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There’s nothing we enjoy more than coming up with interesting subjects to talk about or doing special little feature pieces about something we care about. We have a passion for what we do here at Yes No Casino and if we come across something we don’t know about we will investigate, research and write about our findings. We hope you enjoy reading our features as much as we enjoy writing about them!

Online Slots RTP Hall of Fame

You are encouraged to check out our RTP database for all the best and worst paying online slots. But here we have taken a selection of some of the best paying slots for our little hall of fame!

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The top 30 online slots of all time

Back in the middle of 2015 we thought it would be fun to take a bit of a step back and run through all our all time favourite online slots. This huge article has proven to be a massive hit with our readers.
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Dog related Slots

Just to do something a little bit different we decided to gather together a load of slots on the same theme and see how they fared. We chose canine themed slots… why I have no idea but it was a lot of fun checking them all out!

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The best online slot you’ve never played

There are some online slots that you see listed at the casino but either the title, the subject matter or the preview image just turns you off and you never even give it a chance. Some of these slots are exceptional. We are going to be picking out the best of these forgotten slots and doing a feature on them.
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Battle of the Euro 2016 cash in slots

Every time there is a major sporting event somebody tried to cash in with a themed product or service. Here are some football themed slots for you to check out!

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Online slots we’d love to see

Sometimes it seems that the slot design companies run out of ideas. How many clones have Microgaming and NetEnt come out with lately? Playtech took a creative nosedive for a few years up till the release of the excellent Ace Ventura slot. It is understandable because how many ideas are there left to be thought up? How many big franchises are available? We decided to come up with some of our own ideas and provide a bit of inspiration.
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2016 A year in the life of NetEnt

In 2015 we had Playtech over our knee. This year it is the turn of NetEnt to receive a swift boot up the back side from us!
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Playtech: Fixing what is broken

Back in 2015 we wrote a few not so complimentary slot reviews about Playtech slots. We then decided to write a feature piece with our main criticisms and also with some advice for them on how they can reclaim their former glories. We also tracked down a number of key employees at Playtech HQ and had a number of discussions with them. 2016 has seen them return to top form with the release of the Ace Ventura slot and we have high hopes they can keep this form up for the rest of the year, but our critical feature on Playtech remains very valid and something that shouldn’t be forgotten just because of one great release!
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Playtech jackpot tipping points

We have gone through the stats and found what we believe to be the tipping points for the Playtech jackpots.
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The best classic UK pub fruit machines

For this piece we decided to take a little walk down memory lane and write a little bit about some of our all time favourite UK pub fruit machines. This is a feature on Slots Guide that we are likely to revisit from time to time and expand upon.
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The Playtech scatter preview and the Microgaming scatter glitch

If you play the slots often enough, from time to time you notice little things, be they programming glitches, network lags of little things the designers throw in. Here we explain just a couple of the more prominent ones.
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