a huge blacklisted casinos section here. But just in case you missed it we have seen a whole slot provider shut down (twice) and the operators arrested (Blue Gen / Sheriff Gaming). We have seen groups operating casinos in markets where they have no license (meaning you could lose your casino account and everything in it when the government steps in). We have seen casinos using stolen software and fake licenses. We have seen a whole licensing authority taken down, we have seen whole sets of casinos setup using fraudulent software and we have seen casinos ripping each other off with their designs and even copying terms and conditions word for word. And a whole load more dodgy practices besides!

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